Zamzar: Free Online File Conversion For Music, Videos and More

Most of us know the pain of downloading a much-wanted file, only to find out that the file format is incompatible with our software programs. This then leads us onto an online hunt for file converters and compatible software programs. When such help cannot be found, it can be disheartening having to either search for the file in a compatible format or bin the file completely. Luckily, there are sites out there which know of such pain and are on hand to help. One website, in particular, is Zamzar, a website which gives you the option of free file conversion. This website supports hundreds of different types of conversions and many different file formats. It is designed specifically for quick and easy use, meaning you don’t have to send your downloaded file to the recycling bin just yet.

There is one slight hitch which you should be made aware of first. With this site, there is free file conversion, this is true. However, free file conversion is able only if your file is under 50MB in size. Nevertheless, Zamzar supports dozens of different file formats and many types of conversions. In fact, with around 1,200 different file formats supported with this site, it will be hard to find a file format which doesn’t comply with the site. All things considered, this site offers both free file conversion and packages which will cost you a monthly fee. If you are interested in using this website’s conversion services long term for bigger jobs, it would be worth considering a monthly package – I have included more information on this below in the website review.

This site fully deserves to be considered as one of the finest conversion sites on the net. So, if you are interested in finding out what it can do for you, we at TechWhack have already put in the work. The following review of the Zamzar website should hopefully demonstrate how the site can be used and what the best aspects can do for you.

Free Online File Conversion For Music, Videos and More

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

With no account, you are free to convert as many files as you like, as long as they are less than 50MB in size. This is what attracts most people to the site. However, with an account, you can receive more perks with Zamzar. First of all, an account with this website is not free. Registration means purchasing a monthly package (which I will talk about below). With an account, you are then given the freedom to convert files up to 2GB in size. You can also gain complete control over your files, and even convert several files at the one time. All of the perks vary depending on what monthly package you decide to choose.

What Are File Types Supported On This Site?

I would place all the file types available within this paragraph; only there are simply too many to list. There are in total around 1,200 different file types supported with Zamzar. Therefore, there are many different forms of conversion. The categories, however, are a document, image, music, video, e-book, compressed, and CAD formats. Within each category, you will find dozens of supported formats to choose from. Some of the most popular file formats can be found, such as DOC, PDF, MP3, Jpeg, MP4, FLAC, WMA, and much more.

How Does the File Conversion Process Work?

File conversion with Zamzar is a 4 step process which you will find on the website’s homepage. First of all, select a file from your computer by clicking ‘Choose files’. You can alternatively paste a URL. Next, choose what format you would like to convert the file to. On step 3, enter your email address. The converted file will be sent to this email address. Finally, complete the process by clicking ‘Convert’.


There is also an URL converter option, a manage files section (which is only accessible if you have an account), and a developer API section, which I have explained below.

Why Should I Use This Site To Convert My Files?

There are several reasons to use this site. One of the best things about converting with this site is that you don’t have to go through the process of downloading software. Everything is done there and then on the website, no hassle involved. Furthermore, Zamzar aims to complete your conversion as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of your file, this site should not take more than 10 minutes to complete your file conversion. Also, just take into consideration the vast amount of supported file types, which is more than most sites. This website has been doing such great work since 2006, proving that they have a wealth of experience and trust in the bag. Lastly, this site offers great support in case you find yourself in bother. Just send them an email, and they will have their engineers put to the task.

Information On the Signing Up To the Website and the Package Deals

There are three different package deals on offer, the first and least expensive of which is ‘Basic’. The basic plan costs £7 per month and allows a maximum file size of 200MB. The next step up is Pro, which will cost you £12 per month and allows a maximum file size of 400MB. The most advanced option is Business. This will cost you £37 and allows a maximum file size of 2GB. All of the other perks featured on these package deals can be seen below in the image.

Developer API

If you would like to use this site regularly and professionally, you can download their software. Simply visit the Developer API section and view the prices for the package that suits you. The packages ultimately offer similar but better perks than the ones offered on the website.


So, if you would like to either convert a few files within a few minutes for free or take full advantage of Zamzar and convert tonnes of files in all kinds of formats, this site ultimately has everything you need.

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