Science and technology concreted the way of humanity’s effortless daily activities. Both the learnings and applied pieces of knowledge are a tool for an offhand life. This evolution began 2,000 years ago where stone tools that began to be created in the Paleolithic age like chopping tools and other apparatuses utilized for hunting, cooking, and building a house – which all improved people’s way of living.

For the following centuries, the progression in the creation of humans developed. In the earliest years of the 19th century, a new evolution has begun. This era is the ascending of telecommunications. Soon telegraphs, radio waves caused by base stations of telecom companies, mobile devices, personal computers, cars, and many more were created throughout the millennium. 

Forthwith, these creativities are already a massive help in the everyday living of an individual’s life. One of the greatest inventions that are prevalent in the field of the mechanism is the mobile device.

A cellphone or a handphone is constructed for people’s entertainment, utilization for work, and communication. Before Hans Christian Oersted discovered the electromagnetic field, the transmission of messages is only transported through post mails and talking with other people is only possible face to face. At present, it is already feasible to communicate through these cellphones, laptops, personal computers, and electronic tablets by the radio waves caused by radio base stations.

The SMS, MMS, video calls, and phone calls being sent and received paved the way for development in the global economy. Thus, authorities made it compulsory to monitor text messages and record calls for public sectors and financial institutions from their Public Records Law for the public sector, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US financial industry and Markets in Financial Instruments Directive in EU. These laws are provided to serve as the central point for investigation in case of emergencies and authenticity for the companies.

Nonetheless, there are still some hazards in text message monitoring and recording phone call. Find out those pitfalls on the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage:


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