Do You Know About Google Skins? Here Are 2 of the Best Google Gravity Tricks

Do You Know About Google Skins? Here Are 2 of the Best Google Gravity Tricks
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Today, Techwhack has brought a new post on the two best google gravity themes- Underwater Google and anti-gravity google. These are the two most popular google gravity themes.

Google gravity themes are not created by Google. These are created by some third party sites. Even Google supports them a lot.

Google gravity themes are used by funny persons like me. As most of us get bored searching on google. As we can play with Google.

Moreover, it sometimes becomes very annoying to keep searching on google. Google is the best search engine of the world. Even to provide the best user experience to its visitors, It has optimised a lot. Now it is fully optimised and has best results.

But even it doesn’t want people to get bored of it. So it supports google gravity themes a lot. Even if you can have direct access to some themes. Eg: Google- just type zerg rush in the search bar and enjoy the game. It is really interesting.

Please tell me the score of your zerg rush in the comment box. Please don’t cheat.

Infographic: UnderGoogle& Antigravity google

Guys feel free to embed this infographic on your blog. You can embed just by copying the embed code below and pasting in the text section of your posts. You are only allowed to get this infographic using the embed code below. Please even share this graphic with your friends.

<a href=’’><img src=’’ alt=’google gravity’ width=’613′ border=’0′ /></a></p>

Anti-Gravity Google

It is the most basic theme. Even it seems like it has been created simply. No complex coding. They may have entered the line in the javascript “gravity forgot google” and everything happens on its own.

Guys whole credit should be gone to Mr doob. They are another awesome creator of gravity themes. I think that this just an awesome theme to play with. I would recommend setting the theme as the homepage. This is the funniest theme to play with.

when you will open this theme. Google’s part will start to separate from google as because of anti-gravity google. Guy’s basically it is a simple theme where all the parts of google will float in the air.

But you can play with these parts. just click hold any part throw it towards other google parts. I used google’s search box as the most powerful tool while playing with anti-gravity google theme.

I used the search box as a baseball bat and hit all other small parts of google like a baseball. Really awesome guys, please check out this theme. Even it would become a challenge for you to enter your search query and find the search button.

Anti-Gravity Google

Underwater google

Guys, you may have seen underwater google before. It is a really cool gravity theme. It has been created by It is really interesting. This gravity theme had required a lot of coding. It was very difficult to build.

Hands off to elgoog underwater google theme creators. It is really a complex theme with a lot of features. Furthermore, it seems like it has taken a lot of time to form.

It has some awesome features. When you will open this theme. You will find google falling in the water. Google will fall in the water, with its search box. Then it will float in water and some part of it will remain underwater.

The seawater will be full of fishes. There are a variety of fishes in the water. Like sledgehammer, sharks, even starfish. Full of awesome graphics.

It is quite different from other gravity themes. Furthermore, all the fishes swim in a systematic way. You can even tap on the water to stop fishes from floating.

Furthermore, when you tap on the water, a water fountain will appear disturbing google. It is quite funny to play with google parts.

Underwater Google


So guys, these 2 google gravity themes namely- Underwater google and anti-gravity google are awesome. These are some really awesome themes and can be set as the homepage.

These are not affiliated by google. Moreover, these are created just for fun. You can access this theme by clicking on the green button. Hey, don’t forget to tell your zerg rush score.

Just type zerg rush in google search box and then hit enter, the game will automatically start. Please share this amazing article with your friends. Thanks for reading this article. Have a good day.

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