Some Of The Top Live TV Streaming Websites Reviewed

Nowadays there is an awesome variety and amount of websites where you can watch TV shows and movies for free online. We have covered this on the website in many of our other posts. However, if you are like me then you will sometimes miss live TV. I grew up with live TV – and I find something comforting about putting on a local TV channel – especially if you are away from home. Live TV lets you get the latest shows first, and is the best way to see sporting events and unique live national broadcasts as they happen. There is a communal feeling you get watching live TV which is missing from just streaming TV shows. If you feel the same, then read on. We are doing a rundown of some excellent Live TV streaming sites.

First of all, you need to create an account to use stream2watch, so if you don’t fancy doing that then I wouldn’t recommend this site. Once you have created an account, and I wouldn’t necessarily use genuine details for their form, then you will find it is quite an excellent TV streaming website.

Here you have the advantage of choosing TV channels from over 35 countries. The television needs of a wide variety of the world is catered for here. I also find it interesting to check out the TV channels from other countries.  Overall this makes it one of the more useful and interesting Live TV streaming websites.

stream2watch has a decent layout that is easy enough to navigate. Unfortunately, like a lot of other TV streaming sites it does suffer somewhat from a pop-up issue. However, if you have ad-block installed, and use common sense not to click on any pop-ups, then you should be fine.

A lot of the streams come in excellent HD quality which is nice. There is also a comprehensive sports category for streaming sports broadcasts from around the world. This covers all the major sports like cricket, American football, soccer, badminton, basketball, golf, baseball, athletics etc. If you are a sports fan you are bound to get your fix here.

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Squidtv is another Live TV streaming site that aims to cover the television needs of people from all over the globe. Mostly they have succeeded in creating one of the most user-friendly live TV streaming websites currently on the web today. Channels here are nicely sorted by region and country, making it easy to navigate towards the channel you want to pick.

This website is an aggregator, meaning that it provides links to the streaming sites, but does not host the live TV streams on its own servers. You click on the channel you want and then follow the given link. I’ve tested it for a number of streams and it seems to work well. However, just be cautious – some links are more troublesome for pop-ups than others.

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This website suffers from a pop-ups problem that stops us considering it as one of the greatest live TV streaming sites. It also prompts you to sign up before you can watch a stream in some instances. Personally, I wouldn’t bother with any website that expects you to sign up or create an account. Why do this if you can watch free TV on a website like squidtv without the need to create an account.

Here’s a tip however if you do need to create an account for websites such as these – never give out real personal information! For all you know, they could start flooding your email with crap you don’t want. Your personal information is very valuable on the web – don’t just hand it out. Some shadier websites may sell it on to third parties in order to make money for themselves.

If absolutely necessary, then consider using a disposable temporary email address, like guerillamail, and false details. This should allow you to sign up and create an account without compromising your own personal email address and privacy. Then in future, just remember the log in details you created, or write them down somewhere. If necessary sign up again with another fake email address.

FreeTVall generally isn’t the best of the live TV streaming websites. It is bulky, slow to load, and as I said is rife with pop-ups. Compared to some of the other, more cleanly designed websites on this list, FreeTVAll is rough in design and a bit old. Avoid.

Although Hotstar is primarily aimed at an Indian viewership, there is also content that will interest an international TV audience and so we have included it in this list of live TV streaming sites. Navigate towards the channels tab on the top of the home page. Here you will find National Geographic, Foxlife and HBO as well as a host of Asian TV networks. In the sports section, there is loads of great TV streaming content for cricket, tennis, hockey and football.

If you are into cricket, then this is an excellent streaming website. In the past, they have streamed live coverage of the Cricket World Cup and the Rio Olympics. Most of these events are free to watch, while others can be viewed for a small monthly subscription.

In terms of layout and performance, this is one of the fastest streaming websites going.

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If you live in the UK or are interested in British TV then this has to be the best free live TV streaming site at the minute. TV player has 107 UK and Indian channels to choose from including many of the big ones. Choose from channels like ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, MTV, Eurosport, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and more.

They also have a decent selection of documentary and lifestyle channels including National Geographic, Natgeo Wild, Eden, Good Food, Discovery Turbo, Crime & Investigation, Animal Planet, History Channel, Comedy Central and Comedy Central Extra.

The speed of the service is excellent liand is free from pop-ups. Best of all, they have the entire list of BBC channels available to watch live.

Wrapping It Up

I hope today’s post has proved useful for you if you are looking to check out some live TV streaming sites in your spare time. Let us know what you think below – can you recommend any other live TV streaming sites that you like to use?

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