Thoughts On Romance Animes and the Role Romance Plays In Popular Anime

“Where would we all be without romance?” Almost anyone may say. “Romance is the spice of life,” goes another one that seems quite accurate. “Love is a many-splendored thing It’s the April rose that only blooms in the early spring..” so goes a song by Frank Sinatra and adopted as a theme song by almost any romantic love couple from the 1940’s onwards. However, the great William Shakespeare has this to say, “Men have died, and worms have eaten them… but not for love.”

Such a lot of effort and ink has been drained in writing about various emotions and feelings involving dating, romance, love and marriage. Many daydream happily and contentedly because of these, and many also cried. Courtship, love, and marriage are universal concepts. These concepts exist in people’s culture, animals and plants, even in our imagined extraterrestrials, practically everything that lives and breathes. They are an integral part of our culture. In a society, the fundamental unit is the family. What will a family be without a marriage of two individuals? How will two individuals marry if there is no romance and love? How will two individuals find romance and love if they do not go out to date, be with each other and learn more about each other?

Thoughts On Romance Animes and the Role Romance Plays In Popular Anime

Romance: A Chain Of Concepts

It is truly a chain of concepts. One does not survive without the other. There are all kinds of scientific, Christian, chemical, biological, etc. views that explain and expands on them. They can be subjective or objective. They can be an issue of religion and an issue of modern science. The main fact is they exist, and they have been in fashion as long as every one of us can remember.

These ideas have been in fashion ever since the oldest human on earth in the Guinness Book of Records was born. With regards to how these concepts come to exist. There are various warring notions about these. Popular Christian belief is that God loves us that is why He made a way for people to feel love because the powerful spirits of love will be the one to clean away the mortal sins of the people. Love will ultimately be the one to bring peace.

Dating, romance, and marriage all have their versions of the Holy Bible. Would you remember the love stories in the Bible? Even if people have different cultures and customs, Christian people always have believed in love. Meantime, the Greek and Roman mythologies also have their versions about dating, romance, love and marriage that until now affect the modern people. Scientifically, if you would follow Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, we will find that the basis of why the universe and all the things that exist in it is because of nature. With regards to practices, there are many spanning from ancient times until now. During the ancient times, most of the marriages were through capture and not by choice.

Meanwhile, the arranged marriages and forced love came up when people began business relationships, borne out of the need for money, property, or political alliances. The Medieval and Victorian eras saw the birth of romantic concepts as a big factor in love and marriage. These eras were also the birth of the dating activities when men would wine and dine the women. “Medieval Chivalry” and “Victorian Formality” were among the famous terms that would best describe these periods. Along these periods were also the birth of customs, beliefs and popular inclination about people regarding dating, romance, love and marriage. For example, men are the ones who should be entertaining the women and not the other way around during dates.

Eventually, especially in patriarchal cultures, men are the dominant ones. Women are regarded helpless and dependent. Especially during the Victorian era, men were knights in shining armors and women are the damsels in distress. Women are more romantic and prone to loving too much. Men are more reasonable and must be dependable. The concepts about sex and procreation also came into play along with romance and love. Nowadays with the diversity in culture and the significant changes in the society, it is but understandable that the views on dating, romance, love and marriage have changed largely.

However, they are still concepts very much in fashion. If not why are there so many things that have these things as topics? And why the Sex and the City craze? The girls in here find havoc regarding dating, romance, love and marriage in the world of NYC but they have hope. It is a testament that dating, romance, love and marriage are still fashionable.

The Best Romance Animes

When we talk about anime, different people like different kinds of genres. Which is why animes have different genres available around. However on this very article, we’ll look into some of the few best animes capped under the “Romance” genre, or, romance animes. Please take note that of these recommended titles, not all of them will suit everyone as different people will have different tastes of animes even in the same genre.

In the romance animes category, people often look deep into the storyline. A good storyline will touch audience heart and some even make those passionate ones cried. In this case, artwork plays an important part. It has to look really nice to give an impression that it has a nice deep storyline, although that might not always be the case. Now lets look at some popular romance animes titles to date.

Tokyo Mew Mew

Your average twelve year old girl Momomia Ichigo was asked by her crush to attend an endangered species exhibit. After a few series of events, she got turned into a cat but a ray. She will need to join forces with four of other girls to battle the chimera and the aliens who are invading the planet.

Sekirei – Pure Engagement

Coming up for second recommendation on romance animes. The battle of the Sekirei continues… As losing the battle means losing their Sekirei forever, some of the fighters and their Ashkabi are still refusing to take part in the battle. As bigger threat approaches the city, more pain and suffering will fail on those who love and care for Sekireis.


After being a vampire, Koyomi Araragi is now almost finishing becoming a human. One day, Koyomi caught a girl named Hitagi who falls down the stairs. To her surprise, Hitagi weights almost nothing. After that, Koyomi further discovers some other girls that are also affected but these weird effects and tries to help them.


Well, these are just some popular romance animes you can look upon for romance animes. Of course, there are so much more romance animes available out there for you to explore! There are always something out there for you.

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