“Humans Must Live” – A Look At Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Dove

“Humans Must Live” – A Look At Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Dove
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Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 opens in an unconventional hospital setting with children’s pictures on the walls. The doctor calls the next patient in. As soon as he does, the patient comes flying in the room with terrible slashes across his chest, almost dead. Jason walks in after him and asks for a replacement wrench that he claims the doctor made for him. When he leaves, a woman and her daughter who were cowering behind one of the curtains reveal themselves in fear.

“Humans Must Live” – A Look At Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Dove

After the opening credits, the Manager mentors Kaneki in making coffee. His cup isn’t as good as the Manager’s and the Manager says that each cup reflects the effort put into it. Just like with people, it can’t be rushed. It should be mentioned that the technique used is very specific. The barista pours hot water over coffee beans in concentric circles until the cup is ready. Those unfamiliar with the method may wonder how one person can be better than another.

The manager then reveals that Anteiku, the name of their group and the name of the coffee house, is a public place where ghouls can come to interact and feel safe. Of course, humans are served as well. Kaneki then asks a silly question: why would they serve humans if they are trying to blend in with society? I believe this line in Tokyo Ghoul episode 3 may be slightly mistranslated. He says that they must learn how humans live, and the best way is to observe them up close. He also says that he likes them.

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Hiding in Broad Daylight

Downstairs, he happens to catch Hide talking to Touka in the coffee shop room. Hide says he came to thank Touka for helping them, and Touka kicks Kaneki to make sure he plays along with the ruse. He also mentions that Nishio, the upperclassman, is still in the hospital, meaning he somehow survived the barrage from Kaneki’s tentacles. When he leaves, Touka reinforces the fact that he doesn’t know anything about them, which is hard for the viewer to believe, and says that if Hide ever does find out about them, she will kill him immediately.

The two who walk in are the mother and daughter from the hospital. They are soaking from the rain. The three of them recognize each other right away. Touka commands Kaneki to get towels. Hinami, the daughter, and Fueguchi-san, the mother, go inside to meet Yoshimura, the Manager. Then Touka asks if he knows anything about the Suits or the people with huge suitcases. He’s unaware.

The Suits, CCG

Elsewhere in Tokyo Ghoul episode 3, a man addresses a room full of men behind desks in suits. He indicates that, because of the activity in the 11th ward, a small-scale war may soon begin. At the end of the meeting, he opens the floor to the others there. Amon Koutarou, a first-class investigator and top of his class at an academy, stands up. He begins by addressing the incident with Jason and Rize. Then he mentions that the pliers may be a specially made medical tool for ghouls, also identified as a Quinque weapon. Lastly, he mentions that there have been fewer binges lately, which hints that something big may be planned.

The leading officer applauds Koutarou’s insight and confirms the CCG, which has been mentioned briefly before in the show, as an organisation whose sole aim is to eradicate all ghouls from Tokyo.

Koutarou and his partner, Mado, briefly discuss their objective in the hallway after the meeting.

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Learning to Blend In

The Manager further mentors Kaneki on blending into human society in episode 3. He has him try to eat a sandwich, which Kaneki likens to a sponge and old socks. The Manager takes a bit with no problem and only pretends to chew before swallowing it whole. He mentions that digesting food is bad for their health, so he should always regurgitate the food after eating. Then he gives him some sugar cubes that he can dissolve in his coffee. It is unclear how, but the cubes put his ghoul hunger at bay. Next, he sends Kaneki with Yomo to find food.

Yomo is silent during the drive. They reach a cliff with an abandoned car. After parking, Kaneki leans over the railing too far, falls, and uses his power to slow the fall. At the bottom, he sees a dead body. Anteiku uses suicide victims to feed their ghouls instead of killing people. Yomo tries to make Kaneki pack the body so that he can get used to the process, but he’s too scared. Yomo briefly prays for the dead.

Tools of the Trade

In the next scene of Tokyo Ghoul episode 3, a seedy looking ghoul stalks and pounces on Mado, who waves his briefcase and cuts it down. They interrogate the fallen ghoul about the Quinque wrench and then kill it.

Back at Anteiku, the Manager asks Touka to help Kaneki look for a mask due to the increased CCG activity in the area. The operatives are nicknamed, “Doves”. They go to a suspicious back alley establishment full of masks and ask for Uta, the owner. He surprises them by hiding under a sheet. Touka asks him to make Kaneki a mask, and he comments on his smell and the CCG before taking his measurements. For some reason, he asks Kaneki if he has anyone special, to which he Kaneki denies. Uta mentions Touka, but she’s too scary for him. However, Uta believes her to be a hard worker risking her life for others.

On the walk home, Kaneki reflects on his uselessness and asks questions about Hinami’s situation and the purpose of the masks. Hinami has to live away from her father, and the masks are to hide one’s identity from the Doves. Meanwhile, the Doves continue questioning and killing ghouls. It is unclear yet how they are able to so easily overpower them.

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Kaneki walks in on Hinami eating, which surprises him and embarrasses her. He brings her coffee to apologise and she asks him about his background. Kaneki replies that he is a ghoul with the mind of a human. He then comments on her drawing, which looks like an animal, but that she claims is her father. Before he has a chance to leave, he notices that she is reading a book by his favourite author mentioned before, and proceeds to give her a quick lesson on its contents. Around the corner, Touka listens quietly in admiration.

At the end of Tokyo Ghoul episode 3, the Doves continue questioning and killing ghouls and a new character walks into Anteiku.

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