9 Best Sites To Watch Anime Online Or English Dubbed Anime

9 Best Sites To Watch Anime Online Or English Dubbed Anime
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Hello guys, How are you? Today tech whack has brought a new post on best sites to watch anime online. These sites are great to watch English dubbed anime online.  Adults are so busy in their hectic life that they don’t remember their childhood and most of them also missed that a lot. Even many parents love watching anime with their children while some of them pretend that they hate anime. Even some love anime because they want to form a good impression on their children. Such people should especially refer to this article.

Nowadays I think everyone has their personal smartphones. So why can’t we watch anime on phones?

The anime sites listed below are mobile compatible, and you can watch any anime on these sites in HD. These anime sites stream all the episodes of even old time anime. They have a very large database. Furthermore, you can easily find your favourite anime here. In earlier times Anime were drawn on a sheet and computer was only responsible for moving them.


But when computer revolution came, our world started becoming more visually active. In the old times, anime may not be as visually interesting as in the present. Because of these special effects and more, they look responsive and tremendous

Animations are now gaining popularity, and they are as loved as TV serials. Furthermore, if you are a lover of anime, you can easily check out these sites for your favourite anime.

Now, this is becoming so popular that every country has its anime. Japanese cartoons are becoming quite famous. And they are available on for the whole world as English dubbed anime.

If you want to watch anime online, you may be trying to google your favourite anime. Any of the other search engines and even youtube will not be able to find the right streaming site to watch anime online. As due to copyright complaints, youtube removes the content. If you search on google, you will only find a lot of spammy sites.

Some of these spammy sites would track your history while the sites listed will not. Finally, these sites may contain some cookies, but they are just only for providing good user experience.

Best Sites To Watch Anime Online Or English Dubbed Anime Online

These sites are, especially for Japanese anime. You can also watch English dubbed anime online. We have specially listed Japanese anime sites because they have really interesting stories and they are loved by all.

Due to their tradition, they usually create good anime to watch online. Because they have samurais and ninjas in their history. Many of these sites will avail English dubbed anime online.

Japan seems like they have got a unique history with a lot of fighting groups. Japanese are famous for their anime world. Even the cartoon comics are very interesting there. It looks like they are god gifted in creating these interesting characters for anime.

They have big fans for their cartoons, and most of them are well known English persons. So the list of best sites to watch anime starts here.


gogoanime is a good site with all Japanese anime.

  • Anime are also available in Japanese.
  • You can watch English dubbed anime here
  • Only the latest episodes of anime are available as English dubbed anime.
  • A really good collection of anime.
  • Anime movies with mangas and comics are also available.
  • They have a special comment box under each streaming episode.
  • Alexa Rank of 933.

Streams very fast and support is good as well. Overall it is a good site to watch anime online.

Kissanime – My Favourite

Kissanime is the best site to watch anime online.

  • It has a very large collection database.
  • It seems like it may contain every episode of all the animes!!
  • But the only problem is that it contains a lot of ads.Even some of them are very annoying.
  • K points are used for buying the premium account and even to remove ads.
  • It even has added more steps to watch anime.
  • But it streams fast and has English dubbed anime.
  • Its Alexa rank is 482 and Moz’s DA of 32.

It is an awesome site to watch anime online. Here you can read manga or comics and even discuss in the forum with other people.


Anime streams is my good site to watch anime online.

  • This site has a good collection of quality anime.
  •  Everything is organised perfectly. Moreover, all the latest episodes are on the landing page with an attractive image.
  • Features a good navigation system and is easy to use.
  • It has a fast loading media player.
  • It’s not old styled like those websites which do not allow you to play videos from a specific time or skip some of its parts.
  • Contains ads but they the site is not clogged with them
  • Anime is available for different age groups.
  • It seems like the owner of this site is working hard to improve it. Finally, it is an awesome site to watch anime online.

Crunchyroll.com – legal


  • Awesome to watch anime online.
  • Vert large database
  • It contains some unique anime which may not be easily available on others.
  • Animes in Hd quality are available
  • A good site to watch English dubbed anime online.
  • Stream on very fast server
  • It is a fast loading site.
  • Good streaming player.
  • Good user experience
  • Legal site to watch anime online

You can watch anime movies here.


9anime is another famous site with a unique interface and all. Yes, it may contain ads. Some are harmful as well. This site belongs to fmovies.is. It seems like movie sites are building anime sites as well. I have heard that soon the biggest movie site 123movies.is will also be releasing ads free anime site. 9anime has a fresh database; there is a little bit of problem with it the search bar as it doesn’t show that well-organised animes. The database is not so big right now as it is a new movie site. But overall, it is a good alternative of kiss anime.


  • It is a good site.
  • Awesome and unique features.
  • Big collection of anime.
  • Awesome site to watch English dubbed anime.
  • All the anime are available as dubbed
  • But it contains a lot of ads.
  • They are very annoying.
  • It has two types of ads.
  • Some ads are displayed in the sidebars while other are in content.
  • They are very spammy ads.
  • But you can close them.
  • Since it has a fast and good player, I included it in the list.
  • Moreover, it has latest episodes available. It uploads the latest episodes faster than other sites. You can even watch Asian drama. Furthermore, you can read comics and mangas. It has an Alexa of 10,000 while it was archived in 2013.


Ryuanime is a good site to watch anime online. It has a good collection of cartoons. This is one of my favourite sites. However, some popular anime series are missing.

That’s the only problem with this site. It has full episodes of all the anime series’. Preferably, this site is good to watch English dubbed cartoons online. It may need some bug fixes. It receives a lot of traffic. This site is improving fast and is regularly updated. That’ why I would prefer to sign up there. You can even comment beneath all the episodes.

They also let you read manga and comics on this site. I would prefer to watch English dubbed anime movies here. It is a slow site in comparison to others and was established in 2009. It contains ads, but they are not so annoying.


It is a good looking site. I love this site regarding look. It has nice and attractive themes. Furthermore, it provides a good user experience. Its header bar is very beautiful, and it is fixed. It seems like it is a technologically modern site.

But it is still developing. This site has just a few days ago back launched a new version of its anime player but it is in beta. It seems like it doesn’t have a large collection of anime. It even doesn’t have latest episodes of popular anime. Its bounce rate is very low with a good visitor-serving system. It’s Alexa rank is 96,000 and it serve ads but they are not annoying or large in numbers.

This is an awesome site to watch English dubbed anime online. It has a fast loading server. In conclusion, it is one of the best sites to watch anime online.


Anidb is an awesome forum site to watch English dubbed anime online.

Furthermore, this site has a very large collection of anime. It has the latest episodes of all the famous anime. Even its loading speed is good. This site is created by online users and visitors. Anidb is a site which stores anime database. Furthermore, it is a non-profit community, where you can edit and create new pages. Even discuss about spoilers and all here

It has an Alexa rank of around 26,988 which means it has a great viewership. Finally, it is one of the best anime online site.

The Top 5 English Dubbed Anime Series

1) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This anime series is adapted from the legendary Fullmetal Alchemist manga. It directly follows the original manga, and is one of the greatest anime series’ of all time.

2) Death Note

Death Note has such a cool concept, and they have manged to execute this so well in the Anime series. It presents viewers with the real moral dilemma of what to do with the power of death. Do yourself a favor and check out this renowned Anime if you haven’t already – you won’t be disappointed.

3) Bleach

Bleach is another really cool anime TV series that is based on the manga of the same name. There is a total of 366 episodes in this Anime, but the quality never dips throughout. It also has an awesome soundtrack. Check it out!

4) Neon Genesis Evangelion

This legendary Anime was broadcast on TV Tokyo from 1995 to 1996. It really has stood the test of time as one of the greatest. It is an apocalyptic anime set in a futuristic Tokyo, 15 years after an Armageddon-like event. You will have to strap in for the ride for this one. It’s one hell of an adventure.

5) Dragon Ball Z

We think that no list of Anime series’ could be complete without including the famous Dragon Ball Z series. It was first aired in Japan from 1989 to 1996 before being dubbed into English and exported across the globe. Believe the hype you’ve heard about Dragon Ball Z. It really has some breathtaking animation.

Anime: News, New Releases, Facts 

  • High School DXD Season 4 (Official Date not confirmed)
  • Code Geass Season 3 (Official Date not confirmed)
  • Blue Exorcist New Season Is running
  • Attack on Titan season 2 to be released in April 2017- Check here

Sword art online novel nine released with great expectations. Many new anime movies have succeeded as well today.

Dragon ball super: Gohan will train with Goku. Moreover, new gods will be seen. On of them will be a green skinned god. Also in the preview, we spotted a female broly. Many new villains will be returning in Dragon Ball super for the preparation of the tournament. While Gohan will then be trained by this.

  • One Punch Man: One punch man season is delayed. The fans have expected the season 2 to be releasing in JAN. But now they haven’t confirmed the date the only thing we can conclude is that the season will release in Mid 2017.
  • Dragon Ball Super: There is another big news about it. Bulma will be seen to pregnant again. So we can expect another Super Saiyan girl or boy. Moreover, in further episodes, goku will keep his training On even with Gohan.
  • Dragon ball super Universal Survival Arc: It is expected that many new characters would show up. Some of them may be new gods of destruction even stronger than beerus itself. Also, gohan is expected to get a new form as well. Maybe he will also become super saiyan Blue.


I have listed some great sites to watch anime online for free. These sites are thoroughly reviewed by me. All the sites would guarantee to stream cartoons and would not spam you.

In any cases like browser history tracking etc. These sites would not be involved. If you have seen any of the site doing such spammy techniques, then please refer to us.

If you want any of your favorite anime site to be included in this list then please comment with your answer. We have listed some special sites to watch English dubbed anime online. Please share this article with your friends. Bookmark this article as we keep on updating the articles. Have a Good Day!! 🙂


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