‘What Song Is This?’ Apps To Help You Find That Evasive Song

You know that feeling where you hear a song in a cafe or bar, and you want to know “What song is this?!” Well, we’ve all been there. With modern technology, you can more easily find out the name of the Artist and song title of almost any music you are exposed to.

Even better, there are some apps that let you hum the song, and they can figure out the title. This is so satisfying if you have that one unknown song trapped in your head that you heard on the radio.

So read on to find out about some great apps, and soon you’ll have the answer when anyone asks “What song is this?”.


Shazam is something that corny magicians say when they pull a rabbit out of the hat. But there is nothing third rate about this app; it is magic!

There is a reason Shazam is the top of this list. It is constantly recommended as one of the most accurate and comprehensive music recognition apps. It is the original and still the best. With this app, you might not ever have to ask again “What song is this?” Instead, your first instinct will be to pull out your phone as fast as possible, and hit Shazam before the songs over.

Chances are if this app can get a listen to a few seconds of the track, it will give you an answer almost instantaneously. Even if you are offline at the time, Shazam can save a clip of the music, and once you have the internet, it will find the song for you.

The app has unlimited tagging and a tonne of other features. Not only that, but it is fully integrated with social media and streaming services including Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Pandora.


Soundhound is not only an excellent alternative to Shazam but also offers something unique in its right.

This app can miraculously identify songs that you hum. If you are anything like me, this app should be a joyful revelation. For some reason, I tend to get songs stuck in my head from the radio in my car or at the gym. The damn song will repeat in a loop, and I’ll have no idea what it is!

Sometimes I try entering in what ends up being a garbled version of the lyrics into Google, but that rarely helps. Failing that I’ll trawl through the list of the current Top 40 hits but this is often a futile search too.

Now with sound hound, I have a more precise tool to track that unknown track.

The good news is that the song doesn’t have to be playing at the time.

The bad news is that you need to be pretty decent at humming for Soundhound to have a decent guess. Also, make sure you are in a nice quiet place without interference – this will make the results more accurate. Anyway, you probably want to be alone for this humming exercise as you will look and sound pretty stupid!

It’s worked a few times for me, but also failed a couple of times. That’s fine – I know the limit of my humming skills. I’m sure some of the artists who write the songs wouldn’t recognise it if I hummed it to them.

However other, probably better hummers, have noted that it doesn’t always get the right result for them either. These apps can’t read minds, yet!

Other features

Aside from humming, you can also use Soundhound to listen to the real thing as it plays on the radio, just like Shazam. The results are usually just as good.

A cool feature is that as you tag the song, the app shows you the lyrics as they are being sung, allowing you an impromptu karaoke. I imagine this would be fun for kids at parties.The app essentially acts as karaoke sidekick for your stereo! Amazing.

Like Shazam, Soundhound also links up to your favourite streaming services including Youtube, Beats1 Radio, Bandsintown, Lyricfind, Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Facebook, Twitter and more. Cool stuff.

You can also ask it for music facts, such as the age of a musician or the latest album from your favourite band.

In short, this is a serious contender to Shazam that is packed full of cool features.

Some Other Awesome Apps


TrackID does a similar job to Shazam but is a little less known. Simply let the app listen to the song that’s playing, and if it can successfully tag it, you’ll get the track title, artist name and more.

TrackID will also helpfully furnish you with the album that the track hails from and the cover art for this album. What is also neat is they provide in-depth bios for most of the artists, and then recommend further popular songs by them.

It is also really nice how you can add your discovered song to a Spotify playlist ensuring you never forget it again.

You can also use TrackID to find out popular songs that people are querying all over the world, with the TrackID global and regional charts.


Musixmatch is an app with powerful lyric recognition capabilities. It can hunt through a huge repository of lyrics of popular songs to get the song you are looking for.

You can also tag and share lyrics and even browse them wen you are offline.

It comes compatible with many of the third pig party streaming sites and music players to give you the lyrics of a song as you are listening. Excellent for an impromptu karaoke party!

Conclusion – what song is this?

Isn’t mobile technology so cool? Apps like Soundhound and Shazam have completely revolutionised out ability to be informed about music.

I’ve used these apps countless times when a song is bothering me. Instead of saying “What song is this” or asking someone “Do you know, what song is this?”, now I can just pull out my phone, and in a few taps, I’ve got it.

The amount of music I have discovered this way is amazing. It also can be fun, if you know the name of an obscure song that your friend doesn’t, and then you can use Shazam or Soundhound to prove your knowledge!

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