Bad Dreams, Bites and Increased Ghoul Activity In Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5

Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 opens with Kaneki having a bad dream. In a fathomless, dark room, three oversized, masked ghoul heads hold him down as he cries for help. Tsukiyama approaches calmly without his mask. Kaneki asks him for help, but when Tsukiyama reaches down, his mask is on again and he lunges to take a bite out of him.

He wakes up in a cold sweat on a couch.

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In Anteiku’s shop, several ghouls whisper about increased Dove activity in the 20th ward. They appear to be no more than gentle, normal people who are fearing for their lives from an evil oppressor. Kaneki works behind the counter like a regular barista. After a few moments, the Manager comes over and tells him to go home for the day. Kaya, a dark haired barista, will take over. Touka isn’t feeling well, so the Manager asks Kaneki to go check up on her. She lives upstairs, after all. He isn’t thrilled about it, though.

More Than Just Ghouls

Kaneki runs into Hinami’s mother on his way up to Touka’s room in episode 5. Inside, he sits awkwardly until Touka asks him why he is there. He explains, and then Hinami asks him for help with her reading. Touka starts to put on coffee when Kaneki offers to do it instead. She admits that she feels fine, and just had too much to eat. This comes as a surprise to Kaneki, but before he can question her more, the doorbell rings.

In a huge, dimly lit library, Tsukiyama tosses book after book over the balcony, saying “no” each time.

At Touka’s door, her friend Yoriko from school, the girl she ate food with, is waiting. Touka asks her what she is doing there. She came to check up on her after missing school and brought some food with her. After seeing Kaneki poking his head around the corner, she gets the wrong idea about what is going on in there and gives Touka the food for them to share. Before Touka can explain herself, Yoriko leaves with a thumbs up for good luck. Instead of giving the food away or throwing it away, Touka forces herself to eat it in spite of her condition.

More Than Just Food

In a large empty room with his back to windows, Tsukiyama tries to decide how to prepare Kaneki to be eaten. He finally comes up with a plan, though it is unclear.

On his way home from training with Yomo in episode 5, Kaneki rubs his wounds. Before too long, he encounters Nishio getting beat up by three other ghouls in an alley. When Kaneki confronts them, one of them tells him to leave because they are going to cannibalise Nishio. Kaneki stands his ground. When they attack, he dodges easily and knocks one of them out. Later, assuming he either knocked them all out or they ran away, he carries Nishio home. Kimi, the human who was kissing Nishio, answers the door. She recognises him, but Nishio tells her to relax.

Outside, Kaneki asks her why she, a human, is with Nishio, a ghoul. She says that she feels safer with him, and as long as he doesn’t hurt her family, she will feel the same. Apparently, Nishio is having a hard time finding meat. That may be why the other ghouls were about to eat him. This may have something to do with Dove interference. Kimi cries, wondering how she can help him. Kaneki offers to help.

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Presentation is Key

As suspected from Tokyo Ghoul episode 5, Kimi is captured by Tsukiyama while on her way home from the convenience store. At Anteiku, Kaneki finds a rose and a note from Tsukiyama telling him to meet for dinner. He says Kimi will be there, implying that she will be dinner. Seconds later, Nishio shows up at the front door, having limped all the way from his house. He reads the note and demands to come along, despite his weakened state.

In a church, Kaneki and Nishio find Tsukiyama waiting for them. Kimi is bound and gagged on the altar, unconscious. Nishio demands her release. Tsukiyama explains his intentions: he wants to eat Kaneki while Kaneki eats Kimi. The two of them curse Tsukiyama, so he dashes forward and says that it is all Kaneki’s fault. He is too tempting. Soon, they begin fighting. Nishio has knocked aside easily, and Kaneki is struck a few times.

Before he can take another blow, Touka appears. She slices Tsukiyama’s face with a kick, and he admits that it is his first time being scratched in a while. Touka is very fast, and they all trade a few blows. However, Tsukiyama soon gets the better of them. He punches Touka and breaks Kaneki’s arm, and then punches a hole through Kaneki’s stomach in order to taste his blood. The taste is to his liking. Then he approaches Kimi and Touka attacks again. He stabs her with his ghoul power. When he reaches Kimi, he sees a scar on her shoulder that brings back memories for Nishio.

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 5 gives a glimpse of Nishio’s past. He and his older sister were poor and alone. They lived in a shack doing odd jobs. When they grew up, she died, leaving him alone. That’s when he met Kimi, who had also lost her family. In turn, he became special to her. But she didn’t know he was a ghoul until the day Kaneki almost killed him. In order for him to live, he needed to eat meat. Kimi offered a bite of herself to save him. That was why he tried so hard to save her, almost dying. Even though he doesn’t like most people, he would do anything for her.

At the end of Tokyo Ghoul episode 5, Tsukiyama claims that the kagune, the ghoul power, is only as strong as the amount of food the ghoul has. A weak, unfed ghoul will have a weak kagune. Taking a cue from Nishio and Kimi, Kaneki offers Touka a bit of himself so that she can become stronger. Since hybrid blood is stronger than any other, she easily knocks away Tsukiyama’s very strong kagune.

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