Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7

Ghouls Don’t Have Any Redeeming Qualities – Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7

Ghouls Don’t Have Any Redeeming Qualities – Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7
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Tokyo Ghoul episode 7 picks up where the previous one left off. Hinami runs through the crowded downtown looking for help. When she falls, the commotion she makes causes Kaneki to notice her from across the street. He goes to her aid and then she leads the way to her mother. In the alley, Mado points out just how inexperienced Ryouko is in battle, even though her butterfly-shaped kagune seems rather powerful. Mado continues commenting on her maternal instincts. He thinks that these feelings are both ironic and hypocritical because he sees ghouls as monsters who kill for fun. It seems that he truly doesn’t believe that ghouls have any redeeming qualities.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7: Captivity

Right before Kaneki and Hinami arrive at the rear of the scene, Mado pulls out a new Quinque weapon from his suitcase. The new weapon greatly resembles the father’s kagune. This verifies the fact that the weapons are reverse engineered from the kagune of slain ghouls. Ryouko, the mother, instantly recognises the kagune and knows that her husband must be dead. Kaneki covers Hinami’s eyes and mouth as Mado kills her with the weapon.

Plan of Attack

Touka returns to Anteiku in episode 7 to find it closed. Inside, everyone who works there, aside from her, are sitting in silence in the room directly behind the cafe. The Manager asks her if she is feeling okay, and she apologises for missing so much work. He then tells her that Ryouko died to the Doves and that Hinami is safe. Touka proposes that they go out and kill all of the Doves in their ward, but Yomo counters that the agency will just send more in afterwards. Angrily, she lashes out at all of them for sitting around and doing nothing after one of their friends died. The Manager says that she is in the worst position because she lets revenge control her and cloud her mind.

Kaneki laments over not being able to help and wonders if Touka would have been able to do something in his place. Of course, the Manager tells him not to blame himself. Even so, he wallows in regret while taking a shower.

In another part of town, the Doves come to the conclusion that Jason doesn’t actually live in the 20th Ward. They gather that he must be in the 11th Ward instead because of the nature of the organisation and activity there. Since the 11th Ward isn’t their responsibility, they turn to the matters at hand. The only other S-rated targets in the 20th Ward, from their perspective, are Rize and Tsukiyama, the binge eater and the gourmet. They don’t yet know that the two of them have died. In order to lure out bigger prey, they decide to go back to hunting random ghouls in back alleys. Lastly, Mado warns them to be careful since the child, Hinami, has seen their faces.

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Following Clues

In disguise, Touka waits outside a government building halfway through Tokyo Ghoul episode 7. Somehow she is able to identify the people at Mado’s meeting. When they take off, she follows them. They, including Amon and two unnamed detectives, go to a ramen stand and order. One of the two other detectives questions Amon about the academy he came from. Amon says that they are taught everything about ghouls and are trained physically. However, he isn’t allowed to say much more. The same guy asks about the quality of women in his class, but Amon says that there were two of them and that they both died. He claims that passionate people always die first.

The same guy jokes that they should be lazier at work if they want to live and the other scolds him. They have work to do, but not as much as many of the other Wards. The first guy to speak then comments that Amon is very altruistic, and is motivated by a sense of justice, not ambition or greed. The second guy reminds him not to compare himself with someone that is so hard to live up to. The first continues making cute, light small talk when Touka appears and cuts him down in one blow.

She is wearing a mask with bunny ears and her hair is red instead of blue, but her kagune gives her away to the audience. She attacks, knocking Amon away. Just when he thinks he is about to die, Mado’s Quinque appears and makes Touka retreat. Even though she ends up in a reliable position for retreat, Mado provokes her into a fight by making fun of Ryouko. She attacks but is easily defended. While he defends, Mado gives Amon a lesson in combat and characterizes Touka as a fast type that runs out of stamina easily. He further provokes her and manages to land a hit before she retreats. Her blood is absorbed into his Quinque, hinting that it may make them stronger.

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Taking Responsibility

Kaneki hears Touka in the kitchen in Anteiku during Tokyo Ghoul episode 7 and rushes to see if she is okay. He sees the blood and tries to help her, but the Manager stops him. Because she took matters into her own hands, she must now take responsibility for her own actions. Kaneki fights this logic even after the Manager stops him. He believes that he needs to make his own decisions and form his own opinions.

Touka tries to make him leave, but he insists. Then he offers to help her because he doesn’t want to see anyone he loves harmed, especially her.

The Doves take a moment of silence to pay respects to the fallen officer. Then Amon and the second guy go to the ramen place and talk about their fallen comrade.

Touka takes Kaneki along a mission to either spread or gather clues around the 20th Ward, it is unclear which. Mado suspects that her actions and Hinami are linked in some way. At the end of Tokyo Ghoul episode 7, Kaneki finally gets his signature mask.

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