The Best Snapchat Secrets and Tricks To Amuse Your Friends

Believe it or not, every app today has a laundry list of secrets that they are not letting you know about. Some of them are simple, but some of them are extremely complex. That’s the case for Snapchat, that’s for certain. If you look up snapchat secrets, you are going to get flooded with ideas, and many of them are already known. But what about the things that you don’t know? Are there any secrets that you may not be using?

Well, the truth is simple, yes. There are a lot of options that you can look into that will help you build snapchat properly. If you want to gain the upper hand, you’ll find that you can easily utilise snapchat secrets to your advantage. The following tips and tricks are going to help you not only navigate this app but get the best out of your smartphone experience with relative ease.

The Best Snapchat Secrets and Tricks To Amuse Your Friends

If you’re ready to take on this app with a whole new perspective, then you will no doubt want to look at the following easy to follow secrets that will help you overall.

Blow Up Characters

Did you know that amidst the best snapchat secrets are the option to blow things up? You could easily blow up emoji characters. You have to adjust a few things, but you can easily make things a little more interesting. Add an emoji to any image, then hold onto it, and select the “T” option. This will be in the corner of your screen. Once you do that, you can zoom into your characters with relative ease, using a couple of fingers you can increase, decrease, and go extremely without doing much work.

Locking Things Down With Better Security

In regards to snapchat secrets, you’re going to want to protect your account. There is an option that will lock down your account so that you can log in with two-step verification. This is a process that requires people to log in with two extra steps, rather than just one or staying logged in. This is something that will help you lock down your account so that it is not hacked easily.

What you need to do here is go to your app settings, then select verification, and switch things. You will need to associate your Snapchat account with a phone number, and then use the code that they send you to verify the account and link it for security. Once you do this, you’ll have an extra security measure on your account.

Is Anyone Watching?

Amidst the many snapchat secrets, you may want to consider this option best. This is a solution that will let you know what people are watching and whether or not anyone is following based on that view. Go to “My Story”. Once you go there, you will find that there is an eyeball in the frame. That will have a number next to it, and it will show you whether or not your snapchats were seen.

Once you find that eye, you will want to select it. Once you do that, you will be shown all the individuals that saw your snaps and stories, alongside individualised results. Now you will know who is watching and who is favouriting, and more. This little trick may seem obvious, but it’s one of the snapchat secrets that many people just overlook at first glance.

Get New Friends Faster

You may not have all of your friend’s phone numbers. It’s hard to keep up with so many different numbers, and apps. That’s where things can get tricky. If you don’t have numbers saved or memorised, you could end up stuck in the process of adding more friends to your account. That’s where this next secret comes into play.

You can invite any friend to connect with you if you don’t have their phone number by simply utilising Facebook, email, or the new “Add Nearby” feature. This is a feature that will help you use some options to connect with others. You can search for them, and then simply add them via a simple connection element. This takes a few seconds, and that’s it.

Restoring Old Snapchat Lenses

How would you like to see old lenses? The problem with this option is that it’s not inherent within the app. You may think that things are hidden, or deleted, but they may be lurking somewhere on your phone. To offset that, you’ll want to consider looking at a little trick that can help you look at old lenses and create all new options. The featured lens option stopped working in 2016, but it wasn’t completely gone. If you want to look at old lenses, you’ll need to simply change a few things on your smartphone.

The biggest thing to change is simple, go to your general settings or the date and time settings and turn your time and date off. That’s it. Turn off the automatic date and time element, and you can go back to September 15, 2015. Once you do that, you’ll end up seeing older lenses and can use them appropriately. Just don’t forget to set your time back because this can get a bit annoying if you don’t change up the time correctly.


The above options seem simple as you read them, but the average user doesn’t know about these secrets and tricks. Many people don’t even know what they are looking at when they find snapchat secrets online. The above isn’t inherent; you have to use the app and then dig a little to get the right elements overall.

If your goal is to find the best secrets, the above will help you play with the app and learn things easier. The thing about secrets in this app is simple; you’ll be able to find more and more tips and tricks to use whenever you are ready to open up the app again. As more and more people use Snapchat, more secrets are no doubt going to get revealed.

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