Top Photo Editing Sites – A Look At The Best Free Photo Editing Online

If you want to edit images and photographs, it is no longer necessary to have purpose built software installed on your computer. You can save money and space on your hard drive by using online photo editing sites. Read on to find out more.


Pixlr is an excellent online photo editing site that you can use both on your desktop and on mobile. There are two photo editing web apps for your browser available here.

Pixlr Editor is the most sophisticated. It allows you to perform many of the photo editing functions of an expensive product like photoshop, but online for free. You can work in layers, transform objects, replace colours and all that other good stuff all from the convenience of your browser.

Pixlr Express, on the other hand, is a more casual app available on the website. It is for quick and easy solutions. Express is a little more straightforward to use than Editor, but still very useful. By paring down the functions here, they have created something that is easier to grasp and use quickly but still potent. However, if you still want to the full range of options, we recommend you user Pixlr Editor.

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The web app from Pixlr can come in useful for all sorts of graphic design projects. It is easier to use than many other photo editing services on the market today. Bear in mind the max size for any image is 8k by 8k pixels. This makes it a little limited to use for professionals and artists. However, it is ideal for small, one of the projects and quick edits. We highly recommend this as one of the best photo editing sites.


This is another fantastic online application and undoubtedly one of the top photo editing sites. Fotor allows in-browser editing of pictures and images. The photo editor is renowned for allowing powerful digital editing for free.

There are loads of cool editing tools to use including crop, rotate, straighten, resize, and one-tap enhance. Even better there are loads of excellent filters available for your photographs. You can use tilt-shift and colour splash to make some unique images. The blur effect is useful for highlighting and contrasting within photographs. All this can enliven even the most mundane photos.

Fotor also has an excellent collage making tool for when you want to celebrate someone’s birthday, or group together your memories of times past. If you want to look your best for photographs, try out their beauty retouching tools. Among other things, you can use a teeth whitening tool and wrinkle remover to get that airbrushed effect for your photos.

In many ways, Fotor exceeds what Pixlr is capable of. They have outdone themselves in creating one of the top photo editing sites.

Be funky

befunky is a powerful, fun and easy to use online photo editing suite. It deserves a mention in this list of the top photo editing sites.

More than anything, they emphasise the fun in photo editing. There are a load of playful photo effects to use here that you won’t find on other sites including the cartoonizer effect, the oil painting effect, and my favourite the pop art effect. You can also add hand drawn graphics like hats, jewellery, beards and photo frames. Just messing around for a few minutes on befunky can create some hilarious results.

Don’t let this fun and marvellous side to befunky fool you, however. There is a powerful photo editor here. There are easy to use smart enhancement tools to fix lighting, fuzziness, digital noise and other common issues with photographs. All of this can be done with a single click, producing results comparable to more expensive and technical Photoshop edits. The best thing about these websites is that you can do this easily from any computer – unlike Photoshop which has to be installed.

Like Fotor, befunky also has a neat collage-making feature. Making collages is increasingly popular on social media sites. If this is something you like to do, befunky can make doing collages easy.

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You might not have heard of PicMonkey, but is one of the best photo editing sites to touch up, edit and design for free online. There are a range of excellent and free filters and fonts to use here and some exclusive overlays that you won’t fins anywhere else.

This is also an excellent photo editing site to help touch up selfies. You can remove wrinkles add tint and mascara to beauty images if that is something you like to do. They also have a collage maker, like many of their competitors.

The best thing about PicMonkey, in my opinion, is the wide range of helpful tutorials they have. This can help you get the most out of this photo editing service and improve your skills. Once you know how you can make your vision become a reality.

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Photocat is a fun and simple to use photo editing site that deserves a mention as one of the top photo editing sites. We are particularly impressed with the helpful and friendly layout of the website and editor that makes working on Photocat a joy. Like other finest photo editing sites, not only can you edit, you can also retouch and create collages.

This is a completely free to use website with no registration required, which makes it great if you are in a hurry and don’t want to be delayed by sign up.

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If you feel like letting out your creative side, then these foremost photo editing sites can enable you to do that. Forget technical and frustrating programs like GIMP and Photoshop – they take too long to learn. Instead, you can get comparable photo editing results for free using any of these top photo editing sites from this list.

Let us know what you think below. Do you use any of these best photo editing sites? Or are there other sites out there. Which do you think is best?

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