All You Need To Know About the Anime Shokugeki No Soma

Shokugeki no Soma is a new demographic manga (Japanese comic book) written by Y?toTsukuda and illustrated by Shun Saeki. It also has an anime (hand drew computer animation) television series adaptation. In collaboration, Yuki Morisaki provides recipes for the series. Chapters have been incorporated into series on a weekly basis in the Sh?nen Jump since 26th of November, 2012. The series are licensed by VidzMedia, who has been releasing these volumes since 18th of March, 2014.

Everything About the Popular Creation

The manga

The manga began as a trial in the Shueisha’s Weekly in April 2012. It later gained popularity, and the public loved it. This further promoted its series that began in November 2012 as earlier stated. The publication of the first volume was done on 4th April 2013. By December 2016, 22 volumes had been published. North America’s manga has been licensed by Viz Media which foresaw the publication of the first volume in this region on 5th August 2014.

The anime

The anime is a hand-drawn computer animation adaptation series for the Shokugeki no Soma. It was first announced in October 2014 by Shueisha. It was directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani with Shogo Ysukawa. Crunchyroll streamed the anime on 3rd April 2015 for the first time. In North America, SentaiFilmworks licensed the anime for home and digital viewing.

The plot

Shokugeki no Soma features a tale of a boy named Soma. Just like most young boys would behave as they grow and come up, Soma is driven by a dream, but not the dream of becoming a pilot, doctor or even a scientist. His dream is special! To become a full-time professional chef in his father’s restaurant and become a master in culinary arts. Unfortunately for him, all hope appears to be lost when his father. Yukihira gets a new job and closes his restaurant.

His dreams are however rekindled when he joins a culinary school and graduates despite the 10% pass rate. The events during this period form the basis of his life-long career as a professional chef by interacting with different students and accumulating over time a myriad of culinary skills and experiences. The manga delves into Soma’s life revealing the challenges that he experiences and the setbacks that drive him into a culinary master. Can Soma manage this life?

Soma’s appearance

Soma is a young teenage boy with yellow eyes and a vertical scar on his left eyebrow. He has a dark-red hair with a spiky fashion style. He has a signature headband which he wears around is forehead when cooking and around his left wrist when he’s done with cooking. Soma’s a casual dresser; neither too simple nor complex. He also often wears a ‘haunted’ jacket, simple white shirt and striped black trousers at his place of residence while cooking, as expected; he wears his white apron around his waist.

Soma’s personality

Soma is an agile and optimistic boy whose constant goal is to become a better cook. He forms a benchmark with his greatest rivalry; his father. He’s always driven by the passion of cooking. Soma sets limits and more often competes with his fellow students to test his growing skills and talents. Nevertheless, he’s always ready to accept defeat but never backs down from challenges. He openly admits his mistakes. Constantly having his eyes on the price, he’s always determined to evolve his cooking skills. He is flexible, able to mix ingredients without following the book and breaking away from the normal procedure. This coupled with his creativity, is probably the reason why he comes up with unprecedented and unorthodox dishes which are still yet incredibly delicious.

Eventually, he ends up proving them wrong one too many times. He is friendly; he’s stuck up a loyal friendship in his assigned dormitory changing most of his rivals into loyal friends such as Subaru Mimasaka, Hisako Arato, Alice Nakir and Ikumi Mito. Soma never counters when insulating; he, however, lets his cooking do most of his talking. He’s humble, whenever soma wins a cooking test he barely brags about it. Also, he also takes the time to help his opponents making them better chefs as well.

Soma’s background

Is he the son? He began working in his father’s restaurant, Restaurant Yukihira, when he was three years old. He began cooking for himself while he was in kindergarten. Soma then shared his meals with his classmates who ended up crying due to the taste. Later his passion for cooking stood at a standstill when his father closed the restaurant. This, however, didn’t shatter his dreams, he later attended T?tsuki Culinary Academy. When he was with his father, he did cooking duels, and as expected the better cook would win every time. In fact, he had to be beaten 489 times before he later joined the culinary academy. Soma set out determined high in spirit to stand up the top of the academy.

Soma had to take an enrolment test to prove his culinary skills. Yoshiaki Nikaid? his classmate, mocked and teased him for his background. Later on, Soma passed and was part of the 92ndTostsuki Generation into the academy. They were later warned that only 10% of the enrolled would graduate. Soma further increased his rivalries by giving a speech which he declared publicly that he would emerge the best in the end.

Shokugeki no Soma further explains his life through this point from his first day, his membership into the Polar Star Dormitory, his first Shokugeki Match, his second day, his fourth day and the breakfast buffet challenge, the Karaage war, the 23rd Annual T?tsuki Autumn Election, and other exciting chapters like The Curry Recipes, The Asura of Cooking among others. These events will be the hallmark of the great chef S?ma will turn out to be.


The Shokugeki no Soma is, without a doubt, a comic worth reading. Whether you prefer the manga publication or the anime adaptation, it’s not only fun and captivating to but also expands your knowledge in culinary, artistic cooking methods. Thank you!

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