Resume Now: Perfecting That Resume For the Perfect Job

With the ongoing worldwide recession, it can be tough to find a great job. Many of us have the dream job in mind, but we don’t have the necessary tools or experience to quite reach it. Nevertheless, with the ongoing growth of the internet, more jobs than ever are now being posted online. In fact, over the past ten years, millions of people have found employment through an online agency or an online ad. Therefore, if you happen to find yourself in a jobless rut or you are searching for a way in which to step toward that perfect job, the internet is here for you. There are of course more employment websites than any one person needs, but no website is going to help all that much if you don’t have a great resume or CV.

Your resume is what drives forth your professional image when applying for jobs. Therefore, if your resume isn’t up to standard, your professional image won’t drive you anywhere. Fortunately, our dear friend the internet has some help for that. There are many professional websites that work in the perfection of resumes. One such website is Resume Now ( This website started back in 2005 and had since helped over 10 million people with their resumes. The website is essentially a platform on which you can build and customise that perfect resume. This site also has a team of writing experts who are on hand and ready to take your resume and pump into it some professional style and expertise at a cost. With a wide range of formatting tools to choose from, you can have truly one-of-a-kind customisation services, helping push you towards getting that dream job.

So if you are tired of looking at your old resume, feeling uninspired by its contents, throw it into the special resume builder at the site, and you could begin your career transformation. How is it all possible? We have all the answers you need in the following review of their official website. We have put in the groundwork by scanning all areas of the website, picking out all the costs and privileges that are offered by this site.

Resume Now: Perfecting That Resume For the Perfect Job

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

You will find that you will not ‘sign up’ per say, but you will enter all your details, personal and job-related, before creating and editing a resume. In other words, to create a resume, yes you must create an account. With an account, you can conduct a job search in your career field and manage all your created resumes and letters. On your account, you will find a list of related jobs for you to check out, thus helping you towards the road of employment.

How Do I Get Started and What Exactly Will Resume Now Do With Resume Now?

To get the ball rolling, click ‘create resume’ on the homepage. From here, the resume builder will open up. Before anything, you will have to enter your name, job history and other personal details, and then begin the total customisation of your resume. With 14 different templates to choose from, you can choose many different styles for your resume. There are also pre-written examples and heaps of help to receive along the way. You can also create and customise cover letters. All in all, Resume Now will give you the total freedom of resume customisation. All the formatting tools and features on their resume builder will certainly make your resume stand out for future employers.

How Much Will It All Cost?

One of the reasons why this website is so popular and because so many people have used it is because it is all completely free. After entering all your personal details and your job details before beginning the resume builder, you are then free to create and do what you please. There are, however, some services that will cost you money. These services are completely optional and include a resume review, help with cover letter writing, and other professional writing services. These prices will vary between $60 – $299 depending on the job. Resume Now claims that these services should take only 1 – 2 days to complete.

Can I Rely On This Site To Do A Good Job?

With more than 10 million past customers and a bunch of success stories, this website can be trusted. Resume Now has the professional support of many leading organisations such as Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo!, Indeed, The Business Insider and The New York Times.

Can I Still Use This Site If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Yes, you can. You can work on your resume no matter where you are. All in all, as long as you have an internet connection, you are free to use this site. Furthermore, this website has support teams situated in many countries throughout the world, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

Are There Any Additional Features Worth Mentioning?

Support: This website offers support seven days a week (phone, email, and live chat).

Legitimacy: As mentioned, this website is supported by some of the biggest names in the business world. Millions of people have used this site to transform their professional status. In other words, many jobs have been won thanks to the expert features provided by this website.

Online Job Search: You can find an online job search on the site by click on ‘Jobs’ at the top right corner of the screen. This search will be defined according to your profile and therefore your career.

Professional Writing Services: If you aren’t a literary wizard, this site has you covered. Follow this link to find out more about the professional writing services and other services that this website offers:


So whether it’s adding a new lease of life into your resume through customisation, or the help needed from skilled writers, Resume Now has everything you need to get that bit closer to the job you want.

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