skyrim console commands

Skyrim Console Commands – Hack Your Elder Scrolls Experience

Amazingly Skyrim came out five years ago as of November 2016. This game still stands up as a fantastic RPG. However, the current crown of action adventure RPGs probably rests with The Witcher 3 right now.

To keep your Skyrim experience fresh and fun, we’re having a look at some cool Skyrim console commands for the PC.

Skyrim console commands

How to enter Skyrim Console Commands

To do this hit the “~”. This is found in Tab.

This should bring up the developer console that allows you to enter the codes.

Note that the console commands are not case sensitive.


Please note that enabling some of these cheats in the game may “break” certain quests.

To be sure you are not going to ruin the game for yourself, it’s best to avoid saving the game after you have tried out these commands.

Alternatively, you could start a new game, separate from the one in which you want to complete the quests.

The most useful or common console commands

The following are a list of the common Skyrim commands for console. Enter these letters into the open Console to see these effects.

To turn off these effects, simply enter the same command in the console again to toggle it off.


This allows you to turn clipping on or off. Clipping is when you see one object pass unrealistically through another.

This is a useful command for releasing your character if they become stuck or to find bodies or items that have fallen through walls or barriers in the landscape.


This allows you to toggle “Run Mode” on or off. The run mode can allow you to have your character continually running, which may be advantageous to level up some of their attributes.


Enter TC will allow you control over an entity that you are targeting.

For instance, point your cursor at an NPC (another character in the game), hit TC in the console command, and suddenly you will have control over both your character and this other one.

Any command you give to your character will also be carried out by the NPC.

This can be useful if you want a distraction for enemies during a battle.

Toggle TC once more to turn this off.


This command allows you to “Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence”.

Other characters in the game will become hostile to one another, but not attack you.


Entering this command will “Toggle Artificial Intelligence”.

With this on the non-playable characters (NPCs) will nor react to non-combat stimuli. The dialogue may not function with this enabled.

(Tip: – enable both TAI and TCAI to completely disable the actions of NPCs!)


This allows you to toggle grass on or off. Toggling the grass off means your computer has less to render and may improve performance.

This is useful in particularly hectic battles with lots of characters if your computer is struggling to render the scene with a smooth frame rate.

Also perhaps you are running an anti-virus check or some other process in the background. Toggling the grass off can help improve the performance of the game for this period of time.

Aesthetically some may prefer the cleaner look without grass. It also allows you to spot items, bodies and enemies easier as they are not obscured by the grass.


This command allows you to quickly turn off what are considered to be taxing graphical effects like blur.

If you are struggling to get a relatively stable and high frame rate with your rig, this can help immensely.


Turning this on means that AI will not detect you. You can walk around other characters and they will be oblivious to your presence. Basically like invisibility.

However, they may still notice if you attempt to pickpocket.


This allows you to move the camera freely when it is on. Press 1 to pause.


This will load unexplored areas on your local map.


This is one of the coolest Skyrim commands. It toggles on “GOD MODE”!

With this you are granted

  • The power of Infinite health
  • Wonderful Infinite Magicka
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Carry what you like without being restricted in movement or fast travel.


This allows you to turn on or off “Immortality Mode”. Your character will still take damage, but their health will never fall to zero.

Hilariously, final blow animations from enemies may cause your character to become permanently decapitated.


This is one of the more useful Skyrim console commands.

It allows you to disable the entire Skyrim Graphical User Interface. This includes removing all menus, subtitles, messages and the compass.

Turn this particular command on when you want to take some awesome and clean screenshots.


This is one of the more useful Skyrim commands that will remove all spell effects from a target, including the effects of poison.


Use this to make the target you have disappeared to re-appear. Magic!

This will come in handy when you have made a pointing mistake when using the “disable” console command.


A fairly godly command. This instantly kills the target. With great power comes great responsibility.

However, this command will not allow you to “kill” NPCs that are considered or marked “essential” to the game.

These main quest characters will simply fall to the ground for a few minutes before returning to whatever they were doing.


This allows you to adjust the level of detail.


Allows you to toggle map markers. <0> will disable all map markers adding an extra layer of difficulty.

<1> allows you to turn on all map markers.

<1,0,1> will show all map markers, but disable fast travel to these sites, enabling a medium level of challenge.

Targeted commands

Unlike the commands above, the following cannot be toggled on or off.


This makes a target disappear.


We hope you have fun with these useful Skyrim Console Commands. Some say they take the fun and challenge out of the game if you can simply hit a button and become invincible.

In some sense that is true, however they are quite satisfying if you want to play God for a while after getting beaten about the head in the main game!

Enjoy! and long live Skyrim!

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