Plot and Media Info On Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada Kun and the seven witches remain an ongoing manga series illustrated and written by Miki Yoshikawa.

Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches: Plot and Media Information


Yamada Kun opens in high school. In high school, Yamada Kun is well-known as a delinquent. After one year of attending school, Yamada has been bored of classes. He mistakenly falls from a wave of stairs upon Urara Shiraishi, who remain the ace student of the learning place. When Yamada woke up, he discovered that his body is already swapped. While Urara and Yamada try to avert the move, they noticed that kissing had created the body swap. The Supernatural Studies Club emerged again through the recommendation of Toranosuke Miyamura the vice-president of the student council. Later along the line, Miyabi joined the club in the participation of futuristic activities.

The newly revived club gets involved with other witches that have unique powers activating through a kiss. Kentar? Tsubaki, a transfer student, later joined the Supernatural Studies Club after being involved in a fire burn to the ancient schoolhouse. Yamada’s memories were void of any strange forces upon noticing the identity of the 7th witch. However, it affected the students and witches involved in the coven activities. With a kiss, Yamada restores the memories of the witches, while the student tries to stop his progress. He also went on to gather the seven witches for an event where he desires the powers to disappear. Yamada truly confessed his love to Urara, and the two later become a couple.

While Yamada Kun is being approved to the new student club, he noticed that the witch copying power remains in him. He also learns that there are more witches at the corner. While noticing and allying with the witches, the student council tries to protect each other from the powers they possess. They have always been confronted by opposing students controlled by the Japanese chess club. The Japanese chess club has new male students having powerful witch tricks. The student council conducted a referendum without any assurance and must face the challenges of a new election. Yamada discovered another witch while in the process of infiltrating the Japanese chess club. He noticed that the new coven was linked to his previous lifestyle. Yamada tries to strike a deal with Ushio his childhood friend to recollect some memories of the past. The deal will reward Ushio with the 7th witch’s position of Nancy’s capability. Yamada used his copied 7th witch’s power to get rid of the recent events when the Japanese chess club continues to override the deal. Nevertheless, Ushio defeated Yamada, and both were forgotten by the students.

As the institution plans to deal with new witches in the upcoming year, Yamada returned to the Supernatural Studies Club. Yamada noticed that his schoolmates and his memories are limited to the things that occurred in the first school year, including people he was dating before. Due to the short memories of how he lived his past life, Yamada went on to find out what happened. To achieve this goal, Yamada gathered male witches to attend an event to restore everyone’s lost memories. He plans to apply to a prestigious University as he prepares to complete his senior year of high school. Yamada finally discovered that Urara was the original witch after she mysteriously disappeared from his life along with everyone else’s memories and the witches’ powers.


Television Drama: On August 10, 2013, a live-action drama of the manga series started airing for people to see. Yamada is being represented by Yusuke Yamamoto and Urara Shiraishi as Mariya Nishiuchi. Atsuko Maeda, a former AKB48 headliner, wrote the theme song that reads “Time Machine Nante Iranai”. Maeda described the song as fun and cheerful and anticipate that it will live up to the hype of the show.


Miki Yoshikawa illustrated and wrote the manga. The manga is being serialised in Kodansha’s Weekly magazine. In 2012, the first chapter of the manga was published and released February of the same year.


Due to being bored and lousy grades, Yamada experienced some difficulties at school. Not quite far from his troubling moments, he spotted a model student called Urara Shiraishi. Yamada Kun was carried away in his problems and bump into the model student. As nature will have its way, Yamada finally noticed he was in contact with Urara. Yamada Kun quickly noticed that Urara had been bullied before they met each other. The force of attraction to pull the two together was simply a kiss and not the head-on collision. In another instance, both Urara and Yamada swap again after meeting along the way. A stalker takes a picture just as Yamada undresses to represent Urara. Yamada immediately followed Urara and had a tough combat with the stalker that took the picture secretly. Due to the relationship of both Urara and Yamada, the vice-president of the student council tries to revive the Supernatural Studies Club.

Yamada has met some other people after his experience with Urara. This can be found in the likes of Meiko and a bespectacled girl later discovered manga is a witch. While Yamada experience is worth calling telepathy, he shares his power with Ito and Miyamura. Yamada in collaboration with other witches can hear Otsuka’s ideas. Otsuka has been dressed to appear like a shiba inu in the manga series. Otsuka made it clear to the rest of the group that she will like to follow the footsteps of her father by passing the math examination to become a qualified medical practitioner. However, along with the line, Yamada can discover that Otsuka wants to become a manga artist in the future. Yamada eventually felt ill from some cookies even while the club accepts to render a great support during the test. This led to destroying the opportunities Otsuka had to pass the exam. At an academic counselling session, Yamada interrupts Otsuka’s meeting with her mum. This is purposely done so that Otsuka will be able to unleash her real visions. Without any scintilla of doubt, that witches have several tricks and tactics of knowing each other when they meet. On this note, it is not a good idea to underestimate the powers of Yamada Kun and the seven witches. In this manga series, it is evident that witches are wise, intelligent and jealous.

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