A Roundup Of The Best Travel Forums For Discovering Adventure

International travel continues to become more and more popular and an aspiration for many young people. If you are planning a journey abroad this coming year, it pays to be well informed about where you are travelling. Travel forums can not only help you avoid the common pitfalls of travelling, but also make sure you get the best experience from your trip. Read on as we take a look at some of the best travel forums on the net.

Best Travel Forums Roundup

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum

The Thorn Tree Forum is built on to the website of the famous travel publication Lonely Planet. It is made by travellers, for travellers and includes posts about every corner of the planet. This includes such obscure destinations that Lonely Planet doesn’t even have guidebooks for. There are over 20 million members of this excellent forum, and you can read 20 years of archived posts.

If you are travelling abroad shortly, you owe it to yourself to check out this essential guide to travel forums. You can browse the forums by country and even find yourself a travel buddy! Just set up a profile and begin chatting.

Tripadvisor  Travel Forum

Everyone, from the wet behind the ears first-time traveller to the saltiest globetrotter, has heard of Tripadvisor. You see their signs nearly everywhere, from hostels and hotels to tourist attractions. It is a popular online destination for travel reviews, and indeed it can be empowering for many visitors. Hostels and hotels hate getting negative reviews on here and are more likely to offer an excellent service as a result.

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What you might not know is that Tripadvisor has a superb forum with a highly active community participating in all sorts of travel discussion. There are some reasons you might want to check in on their forums before travelling.

  • You can get detailed opinions from fellow travellers.
  • The forums here respond fast. If you have a query, you can’t find an answer to you can usually get a pretty decent answer the same day. There are over 50, 000 visitors to the site daily, so chances are someone has the knowledge you need.
  • After your trip, you can share your experience.

You can browse the boards by destination or look at other criteria. The most popular forums right now are in London, New York and Greece. The other discussions are great too. Find out about Solo Travel, Bargain Travel and Travelling with Pets. There is even a discussion on Antarctic Adventures.

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This site comes highly recommended for the comprehensive list of travel topics available on one of the most popular travel forums.

Flyer Talk

If you are someone who builds up a lot of air-miles, this forum for expats might be one of the best forums for travel for you. Flyer Talk advertises itself as the largest expert travel community with an astonishing 663, 405 members and over 1.5 million threads.

The site features discussion and chat boards covering the most up to date information on a wide variety of regions and countries. All kinds of travellers from people going on vacation to air mile junkies are participating on this open forum.

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Flyer Talk also has an informative news page that is constantly updating with information that might affect your travel plans from around the globe.

Just sign up and choose the forum you want to participate in. Some useful things you can discuss:

  • Review hotels, and restaurants. Get general dining information about your destination.
  • Information about airports.
  • The forum is full of frequent flyers who can tell you how to get the most out of your air miles and points.

If you are someone pulling a lot of air miles through work or pleasure, I suggest this might be one of the best forums for you.

The Square

If you are looking for a common platform where all your specific, as well as general travel inquiries, can be answered this is one of the better travel forums at the minute. The Square has an extensive user base, where more often than not you can interact with locals. It is also good for sharing your travel experience with others.

The community as a whole is an excellent and in-depth source of travel info and are very friendly and helpful.

Just create a user account, and you can begin engaging with the community members. Feel free to ask any travel related question you have or share your tips with others.

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Travel Fish

If you are planning on travelling through south-east Asia, none of the other travel forums holds a candle to Travel Fish. In my experience, both the users and the moderators on this forum are extremely helpful. Of course, as with any other forum, people will be annoyed if you post questions that could be easily sorted from a quick google search. Don’t let this put you off, however, just remember to do a little research before asking a question.


Bootsnall is a firmly established forum in the travel world.It is the best place if you are planning on doing some serious travelling and is continually recognised to be one of the top travel forums. Over 4 million people use the forums at Bootsnall each year to get going on the road.

The discussions on this forum tend to centre around more complex trips, such as around the world adventures and multi-stop international journeys, rather than one destination vacations.

The website hosts:

  • Cool and informative travel articles
  • Round the world destination guides
  • Courses on taking a gap year and travelling around the world.
  • A knowledgeable and extensive traveller community.
  • An easy to use Do It Yourself route planner.

Do yourself a favour and call in with Bootsnall before you travel. It is one of the most knowledgeable travel forums and has loads of cool resources for you to use.


I hope this post will be useful for anyone planning a big journey in the future. Travelling can be daunting, with so many unknowns. If you read up on some of the forums and speak to some of the people who’ve done it, you can relax a bit more about your trip, and enjoy it more! Let us know what you think below.

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