A Close Look At PopcornFlix and All Its Cinematic Goods and More

There was once a time when watching movies meant a trip to the cinema. Ticket, popcorn and even a date, a cinema night was the only way in which to view the latest offerings from the cinematic world. While this is still a thing, and long may it continue, there are now different avenues in which to watch movies. The birth of the internet changed everything. All things media, and even food shopping and clothing are now part of the phenomenon of online purchasing and downloading. In other words, things are much easier to obtain now with the internet in almost every home. Movies are now free to be plucked from the vast amount of free online movies. With thousands of online free movie websites, paying for a movie at the cinema is no longer a must.

One free movie website in particular that draws a lot of attention is PopcornFlix. This website has been providing visual goods for many years. Much of this was made possible by its patent company, Screen Media Ventures. This movie distributor, founded in 1999, has helped provide PopcornFlix with the 1,500 movies or more that it offers today. Movies ranging from comedy to romance, action to documentary, have all been gifted by this large distributor. Thanks to Screen Media Ventures, PopcornFlix is currently one of the leading free movie websites, and the partnership appears to be as strong today as it ever was. This site is ultimately a no-nonsense free movie site. No gimmicks, hidden costs or snags of any sort impede this site from its current status as a trustworthy free movies website.

It can be hard to find a reliable free movies website, but this site has stood for a long time, providing thousands of users with exactly what they want. Now that we’ve taken a brief look at what the website is about let’s get closer. What follows is an extensive view of the official site. In the review, we have depicted the best characteristics of the site, as well as any downsides, if there are any. All things considered, we hope this review will have you happily using the website.

A Close Look At PopcornFlix and All Its Cinematic Goods and More

Do I Have To Sign Up To the Site to Use It?

One of the best things about this website is that there are no sign ups required. You can visit the website and get stuck into all the videos without any registration. In fact, after scanning the website, there is no option for signing up at all. Everything is there to be viewed, no strings attached.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Not at all. Everything displayed on the PopcornFlix site is completely free. No sign-ups or credit card details required. You can visit this site and have a movie watched within seconds, all for free.

What Kinds Of Movies Can I Watch?

This site has one of the most diverse selections of movies that I’ve seen on any free movies website. You can view the movies on the homepage by category. Such categories include new arrivals, pop picks, action, comedy, drama, romance, and so forth. In other words, the movies are split into their respective genres, making navigation of the site very easy. Up above, you can select the movies heading which will open up all the movies for you. Here, you will again find all the movies sectioned within their genres. Some genres include foreign movies, documentaries, comedy, action, romance, film school originals, and more. With categories like foreign, documentary and film school originals, you will find that PopcornFlix is a little different than most other sites.

However, if you have come to this site with the desire to watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters, you will be disappointed. This website does not host the big names, but the smaller, more obscure titles. If you are here for the mainstream cinema, you will have to try somewhere else. On the other hand, if you are in search of some obscure classics, PopcornFlix may be just the site for you.

Are There More Than Just Movies?

Yes indeed. This site also offers TV shows. The website is split into two different sections – TV and Movies. You will find on the homepage some TV shows mixed amongst the movies. If you want to view TV only, use the TV heading. Here, you can browse the TV series by most popular, TV, trash TV, and 90s TV. Of course, if you have something already in mind, just use the search bar.

Can I Download the Videos From This Site?

If you have come to this site with the intent of downloading, you won’t find it here. PopcornFlix is streaming only. Furthermore, ignore the icons and buttons which display information on downloading. These links and displays are pop-ups and highly likely to be malicious.

Are There Any Good Features On the Site Worth Mentioning?

After a thorough scan of the site, I haven’t seen any fancy features which stood out. This website is ultimately very basic, which is not necessarily a bad thing. With its simplistic nature, you can find movies quickly and have them watched without any complicated processes or unnecessary features. In sum, nothing special here, but plain straight-forward movie streaming. There are also no pop-ups, which is always a good thing.

What Are the Website’s Downsides?

The biggest negative is the lack of popular movies. As mentioned, you won’t find the big blockbusters here. This free movies site is packed with obscure movies that you probably wouldn’t find on any other website. So, if documentaries, foreign classics and forgotten greats sound good to you, this website should do just the job. Besides this, there are some malicious ads as mentioned. Just try to recognise these and avoid them.


All things considered, this site is a unique free movies website. It may not have the blockbusters, but it does have the obscure greats, all delivered hassle free.

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