Reviewing the Relatively Unnown ‘Rainierland’ Free Movies Site

When there are thousands of free movie websites out there on the web, it can be almost impossible to know which the best ones are. Continuing with our series of free movie website reviews, in this post we are taking a look at Rainierland. This obscure free movies website has everything you would expect from a good movies site. Besides its basic appearance, it is with such simplicity that movies are easily found and watched. Although lesser known, this site has all the capabilities of becoming a bigger name. Personally, I haven’t frequented this site very often, and it comes as a surprise to me that this little gem has been tucked away from me in the shadows of the internet for all this time.

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In this post, we hope to popularise the site, and maybe even make it one of your go-to sites for free movies. The following is a complete review of the website, with all areas and features of the site explored. I have highlighted all the good and bad points (if any) regarding the site, which should answer any burning questions you have for the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

Indeed, before any watching, you must first create a free account. When attempting to watch a movie myself, the website’s display box appeared on the video player stating “you must be logged in to continue streaming”. After following the ‘continue’ link, I was then directed to Geeker, a third party movie website. You won’t find any registration options on the actual website, which is quite unusual. In fact, the whole registration process is quite suspicious, and I would advise you to be cautious when approaching this third party Geeker website.

Will Anything Cost Money On This Site?

Apparently not, for this site states in several areas that all things are free. Therefore, if you find yourself entering credit card details at any moment, something isn’t right. All things considered, this website offers free movies, and it should remain so.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like?

From the homepage, you will see a mosaic of the most recent Hollywood hits on display. Films fresh out of cinemas are free to be clicked, as well as some older hits. The movie selection on the homepage is split into two different sections: top movies on Rainierland and latest movies on Rainierland. On the left side of the homepage, you will find separate pages for box office movies, most viewed movies and top-rated movies. Each of these pages is listed just like the homepage, thus keeping things simple. On the website’s headings, you can select ‘Rainierland Movies’ to view all that is on offer. After calculating, there are 20 movies per page and a total of 306 pages. This makes a total of 6,120 movies on offer with this site. Furthermore, more movies are being added on a regular basis, meaning this number is increasing.

Lastly, if you want you to narrow your search a bit more, you can scan the genres (categories). The movie categories can be found on the left side of the page. To list some available genres, you can watch westerns, musicals, war, biography, action, comedy, and more.

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer?

Absolutely, for this site offers both movies and the best in TV shows. Although this site is primarily a free movies website, it does offer a fair selection of TV series. To find the TV shows, simply select the ‘Rainierland TV Shows’ heading. Here, you will find all the featured TV shows. To calculate, there are 20 TV shows per page and three pages. This makes around 60 TV series to watch from. Despite not being as big a number as the movies, bear in mind that there are several episodes of each TV show, which equals a lot of hours of television.

Can I Download the Videos Featured On This Site?

There is a fairly noticeable download button on the play page in orange. After trying this link myself, I was again directed to the third party website known as Geeker. I am not 100 percent certain on the authenticity of this Geeker website, so I advise you not to try and follow through with downloading on this website. (Do so at your discretion).

What Are the Best Features On the Site?

The overall basic nature of the website is the biggest plus for me. By using this site, you can track down a movie and begin watching all within under a minute. All movies are nicely displayed with images, and you can narrow your search with all the many genre options and page options at the top and side of the page. You will also find a wealth of information on the play page, along with options for sharing via social network and a selection of different servers and episodes. Besides this, there are no fancy features worth talking about.

Are There Any Negative Aspects On This Site?

Having scanned every area of this site, I have found a problem with legitimacy. In other words, I find it hard to place my trust in the third party websites, such as Geeker, which you are directed to when attempting to sign up or download a video. If this third party website is indeed a malicious scam, this jeopardises the entire website. Other than this, there are no irritating pop-ups or ads, and all is free, which is ultimately what we all come searching for anyway.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the Rainierland website. If you found this review useful and you would like to know more about similar free movie websites, please feel free to browse the rest of our posts here on Techwhack. Here on Techwhack, we have numerous reviews and posts on free movies websites. Alternatively, you can click here to view the complete rundown of the best free movie websites.

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