Why Xmovies Is More Than Just Your Standard Free Movie Site

There was once a time when the cinema attracted huge crowds for the premiere of a movie. People left their homes, paid the price, and spread the word on what they saw on the silver screen. Such an occurrence doesn’t happen as often as it used to. So what happened? The worldwide phenomenon that is the internet has forever changed how we watch movies. It is now easier than ever to get hold of that movie that everyone’s talking about, and it could potentially cost you nothing. Millions of people stream movies on their computers on a daily basis. Therefore, there are millions of free movie websites. But which sites are to be trusted, and which are the best?

Here at TechWhack, movie websites are something of a forte for us. We have analysed and presented a whole bunch of free movie sites. We know that many such sites are often great, sometimes poor, and even malicious. Due to piracy and the consequent complaints, movie streaming websites often disappear. On the other hand, free movie websites spring up every day, so it can be hard to keep track. All in all, we all need a sturdy, trustworthy free movies site, which includes great movies and no nonsense, just plain and simple viewing. Today, we are placing the spotlight on Xmovies (www.xmovies.is). This website may seem like just any other of the millions of free movie sites, but we are willing to see what it can offer.

This site offers some of the biggest cinematic names in new releases. Along with this, it also offers HD movies, in up to 1080p. Such things are what every great free movies site must have to really stand out from the crowd. If all this sounds good to you, the following review should tell you everything you need to know about the site. We have analysed each and every area of the site, highlighting for you all the good parts and the bad, which will hopefully have you watching great movies for free in no time.

Xmovies: More Than Just Your Standard Free Movie Site

Do I Have To Sign Up to Watch Free Movies?

You can visit this site and watch a movie without any sign ups. No account is required. There is, however, a sign-up option, but whether this is worth your time or not is questionable. If you sign up, you can “use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting films”. Registration will only take a few seconds, by filling out your name, your email address, creating a password and entering a code.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Not. As far as I know, all movies here are completely free. Should anything on this site cost you money, be aware that you might be being scammed. This website is a free movie streaming site and remains so.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like?

Here is where the true mettle of a movies website is decided. The range of movies on this site is quite good. If you’re searching for recent releases, this website has you covered. This site offers the best films released within the past decade or so. You can find the biggest names that everyone is talking about. You can view their entire movie selection by clicking the ‘movies’ heading. Here, there are 30 movies per page and an astonishing total of 227 pages full of movies. In sum, there are around 6,810 movies available to watch on this site. You can filter the movies with the ‘filter’ option – sorting by genre, release year, country, most viewed, newly updated, and top IMDb rated.

You can also find movie sections on the homepage to browse through. These sections include featured movies, most watched today, and free latest movies. The website’s headings are genre, country, featured, top IMDb, and A-Z list.

Does This Site Offer Anything Else Besides Movies?

If you also want free TV series, this site offers just that, despite what it’s website title suggests. Xmovies is both free movies and a free TV website. You can access the total collection of TV series by clicking on the TV series heading. Again, there are 30 titles per page, and with the TV series section, there are a total number of 37 pages, making a total of around 1,100 TV series to choose from. That’s a lot of television. Furthermore, you can also filter the TV series just like with the movies section. There is also a free latest TV series section on the homepage.

Also, Xmovies displays a news feature on the homepage, as well as a ‘coming soon’ section. There is also a request section, in case you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Can I Download Movies From This Site?

If you want to download the movies, you will be disappointed. This site offers to stream movies only. If you find any features which offer to download, be careful, for these buttons or links are often false and malicious.

What Are the Overall Pros and Cons?

Pros: One of the best things about this site has to be the modern selection of movies. Besides this, you can also view some older classics, stretching back to the dawn of cinema. Therefore, Xmovies pretty much has it all. (There is also an adult movies section).

Beneath each movie, there are also suggestion features – movies you might also like, and movies in the same genre. Furthermore, each movie comes with a wealth of information, should you need it.

All movies play without any interruptions. This site offers smooth streaming without any complications.

Cons: There are some pop-ups which can be annoying. Then again, almost all movie sites have pop-ups.


All things considered, Xmovies appears great and able to stand proudly amid the best of free movie sites. If you are in search of a free movies site that’ll offer you quality movies without the hassle, Xmovies is the site to visit.

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