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Play Sudoku Online – Fantastic Sudoku Websites and Resources

The puzzle game Sudoku is a fantastic way to relax and may help you improve your problem-solving skills. We are looking at some of the best online destinations to play Sudoku for free in this post.

What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a number based puzzle where the objective is to complete a nine by nine grid by putting numbers in the blank spaces. Players must use logical reasoning to come to the correct solution. Each row, three by three box and each column must have the digits 1 through

Sudoku puzzles appear in magazines and newspapers with partially completed grids. The game has been growing in popularity since the Times began including the puzzles in the daily newspaper since 2004. Depending on how many squares are left blank, the puzzle can vary in challenges.

Due to the growing demand for Sudoku puzzles, people have turned to online sources to get their fix of this addicting puzzle.

Why play Sudoku?

There are numerous reasons why you might want to make Sudoku part of your daily puzzle routine. Here are nine reasons why the number 9 is so relevant to this puzzle ūüėČ

  1. It may develop logical thinking skills.
  2. It improves your concentration and patience.
  3. Sudoku may help keep the brain active.
  4. This fun hobby¬†doesn’t cost anything.
  5. Sudoku appears simple, but there is great depth to the game.
  6. If you want you can become engrossed in deep strategy.
  7.  It allows you to pass the time in a relaxing way and keeps your mind off other worries for a short time.
  8. You can compete against other people and get the thrill of winning!
  9. There are great online communities built around Sudoku where it is possible to meet many cool people.


This is a nice place to play Sudoku online. Each day fed Sudoku updates their puzzles, and you can find fresh challenges in 3 different difficulties. Alternatively check out their huge archive of cool puzzles.

I will admit that this site is pretty hardcore. If you are a hardened Sudoku head with a competitive streak, then this will be the place for you.

To get the most from this site you will want to register. Once registered you can participate in the daily Sudoku challenge, where you are pitted against other players to complete the daily puzzle in as fast a time as possible.

The website then posts your score on a leaderboard. Over time you should see your daily result slowly climbing as your skills become honed.

You can also take part in their periodic cups and tournaments. This is a fun destination for intermediate or advanced players looking to improve their skills and compare their abilities. You can find a nice online community of like-minded people online. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to those who like to play Sudoku to relax, however!

Web Sudoku was launched in 2005 and has become one of the most popular places to play Sudoku on the net, with over 100, 000 players solving their puzzles every day.

They publish a daily problem. The difficulty ranges from Easy through to Hard, and there is even an Evil difficulty setting for you masochists.

You can pause at any time if you need a break and so your time won’t be affected.

I particularly like how you can print off the puzzle, for those of us who like to work with pen and paper.

This site puts a spin on the game by allowing you to play multiplayer Sudoku! Simply enter their lobby, and select a player to compete against.

Aside from this they have a nice tutorial for beginners where you can learn to play Sudoku with their helpful tips and instructions.

Like many other Sudoku sites, you can select from between four different difficulties ranging from beginner to wicked hard. There is also a nice leader board section so you can compare your performance on the daily puzzle to other players.

The site also has a neat blog that you can check out to gain tips on your strategy and skills continue to improve. Recent blog posts include “How To Improve The Ranking”, “Sudoku Techniques” and “How to Teach Sudoku”.

This website is a good hub to hone your Sudoku skills. Like FED-SUDOKU it is a little more geared to seasoned Sudoku solvers, but beginners should also find it a welcoming environment.

On the site, you can find monthly Sudoku competitions, downloadable sudokus and other interactive puzzles.

This website provides a great competitive and community spirited environment for puzzle fans to play Sudoku.

While you won’t find interactive Sudoku puzzles on here, it is worth including on this list. The World Puzzle Federation hosts the annual World Sudoku Grand Prix. They publish the puzzles from each year which you can have a go at on this website. Warning – they might be more challenging than your average computer generated fare!

This site produces a daily Sudoku puzzle that you can complete in your browser, or print off to complete with pen and paper.

The site publishes the solutions for the previous days puzzle, letting you wait for a solution instead of being tempted into looking now!

Not only can you play Sudoku on this site, but there are also a range of Sudoku solvers available, where you can punch the numbers into a grid to get the solution to a puzzle that is troubling you.

They also have a whole section devoted to Sudoku strategies. There are some deep explorations of Sudoku here with strategies such as “Naked pairs”, “X-Wing Family” and “Double Exocet” described in detail. God only knows what the strategy Sue-de-Coq is, but it sounds illegal!


We hope you find this list of online Sudoku resources useful. Sudoku truly is one of the most fun and engrossing of the number puzzles available. To get the most out of these sites, it is best to sign up and compete in the daily challenges to have a truly interactive experience. Let us know what you think below.

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