TravelOpod Is More Than Just Cheap Flight Tickets To Across the World

There are many things to be thankful for in this modern age. In particular, the idea of travel was once a privilege to only those who could afford it, or for those who had the bravery and the skills to champion the stretching seas. These days, thankfully, we have aeroplanes, and the world is now everybody’s oyster. With more people travelling across the world than ever before, there are now millions of airline companies to sell you plane tickets. Thus, we have the opportunity to bag ourselves some cheap flight tickets (if only you know where to look). Many of us already have a go-to airline or website. Then again, many of us are not aware of the websites which could offer us the best deals. Therefore, we at TechWhack would like to introduce TravelOpod, one of the leading websites in cheap flights.

This company started back in 2003 with only three employees, as a small independent business set on bringing Indian immigrants in the USA the best help when travelling. Since then, this small business has expanded from the United States to India, with offices all over the states and India. Today the TravelOpod company serves thousands of people to and from all destinations throughout the world. TravelOpod has gone from a helping hand for Indian immigrants in the United States, to a worldwide flying machine extending to people from all walks of life. Furthermore, the company has big plans for the future, with aspirations to offer people food tourism, religious tourism and more. Ultimately, this hard-working company aims to bring people the best in all areas of travel.

Of course, one of the main objectives of TravelOpod is to give people not only the best customer service and all-around help but to also give people a great, complete travel experience. Therefore, this site not only offers tickets, but the full deal – activities, hotels, travel insurance, car rental, and more. In sum, this company won’t just get you to a place, but it will also make sure you have a great time from the moment you step off the plane. In other words, they aim to take care of everything. If this idea tickles your fancy, let us highlight their services even more for you. Here at TechWhack, we have analysed the entire site and all of its features, pointing out the best bits that should have you lured and using it in no time. We hope this review will answer all or any questions you have regarding the site.

More Than Just Cheap Flight Tickets To Across the World

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

There are no options on this site for signing up. Instead, you simply book a flight or one of their other services and then enter your details. You can also sign up for a newsletter if you wish, which will require you to enter your email address. Ultimately, you’re free to browse this site without any registrations.

Where Can I Fly To With This Company?

There are very few places that you cannot fly to with this website. From the United States to India, Ireland to Italy, Australia to Atlanta, this company can get you pretty much anywhere. This is because TravelOpod scans all the world’s major airlines and then retrieve the best prices, pretty much like an airline search engine. In other words, This site is not an airline, but simply a middle man that puts in all the research for you. The same goes for all the other features that this company offers, which I will now mention in more detail below.

Do They Offer More Than Just Flights?

Indeed they do, for this company is no one-trick pony, offering not only flights but a wealth of services. As mentioned above, this company aims to give you the whole travelling experience. Here are all the things that this company can do for you:


If you would like to tick some things off the bucket list, you can view some of the most popular things to do in some of the most popular countries of the world. Skip the queue for the Sistine Chapel, go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or get yourself a private entourage to the Dead Sea – the activities section will do all this for you.

Travel Insurance

It’s vital to have you and your loved ones insured when travelling, and TravelOpod can help get you covered.

Trip Planner

Much like the activities section, you can plan your entire trip in this section.


Cut out the stress of worrying where you are sleeping for the night. Book all your beds for your trip through this site at some of the best prices.

Car Rental

It’s always great to have your way around!


If you would like to do none of the planning and eliminate all the stress, there are pre-planned vacations to choose from.

Corporate Travel

This company started out as a helping hand for those travelling. Therefore, they offer great services for those who need it when on a business trip. They can give you dedicated travel managers to assist you throughout your journey.

How Much Will It Cost With This Site and Could I Save Money?

The thing is, nothing is sold directly from the company. Instead, they do all the searches and narrow down the best prices. Therefore, how much you could save depends on the sellers, but you can rest assured that the costs are some of the best possible prices out there.

Overall Pros

The great thing about this site is that they take care of everything. The website is easy to use, and TravelOpod gives the impression that they care.


So if you need a helping hand for an upcoming trip, this company has all the help you need. Get on to today and start planning your next life-changing journey.

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