Why Vumoo Continues To Stand Tall Amid All Other Free Movie Sites

These days the internet is a hotspot for free movies, television, and other videos, as we all know. For several years, Vumoo has been at the forefront of online free movie distribution. Today, not much has changed. Vumoo (currently www.vumoo.li) still continues to pump out thousands of great videos on a regular basis, collecting equally thousands of avid users. At one glance at the site, you can view a lot of the biggest and most recent names in cinema. Furthermore, you will also see attractive displays to lure you in. If you haven’t already got a go-to website for all your free movies, it might be worth considering this website.

The Vumoo website states that it does not host any files on its server. It claims that all video files are provided by “non-affiliated third parties”. In other words, Vumoo sources all of its videos from other websites, thus helping it stay within legal confines. Thus, if you are worried about legal ownership and the use of the website being illegal, Vumoo claims that it is 100 percent legal. This action replicates that of a search engine, so you can think of Vumoo as the Google of free online videos if you care to.

Now that we have a sense or idea of the website, it’s time to get a little deeper. The following is a thorough review of the entire website. In this review, I have examined every area and feature of the website. I have highlighted any good or bad aspects (if any) which should ultimately all questions you have for the site. Let’s get started.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

Apparently, before anything, creating an account with Vumoo is essential. On the first visit to the site, you may notice a small box which states “sorry, you can’t watch this content as a guest. Please continue to create free account”. However, having ignored this notice myself, I still managed to watch movies without an account. Therefore, please be aware that this information is probably false and the link dubious. At your discretion, you may click ‘continue’ and then create a free account. But ultimately, you can still watch videos for free without an account, despite what the notice states.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

After having used this site myself for quite some time, I have never had to fetch my wallet. Everything on this site appears to be free of charge. Never should a movie on this site cost you money, so when or if you are asked to pay, please avoid it and be aware that this is most likely a scam.

What Movies Are On Offer Here?

Some of the best movies are right here on this site, from recent Hollywood blockbusters to older hits. There are several sections of movies, such as popular this week, currently watching, new releases, recently added, and many different genres, all of which should narrow down your search with ease. You can find these individual sections on the homepage or the browse heading. You will also find an IMDb Top Rated section in this browse heading, which is very useful and informative. It’s hard to tell exactly how many movies there are on this website, but with several different pages, all of which have hundreds of featured movies, the number is quite high.

Are There More Than Just Movies?

Indeed there are. This site supplies the best of both worlds, with great recent and older movies, and the hottest, most recent, and older classics in television. There is a separate section for TV shows on the website, which you can find at the top of the homepage. This will open an extending page of TV series. The page of ‘trending television’ extends quite far, revealing dozens upon dozens of TV series. In the estimate, there are hundreds of TV shows, perhaps teetering over the 1000 mark.

Can I Download the Videos Featured On This Site?

There is an option on the play page to download whatever video you are watching. However, after clicking this link, you will be asked to provide personal information to sign up to ‘Chillax’. After providing details, you will then be asked to select a payment method (yes, this isn’t free, which begs me to ask how legitimate this service is). With the request of money, I doubt the authenticity of this provider, and I, therefore, advise you to avoid trying to download from this website.

What Are the Best Features Of the Site?

One of the first features I noticed on this site was the lightning bolt icon. This icon indicates which movies have high-speed servers without ads. In other words, this means watching a movie quickly and hassle free. Another great aspect of the site was the overall display. Navigation is overall quite simple, with movies and TV shows being neatly sectioned. At the top of the homepage, you will also see a billboard display, showcasing some of the best and most recent movies available to watch straight away.

Are There Any Negative Aspects To the Site?

After scanning each area of this website, I have noticed a few errors which the website could do without. First of all, there are many pop-ups which occur frequently. Furthermore, there are numerous suspicious links like to download link I have mentioned above. All things considered, when using this site, you should only browse the site for a movie, click on a movie and then proceed to watch. Keep it that simple, for there are some links and ads which could be vicious.

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the website. If you have enjoyed this review and have found it useful, you may want to read more posts regarding free movie websites. Here on Techwhack, we have many reviews of individual free movie websites, so feel free to browse our site. Alternatively, you can click here to view our rundown of the best free online movie websites.

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