Fruit Flies – 3 Awesome Ways To Rid Your House of Flies

Fruit flies can be annoying. They tend to come into your home in imported fruits like bananas. Then once they settle in, they can quickly multiply, becoming a real nuisance in the kitchen and elsewhere.  Today we are looking at some practical advice for how to get rid of fruit flies.

How to get rid of fruit flies – the bowl method.

  • Take a large bowl and add a sweet bait to the bottom. You will want about an inch of sweet liquid such as honey or sugar water at the bottom.
  • White wine and coriander are also good bait if you have it.
  • Cover the bowl tightly with cling film.
  • Then pierce the bowl with a fork. You will want to make these holes as small as possible. This is to lure the flies in, but make it hard for them to get out. You can also try using a toothpick to make the holes.
  • Leave your trap in the area of your house where the flies are hanging out.
  • The next morning if you don’t see your bowl filled with the little critters, then the holes you have made are either too small or too big.
  • Once you have a bowl full of these flies the next step is to dispose of them.
  • First, take the bowl out of the kitchen. You don’t want any escaping to re-infest it later.
  • Preferably take the bowl outside, take off the plastic wrap and quickly pour in warm water and dish soap into the container.
  • The soap makes it hard for the flies to swim as it reduces the surface tension of the water. In a minute or two all of them will be dead.
  • Discard the contents down a drain or into the bin.
  • You can re-use the bowl if some flys remain in your kitchen.

How to get rid of fruit flies – the spray method.

To do this, you will need a fine misting spray bottle. This is the type used by hairdressers and barbers to wet your hair lightly. You can easily purchase one of these on Amazon or at a local store.

When you have your fine misting spray bottle, you’ll want to fill it with strong rubbing alcohol, preferably over 70%.

This is the most immediate method to get rid of the flies, say if you have guests coming over. You can use this and the bowl method at the same time for great results. Just find a hovering fly and spray it. It will immediately fall to the floor, and from here you can simply sweep it up and dispose of it.

If you are really serious about killing the little buggers, then try 90% rubbing alcohol. It is much stronger, and more toxic to the flies than the 70% alcohol. It can also kill any of the eggs if you manage to find these.

If you choose the 90% stuff, just remember to keep the area well ventilated, and use gloves. However, rubbing alcohol is still far less toxic than most insecticides.

Other options for bug sprays include:

  • Clorox cleaning spray. Ventilate the room well, and try not to use it near food preparation surfaces.
  • Windex.
  • Plain water. Surprisingly this can work. The flies will get damp and be unable to fly. You then have a few seconds to squash them on the floor before they dry off again.

How to get rid of fruit flies using a container and a paper funnel

For this method, you can use almost any jar, a wine bottle, an old lemonade bottle, or a vase. Lots of people reckon that this is, in fact, the  best way to deal with fruit flies. So pay attention!

  • First, you’ll want to add a generous amount of fruit fly bait to the bottom of your chosen container.
  • Practically anything sugary will work, including soda or fruit juice.
  • Chopped up pieces of rotting or over ripe fruit will give off the strong scent that attracts fruit flies. This includes bruised banana, a squishy peach, etc.
  • You can add honey or syrup to make things even sweeter.
  • Any delicious drink that has sugar in it. Don’t use a diet brand. The flies know the difference.
  • The leftovers from a bottle of wine or beer sometimes work.

Now you have your bait in your container; it’s time to set up the trap using some paper to make a funnel.

  • Roll up the paper to make a funnel, with the hole at one end much smaller than the other.
  • Use some sticky tape to help your creation keep its shape.
  • Now put the funnel inside the mouth of the container, so the narrow side is pointing down into the jar.
  • Don’t let the tip of the funnel touch the bait!!
  • You can also make a funnel quickly by poking a hole at the bottom of a coffee filter.

This is your trap made. Simple right? Next, select the best place for it. Useful areas include near the kitchen sink, fruit bowl or garbage where the flies will already be congregating.

  • As with the bowl method, you should see results overnight. If not, then perhaps the hole is not big enough.

Finally, kill the files. Take the trap outside to prevent escape. Remove the funnel and immediately pour in hot soapy water to finish them off.


I’m not going to lie, these flies can be a real pain in the butt, especially in the summer months. If you have visitors coming around, they can be especially annoying, flying around when you’re trying to eat.

If you follow one of these three methods, you are bound to see results very quickly. These methods are proven ways for how to get rid of fruit flies swiftly and efficiently.

Even better, you can use the fruit bowl method pre-preemptively.  Leave it out even before you get an infestation to catch the little buggers before they even start breeding!

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