Need A Movie Site Similar To Solar Movies? We’ve Got You Covered

Need A Movie Site Similar To Solar Movies? We’ve Got You Covered
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Solar Movies was awesome. It made it incredibly convenient to see your favourite flicks online for free. It is frustrating looking for quality streams now that Solar Movies is no longer with us – the current version of the site is a shadow of its former glory. For this reason, we’ve gone to the trouble of finding some high-quality alternatives for you to check out. Enjoy!

Need A Movie Site Similar To Solar Movies? We’ve Got You Covered

Putlocker is a fairly well-established streaming site, and the popularity speaks for itself. They have tens of thousands of quality films and TV shows available to stream immediately, making it a nice alternative. Putlocker operates as a host for non-affiliated third party sites. They tend to update their links regularly, ensuring that the dead links get removed.

The nice thing about this site is the user ratings for different streams. This gives you a good indication of what link is decent, allowing you to more easily get the quality stream you are looking for. For film lovers, this site has loads of links in HD, letting you see the cinematography as it should look.

Another nice feature is the ability to look for films outside of Hollywood. There are links for Asian and world cinema if you want to branch out a little. This one is a good alternative in my opinion.

Make sure you have flash player installed to get the most out of this site. Viooz gives you a repository of thousands of quality films to stream online. There is also a nice option to download films if you are going to be offline for a bit. I’ve found the loading times a little slower on this site compared to some others, but if you can’t find the film you are looking for on one of the other sites on this list, you might get it here.

This entertainment portal has a host of really good films to stream online for free right now. What is nice is that it offers multiple versions of the same film to stream, allowing you to pick the stream that loads fastest or looks nicest. Like some other sites on this list, PrimeWire also offers a handy download function. Worth a look.


Yes, Movies provides a real alternative. This site lets you stream top quality new releases easily. The clean layout of the site ensures what you are after is a cinch. I am particularly loving how fast the streams load – something that can be an issue with these types of sites. Yes, Movies might be one of the top movie streaming sites online at the minute. Give this one a try.

Part of the appeal of this site is the commitment to having the latest releases available to stream faster than many other sites. This is another free site, with no subscription required.

This website appears to have taken design cues from Netflix, which is no bad thing. It’s a great option for streaming films before they have even come to DVD. This is another site that lets you stream in HD and has decent loading times.

Yify has a very clean, visually appealing look and a nice layout. The search function on the site is decent, easily letting you locate the film or TV series you want to watch. This site also streams in HD making it a true alternative.


LosMovies hosts most of the content directly on their site, unlike many of the other sites in this list. This has a clear advantage, allowing you to get more reliable and genuine streams. This is refreshing compared to other sites which seem to exist primarily to redirect you somewhere else.


This “cool” website lets you stream all sorts of entertainment online for free. The layout of the site is a bit more old school than some of the other, slicker sites out there, but it gets the job done.

I am very happy I discovered this gem of a streaming site. WolowTube is a true alternative for those that love to stream their flicks. The site operates like a search engine, and a quick search will reveal plenty of quality links to chose from. Different alternative links of the same film are presented allowing you a range of options to get the best stream. Excellent.

This streaming site has a huge amount of links to quality streams. The range of films on here rivals Solar Movies selection. Not only that, but you can also choose to view HD streams, provided you have the internet bandwidth to handle them. The site is constantly updated and stays relevant with the newest releases appearing quickly.

zMovie is a Solar Movies alternative that displays the IMDB rating for each film. This is a nice touch that easily lets a discerning film watcher decide what they will watch. This one is available for free, and you can use it without an account. Worth checking out.

This site has got a visual interface which I like. Movies are displayed using their poster giving them an eye-catching appeal. You can browse through their collection with speed, and all the films are available in HD. This might be one of the better alternatives.

With Alluc you get a nice search engine style layout that makes searching for the film you are after a breeze. This site also hosts TV shows making it even more versatile.

Conclusion-Solar Movies Alternatives?

The new version of solar movies isn’t a touch on its predecessor. Maybe nothing can replace the magic of solar movies, but these sites are guaranteed to be an excellent alternative right now in your hunt for quality film streams online.

Pro-tip: if any of these links are blocked in your region, search for the name of the website on Google, and you will find alternative domain names for the same site that might work in your country.

Good luck in your search!

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