ShoesPie Is A Tasty Display of Shoes For Both Women and Men

With the aid of the internet, shopping has become much easier. We now have hundreds of thousands of stores at our fingertips, more than what we have on our actual streets. The advantages of shopping online are many – quicker shopping, easier purchases, a wider variety and choice. However, it can also be difficult to find a clothing website which is both great and reliable. We all know somebody who has had a bad experience when it comes to buying clothes online. Nevertheless, there are some trustworthy websites out there which practice what they preach. One website in particular that delivers top-quality material at unbeatable prices is ShoesPie ( This website offers the whole range, with both men’s and women’s shoes on sale. Although the website title suggests a shoe-only website, you will see that there is a little more to it than just that.

ShoesPie is today one of the foremost online shoes retail websites, offering a large number of great shoes at fantastic prices. The website particularly specialises in women’s shoes, but you can also browse some great shoes for men. What they offer ranges from heels to casual shoes, boots to flats, and sandals as well as the men’s section. There is also handbags and beauty equipment to have a ponder on as a little extra. ShoesPie was created with the aim of producing the best, one-stop website for women in search of the perfect shoe. Today, the website harbours create and ships thousands of shoes across the globe. The company is expanding with more and more satisfied women (and men) remaining faithful customers to the site, as well as recommending more and more to ShoesPie’s quality service.

All in all, ShoesPie tries its utmost best to be the ultimate website for shoes. Now that we have a fair idea of the company and their aims let’s now take a further look at their official website. The following is a complete review of the ShoesPie website, in which we have scanned each and every area, highlighting the best features and any negative aspects, which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the use of this site.

ShoesPie Is A Tasty Display of Shoes For Both Women and Men

Is This Website Only For American Customers?

If you live outside of the United States, you can still purchase things with this site. This website offers international shipping. It also offers you the option to view the shoe prices in some different currencies: USD, GBP, Euro, JPY, CAD, and more. In short – no, it’s not just for Americans.

Do I Have To Sign Up To the Site To Buy Things?

No full purchase can be made without an account. Don’t worry though, registration is free and easy, requiring the minimum of your email address and your password. Also, when you register with the site, you will be given a free 12% discount coupon.

What Exactly Is On Offer With This Site?

As mentioned, this site (as you may have also guessed) specialises in shoes. The shoes featured are heels, sandals, boots, casuals, flats, and means. You will find each of these shoe types displayed on the website headings. On top of this, each heading is a drop-down menu, which offers many different sub-types of shoes. In other words, there are many different types of shoes to browse. In addition to all the shoes, there is also a section for bags (handbags and backpacks), beauty (socks/tights and anklets), and ‘Trend’ (lace up boots, cutout shoes and other high trends).

Each shoe has a featured photograph, as well as extensive information and reviews from past purchasers. Most shoes are also on discount. On the left side of the page, you can narrow your search extensively by selecting one of the many options for shoes. The options include a price range, a size, a colour, a season, an occasion, a style, a heel type, boot opening, calf circumference, heel height, platform height, ankle circumference, closure type, shaft height, toe type, material, and boot type.

There is also a flash sale section and a new in section, which is both self-explanatory and a must-search.

Can I Return An Unwanted Item, and If So, How?

Items can be returned within 15 days of the delivery. Items must be returned in the original packaging, unused and undamaged. The refunded money should be given back within 2 – 7 days of return. If you are a US customer, you can return your items to their warehouse in California. If you are an overseas customer, you can return your items to the warehouse in Poland. You can also contact customer services at this email address: [email protected]

How Long Does Shipping/Delivery Take and Cost?

Costs will depend entirely on your order. For orders between $59 – $139, you will receive 30% discount on your shipping costs. Orders over $139 will receive 50% discount from the total shipping costs.

As for the delivery time, it will depend on where you are situated. Orders aim to be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. DHL will take 2 – 4 business days, whereas EMS will take 3 – 8 business days.

Are There Any Good Features On This Site Worth Mentioning?

The best features on this website are the extensive navigational options when choosing shoes. You can pretty much narrow down your choice to exactly what you want. The material, calf circumference, whatever the desire may be, you can track down your perfect shoe. Another great aspect of the site is the flash sale section, where you can snatch up some great bargains. Of course, one of the leading features on this site is the extensive selection of shoes. It wouldn’t be such a great website without the selection.

Is the Site Safe and Legitimate?

One of the ways this website ensures your safety when purchasing is through the use of PayPal. Furthermore, there are solid return policies with the site, so you can always return your unwanted items.


This site is ultimately not just another clothes website. This website is easily one of the forerunners in online shoe retail. Give it a try, and it might become your new store for all your sartorial needs.

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