Could Yesmovies Be the Best Movie and TV Series Streaming Website Ever?

Could Yesmovies Be the Best Movie and TV Series Streaming Website Ever?
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Just recently we have come across this awesome free streaming website yesmovies, which we thought we needed to share with you today. Unlike many other comparable streaming sites, this site is advert free, streams fast and doesn’t redirect you to dodgy websites or plague you with pop-up adverts. Does this sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more. Free Movies

Site Layout

Immediately we were impressed with the slick and up to date website design of yesmovies. They have put a good deal of effort into making a properly eye-catching website that is as nice to browse as Netflix.

The visuals pop from the screen and entice you to explore the streaming content available.

Now take a look back at an older website like Project Free TV. There is no comparison. This site has a refreshingly slick interface that can compete with the top premium content websites. So if you think that by using free websites you will have to compromise on user experience, this site will prove you wrong.

The website banner displays beautiful HD images of the most exciting films and television series that are available to stream. This is excellent if you are not quite sure what you want to watch and need to check out a new series or movie.

Organisation of Films and TV series

Scroll down below this, and you will see a grid of eye-catching films and TV shows to watch. They are presented by large, colourful thumbnails of the series or a film poster.

If you scroll your mouse over a title, you will see a little info box pop-up. This is a lovely touch and further adds to the professionalism and slick user interface of the website. The info box lets you know the IMDB rating of the film or series, the running length, release year, the country of origin and genre and also provides a short synopsis of the plot or theme.

Importantly, on top of each link, they display whether or not it is a “Cam” recording or an “HD” rip. For newer film releases, just out in the cinema, you are most likely to encounter a cam recording. This is when someone records the film at a movie theatre on a camera. The result can often be of lower quality, but it is often the only way to see newer films without going to the theatre.

Slightly older titles which are now available on DVD, Bluray and to stream on demand are uploaded in much crisper HD quality. Personally, I prefer to watch these, over the Cam recordings. Yesmovies helpfully categorises each stream into CAM or HD so you can decide what you want to see.

Available Selection

I have to say; I was very impressed with the sheer amount of excellent responsive links available on this site.

Firstly, you can browse films by Suggestion. Here you can browse by “Hot”, “Top views today”, “Top favourite” and “Top rating”. The top rating tab isn’t that useful for me, however, as my tastes don’t seem to line up with the yesmovies audience. However, that doesn’t matter one bit – they have such a large selection of awesome new releases, interesting movies and recent blockbuster films that you can find something for everyone here.

Further down the page, you can browse the Latest Movies by genre including “Action”, “Thriller” and “Romance”. Browse the Latest TV-Series by country. Tabs include United States TV shows as well as Korean and Japanese. This site does cater to an international audience.

Further down still and you will find the most requested links. These are all Anime titles and include Naruto, Dragon Ball z, etc. If you are an Anime fan, you can get your fix here too.

Searching and Advanced Filtering

Of course, if you have something specific in mind and you don’t see it on the front page of this site, then you can avail of their excellent search function and the advanced filtering page.

To test the search function, I typed in “Buffy” into the search bar in the top right-hand corner. I wanted to see if they had implemented a decent search tool or only one that would produce results if using the correct keyword.

Needless to say, the search functionality here is excellent – they guessed I meant “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and in a split second I had eight links to the seven series’ and the film. The back end development is up to par with the front end visuals of the website. In other words, yesmovies isn’t just a pretty face.

To access the Advanced filter click on “View More” anywhere on the home page. This will take you through to a list of the complete films and TV series they have available. Click the “Filter” button on the top right-hand side of this page. Now you will see the excellent organisation and indexing of yesmovies come into its own. Tick the boxes to filter movies by year, country and a host of other parameters to get specific recommendations for the types of things you like.

Mobile Functionality

The website is well optimised for mobile viewing on Android devices, iOS and tablets. I have tested it out on my phone, and it works well.

Speed and Quality of Streams

You will be happy to know that the quality and speed of the streaming here is excellent. Links are regularly updated. It also seems to be free from pop-ups – something that plagues other free streaming websites. Content plays through an in-built browser and comes from third party websites without redirecting you towards them. You can select from 3 or more streaming sources to get the best results. I haven’t had an issue with any streams so far. They all work perfectly, like a paid for service!


Yesmovies is safe to browse and won’t give you any malicious adware or malware. It has the rating “Not Dangerous” on Google Safe Browsing. It is also relatively family friendly. Sure there are 18 rated films on here, but at least it doesn’t redirect, link to or host pornographic material, unlike some other streaming sites.yesm

Extra Features

There is also a nice news section that regularly updates with news about TV shows, Films, celebrity news and Anime news. I also like the request section – it is easy to send them a quick note about a film or show you want to watch that you can’t find on the website.


It is safe to say that I have been impressed by yesmovies. It a streaming website that I intend to use regularly. I previously didn’t believe that free streaming websites with such a nice layout, organisation, stream quality and speed could exist. Even better – it appears to be advert free. I have no idea how they have managed to achieve this when so many other sites fail. I would struggle to have any complaint on this website. If you want to watch a TV show or film this weekend, then I can happily recommend yesmovies. 10/10


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