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Unravelling and Analysing the Best Project Free TV Websites

Unravelling and Analysing the Best Project Free TV Websites
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We all love to watch free TV. Many of us search for string project free tv. When we search this query, then a lot of sites with their name project free tv comes up in SERP.

It becomes very difficult to find and review the best one. As everybody has different likes regarding streaming of tv shows.

Even it is very time-consuming as you will find a lot. These all sites are good, but not all are suitable. So I have listed the complete guide for all seven project free television sites.

I am just talking about some project free television sites. There may be a big number of these sites. But I would take only seven.

These all project free television sites are user-friendly and would not spam you. Project free television sites are a single team. Yes, all the sites belong to same project free tv team.

Unravelling and Analysing the Best Project Free TV Websites

This Project free television site is a good site. It loads faster. It has many tv shows. It has all the episodes in HD. The only problem is that it streams on external links.

Means it does not stream on its server rather it streams by embedding other sites player legally. Even it is not such a good looking project free tv site because it does not have good images.

Furthermore, it contains ads, but they are not annoying. You can sign up there to be updated.

Even it’s landing page is not so attractive. This site even has some broken links. When you try to watch any shows sometimes, it happens that it will take you to other third party sites for streaming.

It’s Alexa Rank is 2507. It receives a good traffic. It is an average project free television site to watch tv shows online. It has many sites with same domain name project free tv and with different extensions. Theses sites are


There may be a lot of other projects free tv sites. But I would take only seven as they are enough.

Some other sites to watch tv shows online

These are non-project tv sites. These are tv shows streaming sites. All the sites are reviewed by us and would provide an awesome user experience. These sites are the great competitor of project free television sites.

These sites may not have live streaming tv channels. But hey have Live streaming tv shows and even all the episodes of a particular TV show. is another great site. I would say that is another my favourite site. It has a good and attractive look. It has a look of freshness and even technical.

It seems like it is a developing site. So I think this site can give a strong competition to project free sites.

It is a quite old site means it is trustworthy. It contains a lot of ads that’s the only problem. Its Alexa rank is 1442. So I would prefer this site. It has some good tv shows.

It streams all the shows on its server. You can even sign up on this site. Moreover, you can add different tv shows to your watchlist. It has two sites so sometimes for online streaming; it will take you to another site.

It is a good site to watch tv shows online. But it doesn’t have an attractive look. It seems like it is an old fashioned site. Moreover, it does not even provide good user experience.

Moreover, it contains a lot of ads. Even some of them are annoying. But it has a lot of tv shows. It doesn’t even stream tv shows, but it streams live tv channels.

I am sorry to say, but it doesn’t have tv shows on its server while it streams on external links. Some of these links will take you to third party site, and some of them are broken.

But it has some cool features also like you can comment, share, and rate the channel. But overall it is a good alternative. It has an Alexa rank of 27,526.

Streema is an awesome site to watch free internet tv online. It has good features. This is one of my favourite sites. It has a nice and attractive look. Moreover, it provides good user experience.

It has a large number of tv channels. Even it has its mobile app. I would prefer this app. You can even sign up with Facebook and create your account. Moreover, it is available in different languages.

Guys, please refer to this site to your friends it is amazing. You can even comment on this site. It does not have streaming links. It streams all the tv shows on its server. It has Alexa Rank of 8,085.

It receives a lot of traffic. It is not even ads loaded page. Moreover, it is a fast loading site. It is a radio station. It streams everything fast. In conclusion, it is a good site to watch tv shows.


So, guys, I have listed some good sites to watch tv shows online. These are really good sites to watch tv shows.

If you want to ask any questions, then please comment. Thank you guys for reading this article. Have a Good Day!!!


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