The Best Prank Websites For Ideas To Fool Friends and Family

One of the things that you are going to have fun with online is simple, pranking people. You can watch people pulling pranks in real time, but that’s not going to be the same. What if you could get in on the fun? Well, there are a few things that you can do today to ensure that you are having fun with a prank. What can you do? Well, you could share a prank website that will fool your friends and family. You’ll find that they will either panic, or they will have a good laugh with you.

There are a lot of websites out there that can accomplish this, but if you want to find the best ones, you will want to look at the following solutions. There’s something that you need to consider before you get moving forward with prank websites. First and foremost, you cannot search for prank websites and trust all of the sites, because you could get pranked too!

There’s a difference between shock sites and prank websites too. It’s important that you realise that you don’t want to get into shock websites. Shock websites are not the same as prank ones. Those are some of the hardest sites to stomach. Shock websites will have gore and nasty things that aren’t fun to watch. Prank websites are going to help you gain the upper hand and get a good laugh all at the same time.

The Best Funny Prank Websites to Trick Your Friends and Family

With that in mind, you will find that the following are just some of the prank websites that you will want to share with your friends and family.

The first one that you want to look at is simple, This is a website that is going to answer your questions fast. Seems simple enough, right? Well, the trick is that you are not going to get the best answers in the world. Ok, the trick here is that it’s you that are going to be putting in the questions and answers correctly. Otherwise, you’ll have an answer about the psychic powers that Peter has. You have to enter information and answers and have your party within the room so that you can type several elements so that this trick works. You’ll need to set it up properly, essentially.

What about an old fashioned love calculator? Here’s the thing. When someone goes to this site, the name goes to a list of emails go to the special affiliate link. So if you want to know who someone likes, you can figure it out by registering and send them the link. You’ll be informed fast. Of course, you don’t have to set up the link, but then the prank won’t work.

This simple site is going to blow up the screen for the person viewing it. This breaks up the browser and blows things up so that the computer seems as though it’s going to break down and cause panic. Of course, this isn’t crazy. It’s a simple thing that is going to help you gain the upper hand with pranking someone. The pranking is going to be funny because they’ll most likely not know what is going on. Don’t worry; the code wasn’t going to cause a lot of issues, it’s just a visual solution, so nothing is going to cause serious issues.

You will want to get your friends and family to find Waldo. They’ll be searching and searching, and guess what? You won’t be able to do so. There’s a lot of great solutions that have a legitimate Waldo site, but not this one. This is going to prove to be the biggest waste of time. The waste of time is going to be amazing, and fascinating overall. Just keep egging them on, and see what happens when nothing happens at all.

Maze Game (

Maze Game is an interesting game because it’s delayed. The prank is not going to hit up first. It takes some time to work through. You will have a lot of fun going forward within the elements of a game. There are three games. The three levels are easy to go through, but it’s level 3 that gives you a shock. This shock is going to be incredible, so make sure that you tell your friends to focus close onto the monitor. The Maze Game is a premier prank site, which is quite interesting at first glance, and quite scary within the level 3 position, simple as that.

This is a huge site that will let you have all sorts of pranks. Don’t want just to do one prank? Then go to this site, pick a prank and show it to your friends. You can have a video prank, an audio prank, and so much more. There’s just so much going on through this amazing site, with lots of fun and games. What makes your friends scared? What makes them laugh? Well, here you go a lot of different ideas to get you going, or rather them going.

What’s Wrong With This Room (

This is an odd prank site. Seriously, this is an odd website that is going to stun you. What’s wrong with this room is a blank site, but there’s more than meets the eye, or is there? The prank is a waste of time site, and once something gets triggered, the person gets a bit of a shock. It’s subtle at first, but it takes a little time to build through, like all prank websites on this list.


Here you go, a variety of websites that are quite interesting. If you want to prank people, the above sites are going to do the trick. It’s a quick way to let them pass a little time. It’s a lot of fun to consider and will help you get moving forward with a few pranks without getting too destructive overall.

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