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A Guide on How To Play Pokemon Go Plus & Download It On Any Device

A complete guide to Pokemon GO

Hello, guys, today tech whack has brought a new post on the tutorial to play and download Pokemon go. Even We will tell you about its features and much more. Guy’s you may be aware of Pokemon the go. Even it has a special gadget named Pokemon go plus. It is an amazing game. It has gone viral since it got, released. It has got 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 downloads and most of them are active downloads.

People are so engaged with this game that they have even resigned from their jobs to play games. There are many such incidents happening because of this game.

A person has set a Pokemon lure which is a Pokemon attractor in their store so that Pokemon gets attracted to it. With this, a large number of Pokemon came to his store. Even people are playing Pokemon get attracted to his store, and there was an increase in their sales as because they get 70 customers in just 2 hours.

Even there is another interesting incident. The Pokemon’s index was showing a rare Pokemon on a highway. Furthermore, a large number of people gathered at the highway. They blocked the highway, and some over speeding cars resulted in accidents.

Pokemon Go plus

Pokemon go plus are the accessories of Pokemon game. It is not the upgraded version. It refers to accessories. Plus has a batch like structure which you can even wear on hands.

This batch will notify whenever a Pokemon will come near you so that you can catch it. It is a necessary accessory. Furthermore, with this, you don’t need to keep the phone in hands all the time.

Whenever you reach a poke stop, a light will flash on it and when you click on the button on it. You will be able to throw a poke ball on it. If it captures the Pokemon, it will notify you.

It will cost you $35 and expected release date is 30/7/16 (Date changed). You would even need to pair with your phone using Bluetooth. Update- Now it will release in September.

Pokemon GO features

Pokemon has some cool features. This game not only requires physical exercises but also need time. You need a good battery backup, an internet connection and location services.

Guys you know many famous Pokemon are discovered on earth. You will be glad to know that they are roaming freely in the world. Now people are capturing them using poke balls.

Yes, guys, you can capture Pokemon. This app game is based on the cartoon series Pokemon in which Ash travels in the world and captures new Pokemon and prepare for different leagues to become a Pokemon master.


Capture new Pokemon just by locating on the map. You have to go to different places to captures best of them. Even old monuments and unique places are good to find rare Pokemon.

You can catch Pokemon using Plus and even through poke balls. Furthermore, you can even find eggs of Pokemon and hatch them just by walking or covering a particular distance given.

As you, hatch and catch Pokemon you will get levelled up which makes you stronger. With this, you can catch stronger Pokemon easily using poke balls. Moreover, evolve your Pokemon which is the best part.

Join teams. There are three teams

  • Team Red
  • Team Blue
  • Team yellow

Join the team which your friends are joining and even can become their rivals. Attack gyms and earn a lot of rewards. Challenge gym leader to earn the prestige. Own the gyms and assign different Pokemon as gym security guards.

It has some problems also as it is facing server issues and being troubled by hackers. But they are working well and their next update all the issues and bug fixes would diminish.

New features of Pokemon GO in next update

Better tools for tracking Pokemon. There would be some new features in the map with which you can easily track Pokemon especially, with the launch of Plus, releasing at the end of July. You can get directions to the Pokemon with this features.

You can easily exchange Pokemon with others. It is a great technique to maintain the balance of types of Pokemon. It can help you in getting all types of Pokemon in your collection.

Are you being jealous of someone, want to beat him or take revenge just by beating him in the Pokemon fight. Train your Pokemon and suddenly attack your enemy. It is the best way to take revenge from others.

Now in its next update, you will find a good visual experience. Pokemons would even talk to you in that world.

More pokemons are added every day in this game. Some of them are legendary ones like Mew two.

More customised poke stops and the gyms. They will provide you more and more features in their next update. Even they will become easy to find and may be found with Plus.

They will get a good server, as it gets down a lot of time. They will face a big challenge as they will be launching it worldwide.

Tutorial to Download Pokemon Go on Android smartphone

[appbox googleplay com.nianticlabs.pokemongo]

Currently, Pokemon is not available in all the countries. It is available in some countries only. In the countries where it is launched, people can easily download from play store.

Download from below if it is available in your country.

Guys, it has some specific requirements. It requires Android version 4.4 or above. Moreover, They have recommended a phone with good battery backup and at least 2GB RAM. It has a size of 58 MB.

But if it is not available in your country then you can download its apk from below link and install the apk on your Android device. But you may face some server problems and location errors.

It is available officially on apk mirror, but it is a direct download link. For a link to apk mirror click here or for direct download link is below.


How to download Pokemon Go on IOS/Iphone?

It can be simply downloaded from the iTunes store. Just type Pokemon go in the search box of iTunes and hit enter. If it is not available in your country, then change the location of iTunes store. You can even use the following link to download Pokemon go on Iphone.


How to download Pokemon on PC/MAC?

Guys want to download Pokemon on your Mac or PC then watch the video above. Pokemon Go can be downloaded on Mac also. You can’t play Pokemon go with your full potential as you can’t move from one to place to another when playing on mac or PC. But you can operate any time without any fear of battery backup. It is for managing all the captured pokemons.

You can only play Pokemon go on PC or Mac using an android emulator. My favourite emulator is blue stacks. You can even check out my list of best ios emulators also. I will give you the tutorial to download using blue stacks. For this, you need to download blue stacks from the below link.

Blue stacks

After downloading download the apk from below link. Install the blue stacks properly. Double click on the apk after its download completes. It will automatically installed on Blue stacks.

APK MIRROR download

If you want to play without apk, then connect your blue stacks emulator with play store and download from there. For this follow the procedure in above video. This video is made by blue stacks officially for Pokemon go.

How to play Pokemon GO?

Guys check out this official video made by Pokemon go developers below. It is a must watch video. In this video, as you can as people unite to fight Mewtwo which is amazing. All want to capture Mewtwo, but only one can capture it.

To play Pokemon download wherever you want using the methods given above.

Open the app and sign in using your Google account or Pokemon official account. Then choose the gender of the player and customise its appearance. Choose your username. Then start with capturing your first Pokemon using Poke balls.

Then use the Pokemon nearby location and find out the Pokemon to capture. Capture lot of pokemons to get your level up. But never try to capture in areas which are not accessible for safety and security reasons. Use Pokemon go plus to capture easily.

Use the map and find pokemons to index all the Pokemons or complete your Pokedex. Find in their favourite habitats like in grassland area you will get grass type Pokemon. While in waterbodies you will find water type pokemons.

Visit poke stops to refill and get all the tools for the journey. Here you can collect poke balls and many other items. They are marked as blue squares on the map.

Fill your bags completely. Guys load your bags with potions, medicines, and relics. You can open your bag only during the time of the fight.

Level up as much as possible because it will help you to become stronger and you can capture Pokemon easily as you level up.

Achieve medals and awards. Show your profile to others. Show off with medals in front of your friends.


So guys the complete guide on Pokemon go plus ends here. Pokemon go plus has been expected for $35 and at the end of the July. Pokemon go really an awesome game. It has got so much of downloads even it is not launched worldwide. Please bookmark this article as we will keep on updating this article.

Please share this amazing article with your friends. Hands off to  Nintendo’s group for creating such a cool game. The infographics are the screenshots from their official siteVideos are embedded from youtube. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day!!

Update August 3, 2016

Pokemon go plus release delayed. Earlier it has to be launch in July, but now it will launch in September. Nintendo has said that it will release Pokemon go plus officially in September. They said that to provide good user experience, they are working hard on Pokemon go plus. Moreover, they want to improve the compatibility with the device. They want Pokemon to go plus easy to use and durable. Therefore it may launch in September.

More News about Pokemon go

Guys, you may be glad to know that people have found the way to cheat Pokemon go. There are two hacks of Pokemon go. One is a joystick hack, and other is a GPS hack. In joystick hack, you need to download some apps. They will integrate with your game, and a joystick will appear in your game. You can move the joystick to run and play the game. The second version is Fake GPS version. A rooted device is recommended. You need to download a fake GPS and need to integrate with your phone. Then you can change your location to any other country or place with the fake GPS. Guys but please prefer the original version. Hacked versions will make the game boring. That’s why please choose the original version. Moreover, if you will use hacked version you may get banned from the game. Furthermore, Nintendo has brought a new release to tackle hacks. With this version, fake GPS hack will not work.


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