the devil is a part timer season 2

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2: Release Date, News, Rumours And Expectations!

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2: Release Date, News, Rumours And Expectations!
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Hello, today techwhack has brought a new article on “the devil is a part timer season 2”. As most of us are the fans of it. It is an amazing anime. But when they are releasing the “the devil is a part timer season 2“.

The devil is a part timer season 2 News

Till date, 16 volumes of the light novel series, The Devil is a Part-Timer, have been released. Despite this, it’s anime adaptation has only had one 13 episode season, and it’s been three years since it has aired. Though numerous fans hope for a second season, there is yet to be an announcement of one. However, it has only been two years since it was officially released outside of Japan, so if the funds generated from this plus the funds generated in Japan reach a high enough figure, it’s very well possible that a second season will eventually be released.

One point of hope for “the devil is a part timer season 2” is the fact that the Japanese cast seems to be willing to return. In 2015, voice actress Hikasa Yoko wrote on her blog that she and the cast got together for a party, and watched the anime together. They supposedly all enjoyed themselves, and she expressed disappointment that a second season is currently not happening. This is a good sign. However, it doesn’t provide any concrete information, just a glimmer of hope.

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Broadcasting and Manga

Looking at the animation studio behind season 1, White Fox doesn’t help the chances of season 2 coming out shortly. White Fox currently has one anime airing, and they already have plans for an anime that will be released in 2017, and two others that are classified as TBA. All of this considered, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see a second season before 2018. Given the situation, fans are best off being patient and not getting their hopes up.

However, there is some good news regarding The Devil is a Part-Timer’s manga and light novels. Seven volumes of the manga have been released in English, and it looks like the rest will also be translated. In regards to the light novels, the first seven have also been released in English by Yen Press, with plans for future releases. If the anime, manga, and light novels all sell well worldwide, then it should only be a matter of time before a second season is produced. Let’s just hope we see it sooner rather than later.

[Update: the devil is a part timer season 2]

With plenty of novels left to work with in the series, we’ve had long since accepted the fact that The Devil Is a Part-Timer was just another one-off, with no hope of devil is a part timer season 2. That’s why fans were shocked when, in a press release last week, director Naoto Hosoda finally unveiled season 2. The exact date is still a secret, but it’s scheduled to air sometime in 2017. That’s right around the corner! With only a few short months to go, I think we’re all asking the same question: should we be scared or excited?

Season 1 Recap

In season 1 of the devil is a part timer! our favourite dark overlord was thwarted in his attempts to plunge the world into chaos. Nothing new here, right? But the twist comes soon after when he escapes to modern-day Sasazuka, Japan to live as a normal teenager, because high school is far worse than hell. He is accompanied by one of his generals and, before long, runs into none other than the hero who defeated him, Emilia Justina. But instead of tearing each other’s heads off in a bloody battle, they squabble like, well, teenagers.

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Soon, they are working together to overcome the perils of everyday life. And a mysterious bad guy or two. Cue the inevitable romantic tension. Shoving ubiquitous characters like this into familiar, everyday situations is always a lot of fun, and The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Does a great job of giving us the anime version of that story. It’s fun, funny, and has plenty of action. But when it ended, it ended. There was closure. For the most part.

Then again, there were plenty of questions dangling in front of us. For one, what was the point of the church? It’s great to have a shady entity looming over us, but it’s also great to know why they’re there. I’m dying to find out; the devils in the details, and apparently, we like the devil now. And most importantly, are they all going to stay there forever? What ever happened to eternal damnation? I guess I wouldn’t want to go back to hell, either.

Some Season 2 Expectations

But don’t worry, Director Hosoda claims that the devil is a part timer season 2, will give us all we’ve been wanting and more. He promises to stick more closely to the manga, fix the problems from season one, and ramp up the kick-ass fight scenes that got us watching in the first place. However it turns out, I’m interested to see why White Fox studio decided to pick it up again instead of moving onto something new. Can they make up for lost time and recapture our attention?

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Therefore it is expected that the devil is a part timer season 2 will be releasing in 2018 as preparation hasn’t started yet. Moreover, they may also start to release some pre resumes in 2017 end. But in 2017 JAN there is no official word yet. Now it’s being assumed that the white fox is busy and may release other anime in this form.. a modified one.
Thanks for reading this article. We will soon update it with new information and news. Don’t forget to share. 🙂

I am an anime freak- If you need any suggestion regarding anime, then just comment on which type of anime you want to watch- I will suggest some for sure.


  • Nightmurder

    I need this i waiting for new things to happen awww i hope really comes out with 3 season I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT WATCHING IT I DIDNT PASS OUT

    • Schlechtnacht

      I did the same thing. As soon as I discovered this, I stayed up all night watching it and even got to see the sun rise through my window! I cant wait for Season 2 to be released!!!!!

  • James

    Hope this ain’t bogus! Just finished binge watching all of The Devil is a Part-Timer! and I’m hungry for more! (In anime form, don’t have the time to read the Manga)

  • MrDW

    Im waiting patiently as i did enjoy the trollish smile sadao gave to the scammer in episode 13. Can Hardly contain the joy that season is now official.

  • IamTheRaven

    Our souls be damned if the Devil Satan is our savior! That he works at MgRonalds, and be the beacon of all that is magic and witchcraft, only to be the most goddamn awesome Anime in history with the paradigm shift we all been awaiting for! I bet fundies akimbo are so steaming and boycotting in the beginning if not even now as we speak of the praise worthy series!

  • MadHatter

    As soon as i saw Season 1 on Netflix, i knew they HAD to of dropped some info about season 2. Im stoked that its actually happening. One of my favorite shows ever.

  • Chase

    I want to watch an anime like shigatsu wa kimi no uso (your lie in april) or annhohana or clannad, like cry your butt off happy sad emotions. Any reccomendations?

  • Rayner

    I have watched and rewatched this anime several times now. I have also gotten my hopes up several times too. I really want to know if this is legit before i start celebrating, can someone please assure me? 😀

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