A Compiled List of All Episodes and Summaries of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1

A Compiled List of All Episodes and Summaries of Tokyo Ghoul Season 1
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Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 is an anime that was made by Studio Pierrot. It aired on Tokyo MX in July of 2014.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 1: Tragedy

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 begins with a helicopter scouting the scene of the 20th Ward. Rize is inside the Aqua building eating a pile of humans. Jason then appears to bring her in alive, but she isn’t interested in fighting him, so she breaks the fish tank and escapes. She takes his Quinque on her way out and throws it off the roof of the building.

The next morning, Kaneki and Hide drink coffee at Anteiku, the only ghoul owned coffee shop in the city. They talk about date ideas because Kaneki is planning on asking out Rize, who he sees there all the time. Hide tries to guess who his crush is, pointing to Touka. When Rize enters, Hide leaves and Kaneki notices that she is reading a book by his favorite author.

Later, they go on a date in a bookstore and talk about the author. He notices that she doesn’t eat, but she says that she is on a diet. Afterwards, they both admit to having a good time, and Kaneki offers to walk her home because of the ghoul problem. On their way home, he reveals that both of his parents are dead.

She leads him into a back alley and attacks, telling him that she had been scouting him out specifically. He takes a few deadly blows while trying to escape. Before she can finish him off, a pile of steel beams falls on her from the building under construction and she dies. The first response team puts her organs into him to save his life.

Now that he is a ghoul, he struggles to control himself and his urges. In the meantime, Hide tries to contact him. On his way home one day, he runs into a ghoul in a back alley eating a human. Nishio kills the ghoul for feeding in his territory. Touka comes just in time to save Kaneki’s life and forces him to eat a piece of flesh.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 2: Incubation

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 2 begins with Touka forcing Kaneki to eat and scolding him for being weak. He tries to fight back and tell her that he is a human, but she tells him that she has been a ghoul her whole life, which is much harder than one day.

At Anteiku, the Manager promises to help Kaneki as a ghoul and offers him a job as a barista. In return, he gets free pieces of meat when he needs it. He also tells him about how he is now half ghoul because of Rize.

Later, Kaneki continues to refuse his hunger. He talks with Hide as a distraction and they go to Nishio to get the classwork he missed. Nishio recognizes him and attacks on their way to his house to get the lecture notes. He threatens Hide’s life, which prompts Kaneki to attack and almost kill him.

After the fight, Touka brings him back to Anteiku. The Manager fed him while he was asleep and bandaged Hide. Kaneki then complains about being a hybrid, but the manager tells him that it is a special position, not an awkward one.

At the end, Mado and Amon investigate the Aqua building and find Jason’s wrench.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3: Dove

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 3 begins in Asaki’s office. Hinami and Ryouko are also there. Jason comes and asks for a new Quinque.

At Anteiku, the Manager teaches Kaneki how to make coffee. He then talks about how Anteiku is a meeting place for ghouls that also allows them to observe normal humans. In the shop, he catches Hide thanking Touka for  helping them, and Kaneki goes along with the lie. When he leaves, she tells Kaneki that if Hide ever learns about them, she will kill him.

Hinami and Ryouko then walk in asking for refuge.

At CCG, Itsuki talks to the Doves about Jason and Rize. Amon is there among them, and gives his insight into the case. After the meeting, he and Mado discuss their plans.

Meanwhile, Yomo and the Manager continue teaching Kaneki how to blend in and what to do while he’s there. He practices eating human food and collects dead bodies from suicide spots. Then they requisition a mask for him from Uta.

Kaneki later walks in on Hinami while she’s eating and ends up teaching her vocabulary.

At the end, Amon and Mado kill ghouls to get information and Tsukiyama walks into Anteiku.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 4: Supper

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 4 begins with Tsukiyama eating human delicacies in a dark restaurant after meeting the gang at Anteiku. Later he approaches Kaneki and tries to bond with him. They talk about books and authors, and then he invites Kaneki to another shop.

While thinking about Tsukiyama at Anteiku, the Manager sends Kaneki off with Yomo to do some combat training. After, they go to Itori’s bar to learn more about Rize. She activates his single ghoul eye with a cup of blood and tells him about the rarity of hybrids. Then she admits to know nothing about Rize, but does hint at some rumors.

Towards the end, Kaneki gets coffee with Tsukiyama and cuts his finger on a piece of broken porcelain. Tsukiyama cleans up the blood with his handkerchief and delights in the smell in the bathroom. Then he invites Kaneki to the arena where a huge ghoul is sent to attack him while other ghouls watched, waiting for Kaneki to die so that they can eat him. Tsukiyama ends up killing the ghoul because he wants Kaneki for himself.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 5: Scars

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 5 begins with Kaneki having a dream about being hunted by Tsukiyama and other ghouls. He wakes up at Anteiku. In the shop, several scared, normal seeming ghouls talk about increased Dove presence. Then the Manager relieves Kaneki so that he can check up on Touka.

In her room, he helps Hinami with vocabulary while Touka makes coffee. She hasn’t been feeling well because she ate too much human food. Then Yoriko, Touka’s friend, comes with a pot of food to help her get better and confuses Kaneki for her boyfriend. Touka eats the food.

On his way home, Kaneki runs into Nishio being attacked by other ghouls and fends them off. At Nishio’s house, he asks his friend Kimi why she hangs out with a ghoul. Tsukiyama takes her later while she is outside, and Kaneki and Nishio go to retrieve her.

At the church, they fight and Nishio recalls his past. Right before they all lose, Kaneki lets Touka take a bite out of his shoulder.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 6: Cloudburst

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 6 begins with Touka taking a bite out of Kaneki. Tsukiyama reacts in jealousy. They fight but Touka is able to finish him off rather easily. Before Touka can kill Kimi, Nishio steps in to protect her. Touka still wants to kill her, but when Kimi sees her, she calls her beautiful, which causes her to run away.

Hide notices Nishio who now works at Anteiku and wonders why he is there. Kaneki goes to check on Touka, but she doesn’t answer. Ryouko says Hinami has been a handful since being away from her father.

At her father’s office, Asaki gives Jason his new weapon, but Jason stabs him for being involved with the humans. Ryouko then says that Asaki was involved with bad people in Ward 11 before giving it all up for them. Jason then throws the body outside where Mado and Amon are waiting. Jason evades their attacks and escapes. They kill the father.

The police examine the crime scene and figure out that Asaki had a family.

At Anteiku, Kaneki makes up with Touka and Hinami makes up with her mother. At the end, Mado and Amon ambush Hinami and Ryouko and Hinami runs away.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7: Captivity

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 7 opens with Hinami running through the city and looking for help. She falls, creating a scene, which tips off Kaneki as to where she is. He goes to help her, and she leads him to the alley where Mado has her mother and is talking about how ghouls are just pretending to be human. He kills her with her husband’s kagune made into a Quinque.

At Anteiku, Touka finds the gang having a meeting about what to do about the Doves, and she proposes that they kill them all. Yomo correctly points out that it will only invite more Doves and more problems. She leaves and Kaneki pouts about not being able to help.

The Doves make a plan to continue killing ghouls to lure out stronger ghouls and Touka plans an ambush. She ends up killing one of the extra detectives that were with Amon. Mado taunts her and is able to land a blow on her before she retreats. At the end, Kaneki offers to help Touka plan the next attack while the Doves talk about their fallen comrade.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 8: Circular

Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 episode 8 begins where Mado is following Touka’s movements and predicting where she will be next. At Anteiku, Kaneki continues trying to offer Touka his help and Hinami escapes. They go out searching for her. She follows the scent of her mother’s remains and finds them in a tote bag. Her scream alerts everyone to her location.

On his way to find her, he runs into Amon and decides to stop him in order to buy time for Touka. Meanwhile, Mado finds Touka and Hinami. Kaneki decides to use this moment as an opportunity to try and prove to Amon that not all ghouls are the same and to begin building a bridge between them. He takes a beating and explains his situation, but eventually has to take a bite out of Amon in order to stay alive and force him to leave. Amon notices that Kaneki intentionally avoided killing him.

Hinami exposes her kagune while protecting Touka from her mother’s weaponized Quinque. She cuts off Mado’s arm and then his leg. However, she doesn’t actually want to kill him, and it is up to Touka to finish him off before he has a chance to kill her.

At the end, Kaneki becomes overwhelmed by his hunger and strikes at a masked Yomo when he appears. Yomo doesn’t resist, but takes off his mask and gives Kaneki some food. On their way home, Kaneki tells Hinami that her mother wanted her to live.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 9: Birdcage

Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 9 opens with a flashback of Amon. He is joining Control Division One and looks noticeably younger. Special Investigator Arima welcomes him in person, and seems to be important in some way. He places Amon under Mado, and the officers around them make it sound like a tough break. Mado comes to greet him and looks slightly less crazy than usual.

They track “Applehead” for his first assignment. She is an old woman who Mado suspects of being a ghoul. They go to visit her and through their dialogue, it is obvious that they know each other. Mado produces a doctor’s report proving that she is not a ghoul and leaves. He tells Amon that the note could have been faked, but Amon still doesn’t like his method. Later, he helps the old lady home and she attacks him after he notices blood on her bag. Mado comes just in time to kill her.

At Anteiku, Hinami begins to get over the death of her mom by taking care of an injured parrot that she names Loser. Touka and Nishio argue in the shop, becoming friends, and Amon visits Mado’s grave. At Itori’s bar, Kaneki continues searching for information about Rize. On his way home, he passes by Suzuya, who pickpockets his wallet. Hide reveals deep insights into the ghouls.

At the end, several characters converge on the 20th Ward to find Rize. Most of them are ghouls, but one of them is Jason. Among the ghouls is Ayato, Touka’s little brother from her flashback. Instead of the small, delicate boy he once was, he is now strong and violent.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10: Aogiri

Aogiri Tree begins its assault on CCG in Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 10. One of the Doves calls for reinforcements, and Itsuki fields the call. Later at the crime scene, the Manager and Yomo investigate and Yomo identifies the Leader as the “One Eyed King”. At Anteiku, Kaneki notices that there are fewer customers, and Touka explains that increased Dove activity has them scared for their lives.

The cafe is empty when Banjou and his two friends barge in, demanding to see the Manager. Touka convinces them to sit down and talk over coffee. Banjou then explains that he is looking for Rize and then notices her scent on Kaneki. He incorrectly assumes that they are dating and tries to attack, but Kaneki accidentally knocks him out while evading the attacks.

At CCG, Amon and the Doves prepare for another briefing. At Anteiku, Kaneki clears up the misunderstanding about Rize, and Kaneki tells him that Rize isn’t there, avoiding to mention her death. Ayato enters soon after, closely followed by Jason. Itsuki at CCG talks about Aogiri Tree and the imminent battle when Suzuya arrives.

At the end, Jason attacks and kidnaps Kaneki. Suzuya is revealed as a powerful trump card, Amon learns about the new weapons Mado left him in his will, and Suzuya gets excited about the coming fight. At Anteiku, the Manager talks about the dangers of Aogiri and the rescue mission. Then Tsukiyama walks in and offers to help.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 11: High Spirits

In the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 11, Amon fights and kills two ghouls with his new weapon and Kaneki suffers agonizing torture.

At Anteiku, Touka objects to the involvement of Tsukiyama, but the Manager doesn’t change his mind. She then asks how he survived, and he says by eating a piece of himself. Yomo agrees to keep an eye on him after Touka points out that he just wants to eat Kaneki. They then discuss their battle plan. When CCG attacks, they will move in.

While torturing Kaneki, Jason explains the substance “RC inhibition fluid” and how it prevents ghouls from using their powers and allows them to be punctured by blades. The needle is inserted into a spot on the eyeball.

The Doves share information and plan their attack. Apparently, there are 500 Aogiri ghouls. During the briefing, an officer interrupts to tell them that all of the citizens have been evacuated, so they can attack now. They all cram into a huge caravan of buses. Itsuki assures their victory in a news interview.

In Jason’s torture room, Banjou assures Kaneki that he will save him because he knows Kaneki is a good person. At Anteiku, the gang gathers along with Uta and they head out. On one of the buses, Amon listens to Shinohara about Jason’s past. Apparently, he used to be a normal ghoul until suffering the same torture he was inflicting on Kaneki.

At Aogiri’s hideout, the ghouls and the Doves open fire. Suzuya takes Itsuki’s motorcycle and uses it to jump up into the ghoul’s sniper nest and take them out. Inside, CCG advances with the help of Quinque weapons. Anteiku infiltrates with the help of disguises. Banjou’s friends tell Kaneki not to give up.

Touka runs into Amon but gets away while the Manager, Kaya, and Hinami monitor the battle from the outskirts.

At the end, Ayato attacks Touka with a flurry of crystal shards which Nishio intercepts with his body instead of his Quinque. On the roof, CCG meets up with the One Eyed Owl, a huge, terrifying ghoul. In Jason’s room, Kaneki’s hair turns white.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12: Ghoul

We finally see Kaneki let go in Tokyo Ghoul season 1 episode 12. Rize approaches him in his inner mental world which is a field of white flowers. He thinks that she’s his mother until his blindfold comes off. She comments on his injuries a little before Jason comes back in the room, which transports the two of the back to reality. There, he continues the torture. He ordered Kaneki to count down from one thousand so that he would retain his sanity while having his fingers and toes cut off over and over again.

He then reminisces about his mother and how helpful she was when he was a child even though she was alone. When she left for work, he would read his dead father’s books.

Thankfully, some mysteries are unveiled. Jason took a special interest in Kaneki because he is a hybrid that was intentionally created by a doctor he knows. His rapid regeneration is the result. Jason then puts a nasty bug in his ear, prompting him to retreat to his memories. There, he remembers how his mother died from overwork.

Then Jason forces Kaneki to choose which dies out of the two of Banjou’s friends. Kaneki is unable to decide, which results in the death of them both. Rize is slowly able to convince him then that being too nice is a sign of weakness and will only result in tragedy. Eventually, he eats Rize, metaphorically.

The ensuing fight scene is pretty good, and starts out with a very cool move. Jason attempts to attack, but Kaneki breaks his chains and takes a bite out of Jason before leaping away. Apparently, the special RC serum can be overruled if the person is strong and passionate enough. He leaps around a bit and then kicks. Jason catches his leg and doesn’t let go, so Kaneki spins around, shredding his own leg in the process, and kicks Jason away.

After Kaneki wins, he takes the bug out of his ear and declares that he will now eat Jason. The screen goes dark with a bite sound effect.

And that concludes the list and summaries of Tokyo Ghoul season 1.

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