In today’s world, you need the internet to do everything. From huge businesses to large industries use wireless internet connections to operate their functions and management. 

However, a lot of confidential data and information is transferred through these connections which pose a great risk to the company. In such cases, a firewall in a computer network can help in securing and safeguarding the content. 

The latest such firewall is Cisco Meraki MX84. In this article, we will discuss the specifications, uses, and advantages of this firewall network. 

What Is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Systems is a cloud-management IT Company that acquired Meraki in 2012. They manufacture products such as wireless, security, and enterprise mobility management, and security cameras. All these are managed by the web. Meraki uses only wireless systems. The headquarters of this IT Company is in San Francisco, California.

What Are The Uses Of Cisco Meraki?

Primarily, the Cisco Meraki firewall separates management data such as configuration, monitoring, statistics, etc. from user data. This data flows from Meraki’s out-of-band control devices such as switches, security, and wireless access appliances. The data is then stored in a secure cloud of Cisco Meraki MX84 with a secure internet connection.

What Are The Differences Between Cisco And Cisco Meraki?

Meraki devices are specifically built for more cloud or web management. Meanwhile, Cisco is more focused on the enterprise network. Additionally, Meraki is always wireless, unlike Cisco. 

Apart from that Cisco Meraki customers need to purchase an annual license to avail its services and solutions. The on-premise solution of Cisco costs more than the upfront deployment of Cisco Meraki. The former requires the engagement of more hardware to support the WLAN.

What Are The Specifications Of Meraki MX84?

There are many useful and attractive specifications for Meraki MX84. Those areas following:

  • The Chassis Provided By This Network Is Rack 1U
  • It Comes With A 1-Year Warranty
  • The Stateful Firewall Throughput Is 500 Mbps
  • Cisco Meraki MX84 Can Have A Maximum Of 200 Clients
  • The Power Load Can Rise To 26W/32W 
  • The Internal Power Supply Is Also Worth The Price

But Why Is Cisco Meraki So Expensive?

The Meraki firewall is a little expensive than the Cisco networks. The reason behind the high price is the mandatory requirement of annual licensing. The switches and the security appliances that are bundled with the hardware also work on license terms. Though the service is worth the money.

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