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The Foremost Online Car Blogs For Car Enthusiasts Everywhere

Whether you are looking for general auto news, in-depth analysis and discussion, photos or Formula 1 blogs, we’ve got you covered with today’s top car blogs.

Read on to discover some great places to get your auto fix!

The Foremost Online Car Blogs For Car Enthusiasts Everywhere

The famous Tech magazine and website WIRED has its blog about transport which covers loads of car news. WIRED takes a predictably futuristic take on car and transport news here making for a cool blog.

Their coverage isn’t simply limited to the latest hypercar. Recently they have had a look at Audi’s self-driving car and also test drive the latest electric SUV from Tesla. This is one of the best car blogs if you want the latest on the advancement of driver-less cars.

This is the environmentally friendly cars news and reviews section of autoblog. Get the latest news about electric and hybrid motors here.

This is one of the longest standing car blogs. Jalopnik provides its readers with opinion and news about the latest cars, automotive industry, racing and more.

It is included in the list because of how long it has been about. However, the standard of the writing has gone down a little in recent times.

Car blogs for more in-depth analysis and discussion

Personally, I love to see real in depth discussion and opinion like this. This long form journalism is dying a slow death on the internet where you are more likely to get a corporate friendly rehashed press release copy with some photos.

I like what these guys are doing. It’s fun to hear unique and entertaining stories and opinions. Especially opinions you might not get on some of the larger car blogs sites.

Peter M De Lorenzo often goes off on hilarious rants about cars and the industry.

The guy has been working in car marketing and advertising for over 22 years, so can shed some light on that world.

The analysis on here is laser accurate and some of the incendiary commentary that burns!

The blog is pretty influential as well. I would encourage you guys to give this one a read.

Car Photography

Check out this awesome TUMBLR blog if you want to gawk at incredible photos of cool cars. This features both racing motors and road cars. A few minutes looking at these pics should get your engine revving! It’s pornography for car enthusiasts.

Formula One

Here’s a site for all you F1 geeks. F1 fanatic is a news aggregation site for top Formula 1 news and a go-to blog for participating in the latest F1 discussions.

It features news and updates on the 2016 and 2017 seasons as well as all the info you could want on the drivers, their teams, the tracks, statistics and seasons past.

The site has its forum, and you can sign up and take part in lively discussion and analysis.

Most of the news items and blog posts have 50 or more comments at the bottom.

It also features fun things like quizzes, polls, “rate the race” etc. F1 Fanatic is a truly participatory blog, and this is likely what accounts for its longstanding and persistent popularity among F1 die-hard fans.

It also has a lovely picture gallery section for each race and season.

Car Scene Blogs

I think this might be my favourite from this list. For me, there is something about vintage cars that captures a cool aesthetic missing from the modern car. This is likely some disposition of my own, but there are loads of people out there that agree – hence blogs like bring a trailer.

Bring a trailer is a cool site to check out vintage cars that are for sale in the USA. You can find some desirable old motors on here.

I’ve never gone on with the express intention of buying a motor of this site. For me, this is just like browsing Auto Trader – I look at the pictures and imagine!

If you are in the US market for a vintage motor, you can come on here and bid, sort of like Ebay, but exclusively for sexy vintage cars.

Remember, if you do buy one, bring a trailer!

In my time I’ve met a fair number of BMW freaks obsessed with this German motor manufacturer. And who can blame them? Over the years the Bavarian powerhouse has released time and again fantastic motors that drive well and are super reliable. The brand is a byword for motoring excellence and superior German design and engineering.

I visited BMW Welt in Munich and was particularly impressed with their newest range of electric motorbikes. But I digress.

If you are one of the BMW above freaks then Bimmerpost, I am assured, is the blog site for you.

It features the latest news, reviews and comparisons of all of the marquee brand’s motors. There is also an active forum where you can post and discuss and maybe make some BMW friends who understand your obsession!

The raison d’etre of this cool blog is to cover the modified car scene in the USA and Canada. It features cars which have had their ride height and wheel firmament adjusted to give that cool low rider look.

Most of the cars featured here are American muscle cars. Personally, these are not cars I would drive or own, but I love looking in at this culture from the outside, and the results of the modifications are undeniably cool.

Check out Stance is Everything to get a taste of this scene.


I hope this list of interesting car blogs satiates your appetite for cool auto blogs. Let us know if there are any car blogs you love to visit!

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