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Society Gets Serious In South Park Season 19 Episode 1 – Stunning and Brave

Society Gets Serious In South Park Season 19 Episode 1 – Stunning and Brave
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South Park Season 19 Episode 1 opens to meet the new ‘PC Principal’ of South Park Elementary after Mr Mackey announces to all students and parents that Principal Victoria had been fired. Infuriated at the intolerance of minorities throughout the community, PC Principal sets forth his mission to progress South Park from its bigotry. PC Principal exclaims how South Park is lost in a time warp, a community still using words like ‘retarded’. He calls out the audience for an absence of Hispanic and black students. He also gives Mr Mackey a detention for pointing out how Token represented the black community.

South Park Season 19 Episode 1: Stunning and Brave

Caitlyn, a hero?

Later that day in the hallway Butters informs the group that Cartman had been given a four-day suspension after calling Heidi Turner ‘Clitty Litter’. Kyle points out that what PC Principal is saying about how they treat minorities is reasonable. He thinks Eric’s suspension was well deserved. Kyle then promotes dialogue and discussion about these issues to the group. Kyle is suddenly called the principals office over the loudspeaker. PC Principal tells Kyle he’s being given a two-week detention. Kyle asks why and is told it is because he told a friend Caitlyn Jenner was not a hero.

Episode 1 continues at a local college bar where Kyle’s dad brings up the ridiculousness of PC Principal’s discipline to a group of other parents. To Gerald’s surprise, the rest of the fathers seem to think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero as well. He then discovers the only reason they’re speaking so carefully about transgender issues is that it’s a college bar. The group is then bombarded by a few PC college students. Soon PC Principal joins the team. They had overheard the dads talking about the Caitlyn Jenner situation. The PC gang decides at the bar to buy a house as friends to promote PC values, like a Frat House.

What would Tom Brady do?

Kyle, Stan, Kenny Butters and some others are walking down the hallway the next day at school. They see Cartman, he looks sad. Kyle asks him what’s going on and why he isn’t going to do something about his detention. Cartman explains that he wants to start following the rules, and staying out the PC Principal’s radar. As he walks away, the rest of the gang calls to him, saying that the Cartman they know would break the rules! Kyle reminds Cartman whose hero is Tom Brady, and what he would do if faced with a problem. Cartman tells the group he can get around the rules, just like Tom Brady. He decides not to conform to the PC Principal’s harsh changes at South Park Elementary. Kyle compares PC Principal to the NFL Commissioner, and Cartman leaves the group with the aim of getting around the pesky rules.

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South Park Season 19 Episode 1 Opening

The opener of South Park Season 19 Episode 1 then shows Cartman planning his uprising against the PC Principal. He tells Butters that he needs his underwear for his plan against the PC Principal. Eric meets PC Principal in the faculty bathroom, asking how is day was going. Eric explains how they got off on the wrong foot and then demands an apology for his radical actions against Cartman. Playing it off cool,  he takes Butters’ underwear and drops it into the urinal PC Principal was using. In an attempt to frame the seemingly invincible Principal for explicit relations with a fourth-grade student (Butters), Cartman’s plan begins to backfire. PC Principal throws him against the mirror scolding him for all of his generalisations and because he was being framed for raping Butters. PCP beats Cartman up repeatedly in the bathroom, which would lead him to be bed ridden in recovery.

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Randy Gets Going

After hearing party noises blaring from the PC house, Randy Marsh goes over to speak with PCP. He gets pushed inside and becomes a pledge to be PC amidst a cheering house. He gets home at 6 am, clearly hung over and distorted. The boys come to visit Cartman, who tells them that alas he is not Tom Brady and that PC Principal is too strong. He tells them that it is time to grow up, and end the bigotry. Kyle tells him that he won’t apologise for thinking Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero and disagrees to change his ways.

So, Kyle becomes the new target of the PC gang and has his privilege checked by the pledges. Kyle is woken in the night by the pledges, and they let a bunch of pigs painted with ‘Bigot’ in his room. He walks to Stan’s house with penis’ drawn on his face, hair braided, and his whole body attached to a small tree. Stan confronts his dad about the attack on Kyle, but Stan justifies his actions of checking Kyle’s privilege. Stan suggests to Kyle to maybe just agree that Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, and conform to PC values.

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Refugees and Mexican Women

Cartman wakes from dreams of rules and injustice to hear from Butters that Kyle is the new target. He declares war on the PC people to Butters to help his friend, despite agreeing with their values. He tells Butters that he will need 200 pregnant Mexican women and taco launchers. Cartman begins his assault on the PC house by sending the women and tacos to the house, swarming them. He then commands Butters to unleash a group of Syrian refugee children to the house. He sees Kyle at the centre of the battle screaming ‘STOP’. Kyle announces that Caitlyn Jenner is, in fact, a hero and that he never intended to cause so much drama.The final scene of Episode 1 shows Randy being accepted as PC. He is given a PC brand on his ass, and his official PC Oakley’s.

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The first instalment of South Park Season 19 Episode 1 perfectly sums up the social trends of 2015, which brought radical change to not only transgender rights but also the emerging dialogue of 21st-century social acceptability.

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