Get Paid For Taking Surveys, Shopping, and More With QuickRewards

When online, it’s hard to avoid the offers for coupons, the requests to take surveys, requests to sign up for newsletters, and so on. Most websites use these promotional tools to boost online business. On the other hand, most people online will ignore these things. Thus, many online companies are losing out on valuable online revenue, as well as wasting time. The common man is not to blame for such avoidance. In regular life, we do much the same thing, ignoring leaflets, surveys and avoiding or mistrusting coupons and other discounts. Bearing all this in mind, there are ways in which online companies are striking back. With some financial enticement, doing the surveys, using the coupons and following the newsletters is not so bad after all. In other words, people are now being paid to do these things, thus boosting online revenue, and putting money in people’s pockets.

All in all, it’s a ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back’ kind of deal. Is it so bad? We’re here to investigate, and one particular website on which we are placing our focus is QuickRewards ( Founded back in 2002, this website describes itself as an “incentive-based networking company”. Take what you will from this. In layman’s terms, QuickRewards is essentially a website that will pay you to do the things most people won’t, namely all those surveys, coupons, signing up for newsletters and so on. On the contrary, you can advertise and use QuickRewards to help gain the visitors or traffic that you desire. With this site behind you, this site will assemble a team of loyal customers who will promote, interact and ultimately use your website to promote it.

In sum, you can be on either one of the following sides with this site. Either an advertiser, seeking people to help promote your website or product, or a member of the site, doing the work online most people wouldn’t do for a sum of money. So how do you get involved? We at TechWhack have taken the time to scour the entire website in search of the pros and cons, while essentially outlining how to use the site. If the quick cash rewards for the measly work online sounds appealing to you or becoming an advertiser with the aid of QuickRewards could benefit you, this review should certainly help you.

QuickRewards: Get Paid For Taking Surveys, Shopping, and More

How Do I Become A Member? Do I Have To Sign Up?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the site, the process is very simple. On the homepage, simply click ‘Join Now’ and fill out the form. This should take only a few seconds. Following this, the site will send you a confirmation link via email, and after this, you’re good to go.

How Do I Become An Advertiser With This Site?

On the other hand, if you want this site to help you with your advertising, you must adhere to a different process to that of signing up. First of all, find and click ‘advertising’ at the bottom of the page. Here, you will be told to email their advertising team ([email protected]). By email, discuss what you want the company to do for you and take it from there. You will also see the range of services that they can offer you, each at a different price, which I will now discuss in the following point.

What Exactly Can This Do For Me As An Advertiser?

In the advertising page, you will spot a list of services offered to advertisers. This list includes CPC Advertisement, CPA Advertisement, Email Advertising, Banner Impressions, Opt-In Services, Pay Per Sale Services, and Marketing Research and Survey Services. As mentioned above, the rates for these prices are to be negotiated via email with the website’s marketing team. Also, the aforementioned services are “not limited to”, meaning this site is willing to go the extra mile for their customers for whatever they need.

What Must I Do to Earn Money As A Member?

First of all, there are rules stated in the terms which you must adhere to. These rules include keeping your account active and earning at least one point per month. You are only allowed one account, and you must be over 18 years of age. You also must not repeat the same actions or complete the same offers over and over again. The website considers this as a form of cheating, and it will result in the suspension of your account. To view the entire list of responsibilities as a member, visit their terms page at this URL:

Besides the rules, as a member you must complete surveys, sign up for newsletters and so forth on many websites. These actions will result in points, which will thus become generated into cash.

Cashing Out As A Member

When you have built up your earnings in your account, you can cash out at any point. You can use PayPal for this (it is in fact recommended). You can cash out as much as you like whenever you want – no restrictions involved.

Will Using This Website As An Advertiser Or A Member Cost Me Money?

As a member, using this website is completely free. You will earn money and never have to pay back to the website. On the other hand, using this website to help you advertise will cost you money. As for the actual price, this is to be negotiated with their marketing team, depending on what it is you want them to do.

What Countries Is This Website Of Use To?

Unfortunately for some, this site is only available to a select few countries. These countries include USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.


So whether you are on the member side or the advertising side, there is money to be made with QuickRewards. Being a member can only bring you rewards, so why not try it today.

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