PortForward: Amazing Network Tools For Forwarding Your Ports

In this modern world, we cannot do without computers. Computers have become the backbone to our working, modern society, with billions of people across the globe at least owning some gadget that offers an internet connection. With almost everyone owning some form of gadgetry, you would imagine that we know all the technological ins and outs. The fact is, however, that we are not all computer wizards. In fact, many of us don’t know the first thing about how our computers work. Therefore, when we face a technological problem while using our gadgets, this can spell disaster, or, a phone call to the tech guy which will result in a sum of cash. There is, however, help online from such wizards which can remedy a technological problem. With many useful websites out there, you will find that all it takes is some patience to fix a technological problem.

In this review, we at TechWhack are looking at the action of forwarding ports. This may sound baffling to non-tech people who only know the basics. Nevertheless, it can all be quite straight forward given good instruction. One particular site which lends such decent instruction is PortForward (www.portforward.com). This website advertises the Port Forward network utilities which can move effortlessly forward a port on your device. All the instructions are there on the website, and thus all you need is the all-important software offered by PortForward. There are many network facilities offered by this website, which I will duly go into more detail about in the following sections. First, let us introduce the concept of port forwarding.

What Exactly Is Port Forwarding?

If you are not quite up to par with the technological facts regarding port forwarding, the following section will hopefully clear something up. First and foremost, let’s get to the centre of what exactly a port is. A port is a connection place, in which, basically using the internet’s protocol (or set of rules regarding data), a client program can specify another, particular server in a network. As for what exactly port forwarding is, it is essentially the activation of remote internet access. Port forward allows you to access a remote network, which cannot normally be accessed due to security like a firewall. In other words, with port forwarding you can securely connect with another network and thus share data and so forth.

There are many different methods in which to utilise port forwarding, as there are different types of ports. If this is baffling for you, allow this site to handle the technological aspects. What follows is a look at the official PortForward website, which we have scanned and highlighted all areas and features which should hopefully have you using it without any complications.

PortForward: Amazing Network Tools For Forwarding Your Ports

Is the Website Legitimate?

PortFoward has been used by thousands of people in search of a safe and legitimate solution to port forwarding. After reading the reports online regarding the website, the vast majority of customers were very happy with PortForward. Therefore, yes I believe this website is totally legitimate and can genuinely help you with port forwarding. There are also numerous positive testimonials on the website, praising the work of PortForward.

What Network Utilities Are Offered/What Exactly Can the Software Do For Me?

The software suite has many network facilities. At its most basic description, the software aims to diagnose, troubleshoot and of course fix any problems. Here is a list of the tasks that the software can carry out:

  1. The access of security cameras while you are not around.
  2. Help with forwarding your ports when using games consoles; Xbox, Playstation, etc.
  3. Help when setting up a server at home, for example, a Minecraft server.
  4. The ability to increase your download speed when using torrents.
  5. The ease of finding your router.
  6. The optimization of your router.
  7. The ability to test all ports on your network.
  8. The Recovery of lost router passwords.

If you are still unsure as to how it all works, there is a step by step guide on the PortForward website which clarifies everything.

How Much Does the Software Cost?

The software suite with all facilities included costs $39.95. If this seems a bit steep, consider that it’s a one-time purchase for the guaranteed fix of any port problems you have with your computer. You can purchase the software via PayPal.

Are There Any Special Additions Worth Mentioning?

If all seems a bit confusing, there are free video tutorials on the website. There is also a free trial if you are unsure if the software can really fix your port problems. Other than this, the website is quite plain, in that it simply advertises the product, serves you information and instructions, and all you have to then do is purchase it (or not).

What Can the Website Do For Me?

One of the best things about the website is the wealth of information it gives. PortForward understands that all these processes can be bewildering. Therefore, you can find many categories, guides and support pages on the homepage which can explain things clearly.

Is There Any Technical Support?

Besides the guide pages and other support pages, there is a support page which can be accessed by finding and selecting ‘support’ in the top right side of the screen. These pages are Q & A situations and other information, with therefore no sign of a contact email or a support line to call. However, if you click the hyperlink on “web based support system”, you can directly email Tedie or Allen. I assume these guys are the brains behind the whole operation, and they claim to respond to your emails within 24 hours. In sum, yes there is technical support.


All things considered, if port forwarding is a task that you need immediately fixed, PortForward seems to be the correct, safe, legitimate and all-round great solution. For around 40 dollars, their software is guaranteed to cure any technical problems regarding ports and forwarding.

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