Why All Serious Photographers Should Start Using ViewBug

With the rapid evolution of technology, many things have changed. Movies, gadgets, television and also photography have all taken huge leaps forward. Photography, in particular, is now a hobby that many more people can enjoy nowadays, thanks to the technology each of us can easily possess through hi-tech phones and other gadgets. In coincidence with photography we have the internet, and thus millions of more people than before are sharing their lives by posting pictures online. For the serious photographers, however, there are now many websites in which they can publish their work and get their skills recognised. One website in particular that celebrates the art of photography is ViewBug (www.viewbug.com). This website attracts the attention of thousands of professional photographers who aim to display their passionate skills to large audiences. In particular, the ViewBug competitions are where the interests are set.

The history of the ViewBug website started with a bunch of photography enthusiasts. These photography buffs aimed to start the most intense and ultimately the best photography contests online. Today, thousands of photographers line up on a regular basis to get the chance to promote their work on the competitions, or better, claim the first prize in the ViewBug competitions. The website’s headquarters are currently situated in San Diego, California. Over the years, this website has garnered lots of attention because of their now celebrated competitions. They now also have a great online community of collaborating artists who love to regularly share their work with the website. So, if it’s inspiration or promotion you want, ViewBug is the right place to go.

At present, the online statistic of this site is very impressive. Since the beginning of the site, there have been around 4 thousand competitions, 220 million votes, 220 thousand daily peer awards, and a huge number of 21 million uploaded photos on the site. There are also 400 judges working on this site, ensuring that only the best work of the lens is shown and awarded on the site. ViewBug readily encourages all photographers to use this site to get their work that first jolt towards success. As we will now investigate, it’s not so difficult to find your photos the all important online platform.

Now that we have a fair idea of the site let’s know some more. The following is a thorough inspection of the website. In this review, we have scanned all areas of the site, highlighting the best features and any negative aspects (if any), which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up To This Site to Use It?

Without signing up, you can still do a lot with this website. You can view a lot of photos featured on this site without an account. However, most of the best features on this site will be restricted if you do not sign up. When it comes to signing up with this site, you have three different options. The first lite option, which is free, allows you to upload ten photos per week, join all the free photo competitions and enter one photo per every competition. The other two options, premium and pro, will cost you money. Premium costs $4.92 per month, and this gives you unlimited photo uploads, access to over 70 photography competitions, two entries for every competition, and more. Finally, the pro option ultimately gives you everything, with unlimited photo uploads, competition entries, and much more.

How Can I Enter A Competition?

To enter any competition, you must first have an account as mentioned above. The competitions will be determined on what account you have. A lite account allows you very little, whereas with premium and pro you can enter more competitions. To enter a photo competition, click ‘photo contest’ up on the headings and choose one of the many on offer. You can win different prizes for each contest, with the prizes being stated on every contest image. Some contests are free to enter. Furthermore, the contests vary on a theme, such as, to provide examples, bears, nature, Europe, and more.

Do I Have To Pay Money To Have My Work Exhibited Online?

Again, this entirely depends on what kind of account you sign up for. A lite account will allow you to display ten photos per week, whereas the bigger accounts will let you display more at a cost.

What Can I Do On This Site Other Than Competitions?

Besides the contests, you can also vote for your favourite material. You will find the vote section on the headings, and from here, you can cast a vote on any of the competing photos. You can also launch a unique photo challenge, which is a great way to start an idea online. It could also potentially attract lots of great photographers and therefore future friends. The concept is quite simple. First, you build your idea, then launch it, wait for it to draw in the people, and then gain some widespread recognition. You can also categorise your idea (architecture, landscapes, black and white, animals, people, and more).

Are There Any Special Features Worth Mentioning?

One of the best features of this website is the Challenges feature, as mentioned above. This is a fantastic way to have your ideas projected across the right platform, which in turn will attract the correct people and reap some great rewards.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding the Site?

After viewing the entire website, there was not much to argue with at all. This website is not only completely legitimate, but it is also well laid out and very professional. In short, there are zero negative aspects regarding this website.


If you are a budding photographer or a weathered professional, ViewBug is the right place for you. This place is an easy way to have your passions projected into the best online community. It can costs very little to have your work displayed, and you could potentially start up something great with the right people. All in all, this website seems like an incredible place for photographers to get started or to continue their work.

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