What To Expect When Using Torrentz2 For Your Torrents

What To Expect When Using Torrentz2 For Your Torrents
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Hi there guys, today we’ve found another torrent site for you, torrentz2. Read on to find out more.

What is torrentz2.eu?

It is a successor and replacement of the original torrentz.eu site, which is still up and running. Torrentz2 is a clone.

It is not in and of itself a public tracker. Instead, torrentz2 acts as a “meta- search engine” or “aggregator”. So in basic terms, they users the results of a host of other torrent search engines to produce their results. This makes it a powerful tool for finding torrents on the clear net.

This site is not a torrent tracker, directory or caches like The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrentz. They don’t host torrent files, however, through their search engine you will get links to torrent tracker websites.

Public trackers under threat.

As you may know, finding decent public torrent trackers has become ever more difficult. Many of the most well-known ones have become bloated with adverts, pop-ups and website redirects. They face a constant struggle for existence, with many of the famous ones being taken down for months at a time.

This onslaught by the recording and film industry means that the popularity of public trackers has waned in recent years, and so has the quality of the torrents and the number of people seeding.

Adverts, pop-ups, etc

I have to say; I’m fairly pleased with the lack of adverts on this site. I used the website on Firefox without in AdBlock installed. Happily, I can report there were no annoying adverts or pop-ups when I used this site. In this respect, it’s a lot nicer to use than The Pirate Bay, which was always rife with pop-ups and advertisements. torrentz2 is even better than torrentz2 regarding adverts.


torrentz2 is also readily accessible from the UK. If you are living in the UK, you’ll no doubt be aware that many of the public trackers are blocked by the government. If you try to access many of them, you’ll get a message from your ISP saying essentially that the website is blocked. This means that naturally, you are going to have to use a VPN to access the site. This is not the case with this site. For the mean time, it remains easily accessible.

Test Run

To test out their search engine, I did a little search of my own for The Beatles album Revolver. I got some decent enough results here which can be readily ordered by peers, rating, date and size. I find that ordering the torrents by peers is probably the most useful.

Clicking through on the top link brings you through to a new page like this:

From here, that’s as far as I can go. Because I’m in the UK, all of these sites are blocked by the ISP. So essentially all this site does, is find torrents from the big torrent trackers and list where you can find them. I suppose this is useful in some respects, but why not just visit the original websites like monova.org first?

This is where my search ends:

In my opinion, public torrent trackers are dying a slow death. This has been going on for years now. If you are still insisting on using these sites, then we can’t stop you. Just be aware that you should take precautions with public trackers. Downloading torrents this way easily exposes your IP address to anyone who cares to look. It’s easy for law enforcement or copyright holders to see what you are downloading if they want to look.

If you still want to access these sites, then let’s discuss VPNs.

First of all, I recommend visiting this website:



The best way to get into a private tracker is if you know someone who is a member of one. They will have an invite which you can ask them for. If they’ve already used their invite, or you don’t know anyone who uses private trackers, then you’re going to have to read up on how to get an invite to one of the private trackers. I suggest this website torrentinvites.org is a good place to start.

Usually, for an unknown person to get an invite, they will have to pass some tests. This usually means doing a bit of reading up on what is required for each private tracker. The website above is a good source of information about gaining invites to the most popular private trackers.


Another good place to find out about private trackers is the subreddit called “trackers”. You can read up all about the most popular private trackers here and how to get invites etc. This is also a good place to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of file sharing.


This is an excellent primer on how to be safe online on privacy. In 2017 you really can’t just go around using public trackers like you used to. Find out about VPNs first of all. Also look into private torrent trackers. Thatoneprivacy website has an excellent comparison chart for the different VPNs that are available to use.

Private trackers

Private trackers are invitation only. This makes them a little more difficult to use, but in theory, means that they are potentially safer to use that public tracker which anyone can use and spy on. Private trackers also tend to have better quality torrents, with better seed ratios but more strict rules about conduct and uploading. In other words, if you want to use them properly, you cannot just leech, or you will be banned.


I hope you’ve found today’s post informative at least.

For me, torrentz2 does its job as a meta search engine quite effectively. However, it’s not much use if you are living in the UK where the sites it links to are all banned.

Even if those websites are accessible for you, I really can’t recommend public torrent trackers. It is very very easy for anyone to see what you are downloading.

I’ve posted a little about VPNs and private trackers at the end of this article. This is to show anyone who is interested in a much more robust and safer way to use file sharing.

Until next time.

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