Yomo Is Waiting and Things Are Getting Interesting – Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4

Yomo Is Waiting and Things Are Getting Interesting – Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4
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Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 opens with a new character, Tsukiyama, walking into Anteiku. He is mildly effeminate and wears an informal pink suit. Touka isn’t very happy to see him, but he isn’t bothered by it. He notices Kaneki right away and approaches him. He is overly friendly, and Touka tells him to leave because he is gross. When he does leave, he is nice about it, but there is a sinister air. Touka tells Kaneki to watch out for him.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: Supper [Kaneki in Danger]

Elsewhere, what is likely a ghoul-only restaurant sells Tsukiyama rare delicacies. He comments positively on Kaneki’s peculiar smell. In the next scene, he approaches Kaneki who is drinking coffee outside of his college. Kaneki asks why he is there, and he replies that he came there for him. Kaneki internally makes the connection that Tsukiyama is the “Gourmet” that has been mentioned before in the show, but it is unclear where he got this information. Tsukiyama notices Kaneki reading and says that a “regular” at Anteiku pointed out that he is a smart person. Perhaps this regular is Rize, before she died.

He continues by talking about books and says something rather unintelligible about how books can transport you to another dimension. Kaneki points out that he must read a lot, to which he replies books were a refuge during a tough time in his life. Kaneki inwardly relates to this. The author Takatsuki comes up yet again, the one who he and Rize shared in common, as well as Hinami. They talk about the author’s merits, and then Tsukiyama invites Kaneki to a bookstore that the author goes to sometimes. He acts innocently in order to convince Kaneki, and Kaneki eventually agrees. When he does, there is obvious sinister intent unseen by Kaneki.

Painfully Obvious

Later in episode 4, Kaneki reflects on his meeting with Tsukiyama in Anteiku. The Manager approaches him and tells him Yomo, the guy who collects corpses, is waiting for him. Kaneki and Yomo leave and go to a private, underground location. Because there are more Doves in town, Yomo wants Kaneki to practice fighting and get stronger in order to protect himself. The fighting doesn’t last very long, as Kaneki is very weak, but Yomo offers to train him every night after work. Afterwards, they go to a bar to see someone who wants to meet Kaneki.

Itori, the bar owner is a pretty red-head with an obvious bad side. She is very playful, and tells a little bit about their history, including her, Yomo, and Uta, who is also there. Apparently, Uta and Yomo used to be on bad terms, but now they are more or fewer friends. Also, Yomo, who is very dull and quiet, used to be angry and turbulent. Next, she offers Kaneki some wine, but he declines because he is underage. She then tosses it in his face. It turns out to be blood, not wine, and the nearness of blood activates his ghoul eye involuntarily. She takes off his eye patch to take a look, seeming to be very intrigued.

Then she mentions that there is another person with only one ghoul eye in episode 4. When humans and ghouls mate, there is a very low chance of pregnancy. If there is a pregnancy, the baby typically dies. Rarely, a half human half ghoul is born. It is said that hybrids are much stronger than pure ghouls. However, she then says that the hybrid is a myth, making it hard to believe anything she said before it. This prompts Kaneki to ask about Rize, and Itori brings up some rumours.

For some reason, Yomo gives her a slight warning to stop. She continues, saying that it is unlikely that Rize’s death was an accident, and there may have been someone waiting on top of the building to kill her. Even though there is probably some truth to this, it seems highly unlikely that someone could have guessed that she would be in that exact spot. Yomo warns her again and she stops.

Dance With the Devil

Later in Tokyo Ghoul episode 4, Kaneki is caught reflecting on the rumours while having a coffee with Tsukiyama in the coffee shop he mentioned. Kaneki asks about Rize, to which Tsukiyama claims good relations with. However, he remembers their previous encounters with hate. He had tried to invite her to the fine dining club, but not only does she prefer quantity over quality, she belittles his “tastes”. She accuses him, playfully, of trying to act more human, and thinks that most flesh tastes essentially the same. Tsukiyama is enraged by this in retrospect, insults her memory, and breaks his coffee cup.

By some bizarre coincidence, Kaneki reaches for the broken cup and instantly slices his finger open. It is unclear how a normal cup can cut a ghoul, especially given that Kaneki tried to stab himself at full force with a kitchen knife. But moving on, Tsukiyama covers the wound with a cloth napkin and offers to bring Kaneki to another establishment that Rize used to frequent. Eager to learn more about her, he agrees. Before he can take the napkin away, Tsukiyama grabs it and offers to wash it.

In the bathroom, Tsukiyama scolds himself for losing is cool. On the other hand, he sniffs deeply of the bloodied cloth. The hybrid scent gives him a feeling of pure joy. On the basis of his comments, he seems intent on eating Kaneki.

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Fine Dining

Kaneki takes a shower in the place Tsukiyama invites him to in Tokyo Ghoul episode 4. He then dresses up in the provided outfit and goes into a room. The room’s floor raises into an arena surrounded by finely dressed guests. Tsukiyama, the proprietor, announces Kaneki as the night’s meal. The ghouls don’t want to eat another ghoul but are excited upon learning that he is part human. They release a huge, burly ghoul to kill him and butcher him for the guests to eat. Kaneki evades but is eventually caught. He fights back and knocks the ghoul down. This entices Tsukiyama. Tokyo Ghoul episode 4 ends with Tsukiyama killing the huge ghoul, saving Kaneki for himself only.

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