Scary Games and Spooky Sites – A List of Entertaining Online Horrors

I love playing scary games. In fact having the absolute crap scared out of me by a computer game is my idea of a good time. One of my favourite games of all time is Resident Evil 2. I’m always hunting for getting my kicks though scary games. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of excellent free terrifying games you can play online. I hope you enjoy.

Scary Games and Spooky Sites – A List of Entertaining Online Horrors

This is one of the premier sites for free online games. They have a whole part of the site solely dedicated to terrifying games that I have linked above.  Some of the excellent petrifying games that I can recommend on here are:

Forgotten Hill Fall. In this game, your car has broken down, and you find yourself alone in the woods near forgotten hill village. The audio is particularly effective here at giving you the spooks. Plug in headphones for the best results.

Zombie Train. I love the idea of the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s so scary but also satisfying to imagine how you might survive. In this game you have to gun down the zombies as the train you are on flees to safety.

Escape from the Catacombs. This is another excellent spooky title and one for fans of frightening games. You are locked in Catacombs that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Fend off attacks from bats and spooky skeletons in this free horror game.

There are over 50, 000 free to play games on Y8 including a section of awesome, terrifying games. Some of the best scary games on here include Timore, Haunted House Massacre, Legacy of the Black Tower, Nightmare Shooter, Zombie Attack in Hell and Ghostscape.

Some of the games on this excellent site include Eyes the Horror, Real Slender, The Maze, Killer Escape and Killer Escape 2, Lab of the Dead and Rec 2 Zombie Attack.

Killer Escape is particularly good. It is an excellent point and clicks adventure with loads of atmosphere.

This is one of my favourite sites for terrifying games. The website is devoted entirely only to horror games. The good thing is they make a commitment to only providing games that will shock and scare. The problem with loads of games today is that they have zombies and monsters, but no fear factor due to a modern obsession with first person shooters. Darkhorrorgames is well curated to only host games that bring that bring an atmosphere of pure and dark evil, blood and absolute horror.

This mission of Jump Scare Games is to provide a platform for scary games online. They have a range of categories to choose from including Slender Man, Ghosts, Escape and Zombies. The games here are guaranteed to make you jump!

The best Indie Horror games

Cry of Fear

This is one scary mother of a game. Cry of Fear is a psychological horror set in a deserted town. The game is packed full of nightmare, delusions and horrific creatures. I will be impressed if you have the courage to stick this out to the end. I has to be one of the scariest games.

What’s great about it is the strong cinematic quality of the gaming experience. There are tonnes of atmosphere in this game, and you feel immersed. This makes the frightening moments that but more intense. There are also puzzles that will challenge you and require lateral thinking. Enjoy!

Bad Dream

The series of Bad Dream games are an excellent line of short point and click games that take place in creepy and dark nightmares. They rank as some of the best scary games available on the net.

Some of the games are confusing and illogical, cruel and painful. It is made to reflect the experience of having a nightmare. The gameplay tends to look the same, but the nightmares are all different. You should get 20 minutes of gaming out of each game in the series. That’s great for a quick fix of horror.

Nightmare House 2

Nightmare House 2 is a free to download horror themed FPS game. It’s one of the coolest free scary games you are likely to come across.

This game is based off the excellent Source Engine that is used by a valve in games like Half-Life 2 and Portal, so expect a polished presentation.

The game begins with the player confused and lost in a hospital known as “Never Lose Hope”. You have no understanding of how you got here, but only have a vague memory of a haunting and mysterious girl from your past.

As the game progresses, it becomes difficult to distinguish between nightmare and reality and soon the real horror sets in. How long until you realise that escape is not an option?!

This game is available for free to download above. You’ll need a Steam account to run it however due to its licensed use of the Steam engine to power the graphics.

SCP Containment Breach

If you don’t want to sleep at night, I recommend downloading and playing this game. This free survival horror ranks up there with some of the spookiest games I have ever played, including Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

The game revolves around a mysterious and shady organisation called the SCP Foundation. They are dedicated to containing hellish entities and anomalous artefacts within their facilities. You play as test subject D-9341 and must guide him through the facility.


I hope today’s post will help you get your horror kicks. It’s becoming increasingly hard to find good horror games on consoles today as most end up becoming basic first person shooters.

If you want the best horror games, you’ve got to look to the PC, and especially the indie games. I’ve outlined what I consider to be the best free indie horror games here today.

The free scary games on the websites are also excellent for a quick fix of horror.

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