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Online shopping certainly makes buying devices and gadgets a whole lot faster and easier. With thousands of online stores at your fingertips, there likewise comes the power to browse thousands of devices in rapid time. With millions of sites out there displaying tablets, phones, and other devices, it can be hard to narrow down a specific site which is both reliable and straight forward. Fortunately, websites like Swappa are there to assist. If you are a frequent user of tablets, laptops, phones and other devices, it is worth keeping an eye on the site. This website regularly sells second-hand phones, tablets and more devices. In essence, this site is large online thrift store for gadgets, which, when used correctly, could score you the best devices for the price of next to nothing.

This site is essentially an online community of gadget sellers, which cuts out the middle man and leaves you with direct purchase from the actual seller. This eliminates all hassle and ensures that the purchase of your device is both quick and easy. Furthermore, as an online community of buyers and sellers, you can sell your gadgets with this site. As a seller, you won’t be tied to any fees, meaning you can advertise and sell for free.

How Was This Website Created and Who’s Behind It All?

So, where did this website come from/who created this great online market? The site is the brainchild of Ben Edwards, who founded the site in 2010 after being a long time software and mobile developer. Edwards took inspiration from other online marketplaces, such as Craigslist and Gumtree, and decided to create an online market solely for technological gadgets. Since then, this site has grown to become one of the largest sites for the selling of devices, both new and second hand. Approximately 5 million dollars worth of devices is sold by this site per month. What has ultimately made this site so popular is the overall satisfying service, which is efficient, easy, and altogether human?

The following is a more in-depth look at the website and what it holds. In this review I have assessed every area of the site, picking out all the features and the good or bad parts (if any).

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

If you want to either buy or sell with this site, you must first sign up. Creating an account on this website is completely free and should only take a few seconds. You can alternatively register with a linked account, such as your Gmail or Facebook account. Without an account, you are free to browse the site, but buying or selling with Swappa requires an account.

Will I Have To Pay Any Fees When Buying and Selling?

When it comes to selling your stuff on this website, there are no fees included. With no seller fees, you are free to advertise your gadget and “save money over other markets”. However, when it comes to buying items from this site, a small fee will be included in the overall price of your item. Think of it as a server charge or a tip.

Is This Website Safe To Use/Are the Displayed Gadgets Legit?

After reading all the information on the site provided by the ‘about’ section, all information seems fairly positive. Swappa claim that no junk devices manage to crawl their way onto their site. No blocked devices or devices suffering from cracked screens or water damage will be sold. Ultimately, the site claims with confidence that they do not sell devices that are below a reasonable standard. Furthermore, all listings have been reviewed and therefore approved by the online staff. No gadget slips by without a thorough check. Swappa “fight fraud so you don’t have to”. Finally, this website operates solely under PayPal payments, which is known for being the most secure method of online payment. When you have successfully sold your item, the site promises that you will be swiftly paid, without complications.

What Are the Best Features On This Site?

There are many great features worth talking about here. The first thing I’d like to mention is the phone repair finder feature on the homepage. If you need to find a store to repair your phone fast, Swappa has you covered. Just look at the map on the homepage. There are also neatly displayed sections for each gadget for you to explore. For example, you can browse ‘cheap laptops’, ‘iPhones, Android phones and more’, ‘smartwatches, wearables’ and ‘iPads, tablets, e-readers’. You will also notice the many legitimate phone and device companies featured on this website, as well as other companies advertising their name.

Besides this, you can browse the website headings ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ which offer a range of options. There is also a heading for ‘broken’ devices, in which you can browse the boneyard (an area for damaged goods) or the repair, or buyback sections. As for each gadget, there is extensive information to assure you on what exactly the device does. There is also great information on the seller, which will ensure that you are buying safely.

Are There Any Negative Aspects In Regards To Swappa?

After scanning the website from top to toe, I haven’t found much to argue with. Swappa is truly a great platform in which to throw your used devices online for sale or snatch yourself a good bargain. Nevertheless, when it comes to online buying, you can never be certain on what you are buying. Then again, the same is true with every online marketplace. With this site, you will get as close as you can get to real life purchases. Ultimately, I have no qualms with this site.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review of the site. All things considered, this website appears to be both legitimate and a great place to buy and sell second-hand devices. This site may very well be the technological equivalent to giants such as eBay or Craiglist. So, if you are in search of a new phone or you want to sell an old tablet, I highly recommend giving Swappa a try.

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