Allow the Professionals At TopResume To Rewrite Your Resume

Many things have changed these past few years with the creation of the internet. Shopping is different, communication has changed, and even job searching and employment has altered. With more and more people applying for jobs and being hired online, the internet has become in many ways a hub of professional activity and careers. With the internet, it is now easier than ever to track down the dream job. On the other hand, it can also be become difficult to get that great job you’ve always dreamed of if your resume isn’t up to standard. Furthermore, not all of us are literary wizards equipped with the tools of persuasion. Thus, many of us are faced with several obstacles when planning for the perfect job.

It’s important to create a great first impression and to present yourself as an all round professional when applying for a job, and what better way to do this than with an impeccable resume. However, resume writing can ultimately be a pain and in many ways the number one thing standing in the way of your dream job. There are nonetheless some ways in which to defeat this. The internet is full of helping hands ready to perfect your resume for you. One website in particular which will take your resume and polish it with some fine literary skill is TopResume. This website was born from the mind of Jeff Berger back in 2013. Since then, TopResume has reshaped and perfected more than 4 million resumes for online clients, as well as cover letters and professional online profiles.

At a small cost, this site aims to land you that dream job. The company has 300 expert writers working on the job, taking in and pumping out millions of reformed resumes. So if you or somebody you know needs some help with a resume, this site may have everything you need. What ensues here in this post is a full review of their official site, in which we have highlighted all aspects of the site, which will hopefully have you using it with ease in no time.


Allow the Professionals To Rewrite Your Resume

Do I Have To Sign Up To the Website to Use It?

This site does not work regarding registration. This site will allow you to browse the site and read up on all of the information and package deals without having an account. There are no accounts, but rather a business transaction which is much the same as a sign-up. By this, I mean that when you pay for the service you want, you are then essentially an active member of the website. I will explain further in the sections below.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Resume Modified?

There are three different services that TopResume offers. The first writing service is ‘Professional Growth’. This is a ‘keyword optimised resume’ that aims to avoid the filters. It is professional written, designed in a way to get you attention, and keyword optimised, which will bring your resume to the top of the pile during the application process. This first option is also the cheapest at $129.

The second option is entitled ‘Career Evolution’. This package deal includes a perfected resume, a great cover letter and two revisions. This option features all the previous options stated in Professional Growth, only in also includes a 60-day guarantee for an interview. This option costs $189.

The third and final option is ‘Executive Priority’. This deal will give you everything listed in the previous two options; only it will be written by one of the highest members of their staff. Furthermore, this option will have your resume perfected and returned to you within 48 hours, as well as a LinkedIn makeover. This option costs a total of $349.

TopResume also states a guarantee that you will receive double the amount of interviews within 60 days or they will personally rewrite your resume for free.

How Long Will It Take For My Resume To Be Rewritten?

Judging by the options above, it won’t take very long. The Executive Priority option will have your resume rewritten within 48 hours. As for the other two options, TopResume claim that you should have your resume within a week. There is an option for a ‘rush order’ if you need it sooner. Also, with revisions, things may take up to 2 weeks in total.

Are The Results Promising?

There is a specific section on the website which displays success stories. You can find here many happy users of the website, now telling of their great careers. There are many happy stories here from people from all careers. Also, these success stories are sectioned within each career package. For example, you can read success stories from the people who ordered the Executive Priority option, and so on.

What Exactly Will This Company Do With My Resume?

How it all works is quite simple. After purchasing one of the three packages, you will then tell TopResume a few things about yourself. This will help build an image for your writer to work with. The writer will then take this information and get to work on your resume. Finally, after the given time frame for delivery, you will then download your resume and get to work on finding that dream job.

Are There Any Special Additions With This Website?

Besides the 60 days interview guarantee, there is also a Careers Advice section on the website. Here you will find some interesting news and tips on current job markets. You can also browse news and help on interviews, personal branding, networking, resume/CV writing, career advice, and job searches.

Are There Any Downsides That I Need To Know About?

The only thing I would put down as a negative is the price tag. TopResume may seem a bit expensive. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to pay the costs or if they don’t seem all that expensive, then there aren’t any downsides.


Today, TopResume is without a doubt one of the leading websites in professional resume writing services. With their help, you could potentially take a giant leap towards securing that dream job.

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