Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11

Battles, Suffering and More Ghouls In Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11

Tokyo Ghoul episode 11 certainly begins with high spirits. Amon battles two Aogiri Tree ghouls with what looks like a new weapon. Whether the ghouls split it in half with their attack or he did it manually, the staff he uses splits in two. In captivity, Kaneki suffers gruelling torture.

Battles, Suffering and More Ghouls In Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11

At Anteiku, Touka openly rejects the involvement of Tsukiyama. The Manager tries to explain that having him around will increase the odds of the rescue mission. This could be interpreted as a benefit of having a wild card, even if that wild card may be harmful in the end. The very fact that another body opposes the people they oppose is good enough. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” or so to speak. Touka wonders how he even survived, so he admits that he ate part of himself in order to survive. It seems that if a ghoul has enough energy to take a bite of its self, it can survive indefinitely.

Touka correctly points out that Tsukiyama only wants to eat Kaneki, but Yomo interrupts by saying that he will keep an eye on him. Then the Manager and Yomo discuss battle plans. The CCG plans on attacking once all the citizens are evacuated, so Anteiku should use their attack as a cover for their rescue mission.

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Plot Canyons

Episode 11 introduces something very interesting. In Jason’s “room”, he continues his torture of Kaneki. He says that he has been waiting for him and wanted to meet him for a long time. Since Tatara had no use for him, Jason gets him all to himself. He then goes on to describe “RC inhibition fluid”, a chemical that suppresses kagune functioning. Apparently, this allows ghouls to be penetrated by blades as well as preventing them from using their special powers. The drug isn’t used by the CCG as a weapon, so far. Thankfully, there is a special spot in the eyeball that can be penetrated by a needle.

At CCG, the Doves disperse information and plan their attack. There are 500 ghouls and counting. During the briefing, Amon considers his new weapon given to him through Mado’s will. Before much of a plan can be arranged, an officer interrupts the meeting and claims that the citizens have been evacuated. Instead of finishing the meeting, they immediately head out in a huge caravan of buses. On the news, Itsuki, the head official from before, assures their victory.

There are Friends and There’s Nakama

In Jason’s room, Banjou is ordered to clean up the bloody mess left by Jason in Episode 11. He then reveals himself to Kaneki and tells him that he and his buddies will do everything they can to help Kaneki because Kaneki lied about Rize being alive to spare their feelings, proving that he is a good person.

At Anteiku, the crew gathers to get ready for Kaneki’s rescue. Uta joins them and they leave.

On one of the buses in the caravan, Amon listens to Jason’s history. At one point, he was a normal ghoul. That was until he was captured, held in a ghoul containment center, and tortured mercilessly. The form the torture took was very similar to how he tortured Kaneki. During Jason’s torture, he developed a sinister personality and began taking delight in violence. This new personality gave him the strength to break out of the center.

The Battle Begins

At Aogiri Tree’s hideout, Ayato and the others track the movement of the CCG and prepare to begin the battle of Tokyo Ghoul episode 11. Jason continues the torture, this time with bugs. Suddenly, the CCG and Aogiri Tree open fire on each other. Even ghouls need guns sometimes, but they also have the added benefit of adaptive kagune shields and scopes. Itsuki moves to the front lines to give the soldiers a shooting lesson. While he’s distracted, Suzuya takes his motorcycle. This upsets him to the point of hysterics. Suzuya uses the bike to jump into the ghoul’s sniper nest and take them all out. Even though the bike explodes, Itsuki is able to stop crying long enough to order a charge.

Inside, Anteiku infiltrates the base in the enemies clothes. CCG advances their force with the aid of Quinque weapons, including a gun that can kill ghouls. Itsuki commands from a remote base and tells Yoshimura to find Suzuya. Even though ghouls are much stronger, faster, and have sharper senses than humans, Suzuya, a skinny, nineteen-year-old boy, is able to kill ghoul after ghoul all by himself. In Jason’s room, Banjou’s friends help clean up Kaneki and tell him not to give up.

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Anteiku Gets Serious

The Anteiku group splits up their search halfway through Tokyo Ghoul episode 11. Touka goes her own way and is intercepted by Amon, who attacks. Several other ghouls easily take out their human attackers, including Ayato. On the outskirts of the battle, the Manager, Hinami, and Kaya monitor the troop movements. When the Manager decides it’s time to go in, he leaves them to join the fight. Inside, Tsukiyama, Yomo, and Uta take on a tough ghoul called “Mr. High C”. Touka escapes Amon after he is intercepted by the S rated Bin Brothers.

While fighting, he remembers a conversation he had with Mado. Mado points out the obvious fact that humans are weaker than ghouls in every way. The only way to win, he says, is by playing dirty. He reveals the existence of a new Quinque that would suit Amon nicely, and he offers it to him should he die, which he did. But, without revealing what that new weapon is, Amon is somehow able to catch one of the brothers off guard during an attack and cuts him down. That’s when a shadowy figure passes by in the air.

At the end of Tokyo Ghoul episode 11, Ayato attacks Touka with a flurry of crystal shards which Nishio intercepts with his body instead of his Quinque. On the roof, CCG meets up with the One Eyed Owl, a huge, terrifying ghoul. In Jason’s room, Kaneki’s hair turns white.

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