How WebsiteBox Can Create Amazing Realtor Sites At A Great Price

As a realtor, buying, selling and sometimes maintaining property can be tough. However, with more people than ever before turning to online methods, realtors now have a new digital market to work with. Millions of people these days are viewing properties online and sometimes going as far as purchasing homes and businesses through websites. Therefore, realtors can benefit by having an online, professional website which can serve people with all they need to know when it comes to either buying or selling a property. Nevertheless, realtors are not website wizards, and therefore it may take a helping hand to get such a platform up and running. There are suitable websites out there on the net which can offer professional website guidance, and one such company is WebsiteBox.

Founded in 2012, this company brings website packages to real estate agents and brokers at a reasonable price. The company is based in Toronto, Canada, and has since served thousands of realtors with the online platforms they need to further their business. These website packages have been pre-designed to suit exactly what a realtor wants to display in his or her business. Such services include optimisation with search engine results, great pre-designed content, customer relationship management capabilities, and much more. This website ultimately offers several website platforms for the several areas of realtor work. So, if you’re a coveted member of the National Association of Realtors and you need to reach out with a solid website, this service has everything you need.

The following is an in-depth review of the official website, in which we at TechWhack have scanned all areas, picking out the important aspects, the good bits and the bad (if any), which should ultimately give you a clear understanding of how this website works, and how it can work for you.

Creating Realtor Websites For A Great Price

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

If you want to seriously get on-board with this website, an account is unavoidable. To sign up, you will find the sign-up buttons at the top right side of the homepage. You can still browse all the options and read all the information without signing up. To sign up, you must provide your personal details, as well as details regarding your country and your company info. After all, this is taken care of; you will then be obliged to select a package with WebsiteBox, which will then require you to start paying and creating. (More on price information is featured below).

Can I Use This Site If I Am Not A Citizen Of North America/Do Not Reside In North America?

Unfortunately, if you do not reside in North American, this website and its services are off limits. This website only operates within Canada and the United States.

What Website Packages Does This Site Offer Me?

After searching for all the packages that this site offers, I have found an abundance of different website formats, all complete with different types of services and perks. In total, there are 100 different website designs/theme choices to choose from. With such a wide variety, you have the chance to make your website that bit special. These website designs apply to the three website categories that this site offers. These three categories are Do-It-All Package, Do-It-All Team Package, and Do-It-All Office Package. The first package is perfect for individual real estate agents with an independent business. The team package is designed real estate teams. Lastly, the office package is perfect for bigger teams.

In sum, WebsiteBox has one of the widest varieties of pre-designed websites to choose from. Of course, you can add your own personal touches to these pre-determined templates. The great thing about these packages is that the website takes care of all the hi-tech ins and outs, leaving you with a professional website, hassle-free. Full information on what each of these packages can be found at this URL:

How Much Will A Website With This Site Cost Me?

Another great thing about this website is that it offers a set price for all its services. All of the listed website packages, office, team or individual packages, are $99. There are no monthly fees to manage, just a one-off payment that will have you completely set up and ready to go.

What Are the Overall Advantages Of Using This Site?

  • The main thing that draws realtors to this site is the hassle-free prospect. They genuinely do take care of everything.
  • There are hundreds of designs and themes to choose from (more than many other websites in this line of work).
  • You have complete power over the customisation of your website. WebsiteBox ultimately gives you the bare foundations to work on. It is you who ultimately decides on the content.
  • The technology used to create these websites accommodates all devices. Phones, tablets and other gadgets can access the websites created by the site.
  • You can have your website translated into a bunch of different languages besides English.
  • Your website can and will be search engine optimised, making sure it’s at the top of the pile when people are searching for professional real estate businesses online.
  • There are many testimonials online. Many people have voiced their praise for the work that this website has done for them. If you are unsure about buying into a website with this site, try reading the testimonials. Furthermore, WebsiteBox has displayed its overall quality versus other similar online sites. You can view their success and quality on the ‘WebsiteBox vs. Competitors’ page.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the services that this company supplies, you can receive a full refund. By cancelling within 30 days of your purchase, you will receive a full refund. It’s as simple as that.


In conclusion, if you haven’t already got a website for your business, all of the above coverage should hopefully lead you towards investing in a site with WebsiteBox. Try it today, and if you’re not satisfied, the 30-Day Guarantee is always there to fall back on.

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