Using WolowTube For Your Free Online Movies Is Not A Bad Idea

Using WolowTube For Your Free Online Movies Is Not A Bad Idea
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When it comes to free movies and TV shows online, many of us will know the big names. Websites like Putlocker and 123movies are big names when it comes to free movies and TV. But there are of course many other websites out there which can do similar things. One of these more obscure websites is WolowTube, a basic website which harbours a fair reputation for free movies and TV series. WolowTube is essentially a movie and TV series search engine website. In other words, this website tracks down thousands of other streams or websites which offer free movies. This also means as you may have guessed, WolowTube doesn’t have any movies on its website.

Nevertheless, you can use this website to source thousands of different websites at the one time, instead of searching through bundles of websites yourself which would take a painfully long time. According to the website, around 30,000 movies and TV shows can be found by using this site as your search engine. There are also more benefits to using this site, as I will now get into.

The following is a thorough review of the website. I have inspected all parts of this site to present to you all you need to know. There are both positives and negatives worth mentioning, all in favour of passing on the good information of free movies and television.

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use the Website?

To access all that this website has to give, there are no sign-ups needed. In fact, you couldn’t register if you wanted to, for there is no option for registration at all. This site comes to you completely free and ready to give, without forcing any of its users to sign-up.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

As you may have guessed, everything you see on the website is completely free to access. You won’t be charged to click on any links. However, as I have mentioned, this website simply offers a search engine function which will track down websites which feature your chosen movie or TV show. These outsourced websites may charge you to watch under their domain. In my opinion, try to find websites that you know are free. For example, one of the most popular results when choosing a movie through WolowTube is Putlocker. This is a free website and should be followed.

What Type of Movies and TV Shows Are on Offer?

Judging by the homepage alone, some of the most recent Hollywood blockbusters are on display. You will find the biggest movies and television shows from the last 2 – 3 years, as well as some older classics. On the homepage, you will find the most popular films, and there are five pages for you to browse through. To access the TV shows, click on the TV show heading. Here, you will again find the most popular TV shows listed within five pages. At a glance, some of the biggest TV series here are House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory.

If you can’t find the movie you’re searching for after having browsed the most popular movies, don’t worry. Simply use the website’s search bar and enter the movie or TV series title there. This site will then work its magic and bring you the results. From here, all you have to do is select a website which suits you.

Are There Any Special Features Worth Mentioning on This Website?

To be honest, there are not many additional features besides the movie and TV show lists. Because it doesn’t play any movies, but instead finds these websites for you, it is a very basic website. This, however, can be seen as either a positive or a negative. On the one hand, the website’s simplicity means you will find what you want within a few seconds, without any complications. On the other hand, if you want to be entertained there and then by the actual website, you will be disappointed. All things considered, as a movie and TV show search engine website, WolowTube works best with simplicity. There are no complicated processes or fancy displays needed here.

Can I Download Movies or TV Shows?

You will not be able to download any video files directly from the WolowTube website. This website is simply a search engine and does not offer any options in the way of either streaming or downloading. You may, however, be able to download the movie file from the sourced website. This, of course, depends entirely on whatever website you are watching your movie from.

What Are the Negative Aspects (If Any)?

Ignore the website’s bareness, for as I have mentioned, this site doesn’t need fancy displays. The website has a nice array of thumbnails which will help you narrow down your search. However, there isn’t a wide variety of popular movies on display. Nevertheless, this ultimately doesn’t matter, for you have the search bar to find whatever movie you want.

One of the biggest negative aspects of this site involves a website called ‘Geeker’. Often, after selecting a movie to watch from WolowTube, you will be directed to the Geeker website. This website is malicious, false, and should, therefore, be avoided by all means. Try and select a website like Putlocker, and never trust the Geeker site.

Finally, one small positive I will have to mention is the fact that there are no ads or pop-ups on WolowTube. All things considered, it is a very easy website to use.

Closing Remarks

If you would like to know more about free movie and TV websites, please feel free to browse our other pages on our website. We have many other posts regarding individual reviews on TV and movie websites, as well as the best of.

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