Why Thousands of Freelancers Are Using the UpWork Website

These days, millions of jobs require someone to do the writing. Journalism and newspapers, online blogging and websites, you will find it hard to find a corporation which doesn’t deal with some form of writing. This, in turn, requires a large market for writers of all types. So, where exactly can you turn when you need someone to take care of the workloads of writing? Or, on the contrary, where can you go if you want work in literary/writing areas? Thankfully, there are websites out there in which you can hire freelance writers, or, if you are a freelance writer, get yourself hired. One popular freelance website, in particular, is Upwork. This website has a huge online network of employers and writers this very day. Thousands of people are hired on a daily basis by legitimate employers seeking writers, and likewise, these thousands are being paid for their skills.

The birth of this site was the product of two previous freelance websites coming together. Elance and oDesk were once the biggest online freelance workplaces on the net. It didn’t take long for them to combine their visions, to thus produce the huge online workplace that is Upwork today. Since 2015, this site has continued to expand, now hosting millions of online freelancers and companies. At present, there are around 12 million online freelancers for hire, 3 million jobs posted on the site on a daily basis, around 5 million registered clients, and a huge amount of around 5 billion dollars exchanged and paid on the site on an annual basis. With these impressive figures, this site may very well be the leading freelance writing website out there today.

Let it also be known that not only writers use this site. This site is also perfect for web developers, customer service agents, designers and creators, and more. Upwork is indeed still expanding and perfecting its services. In a short period, millions of writers have flocked to the site and are now mostly in steady employment, working flexible hours, and earning big bucks. Now that we have a fair idea of the website let’s now take a closer look at the actual site. The following is a complete review of the website, in which we have analysed every great feature and every negative aspect (if any), which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the website.

Why Thousands of Freelancers Are Using the UpWork Website

Do I Have To Sign Up to Fully Use This Site?

If you are a freelance writer seeking work, you will have to first create an account before any employment. Signing up is completely free, and you can create an online profile. This profile will help get you recognised. On your profile, you can list all your skills, take literary tests to prove your skills, and upload examples of your writing for employers to have a look at. Also, make sure to link your bank account to your account.

On the other hand, if you are a client seeking to employ people, you will also have to sign up, but at a cost. You can again create your profile and then upload jobs. Once your job is posted, you can then start interviewing potential workers online.

Will It Cost Me Money To Use This Site As A Job Seeker?

As a freelance worker, searching for and applying to jobs is completely free. This is one of the best aspects of the site. Signing up is for, and once you have your account perfected, you can go searching for a job right away without paying a penny.

How Do I Search For Jobs, Become Employed and Start Earning Money?

The overall process is simple once you get the hang of it. Using the job search bar at the top of the page, you can enter a particular area of work that you’re looking for. For example, you can enter ‘content writing’, and Upwork will bring up all the most recently posted jobs in this area. Each job posting will feature the appropriate information, such as salary, job description and employer information. If the job suits you, you can then put forward an offer/apply. Applying for a posting involves writing a cover letter. Some clients may ask for more specific information for you to answer. If your given information/cover letter etc. is satisfactory, the employer will then contact you via Upwork in a messenger box (kind of like Facebook messenger). Here, you can talk about the job and submit work.

Are the Clients and Companies Legitimate?

The vast majority of employers on this website are completely legitimate. You can check for legitimacy by viewing an employers track history. You may even recognise some big or local company names on the site. However, you will sometimes come across false employers. These can be detected by their lack of history on the site and their unrealistic offers, such as an overly high salary offer.

How Can I Earn Money and How Much Money Could I Earn?

This all depends entirely on how much work you put in. Most long-term employers will offer around one – two dollars for every 100 written words. Some jobs will offer a one-time job of around 6000 words for $40. It all depends. Once you complete the job, sent the work back to the employer and the employer is happy with the work, you will be sent your money, or a ‘milestone will be approved’. The money will then go into your account.

When the money goes into your account, the site will charge some user fees which will deduct from your overall earnings. This is one of the few negatives regarding the site. Another slight downside is that it takes a few days for you to be able to extract the money from your Upwork account into your bank account.


One of the great things about this site is that you can meet some long term employers. Such employers could indeed lead to bigger jobs beyond the website. Furthermore, with Upwork, you can comfortably sit at home and earn money from there, all thanks to this great online workplace.

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