Accessibility overlays are automated applications, and they rest between the digital content (website) and other assistive technologies. They are not a stand-alone website but are more of a toolset in the site. They tailor the website’s interface, and their unique technology helps you make the site more accessible without making any changes to the source code.

How does a trusted accessibility overlay work?

A trusted accessibility overlay works by identifying essential issues in accessibility and helps to modify the code of the webpage. It does not tamper with the underlying source code of the site, as it uses a JavaScript snippet for the task.

An accessibility overlay comes in the form of a toolbar, plugin, widget, or app. It has panels with many settings that can be customized, like, for instance, increasing the font text of the page. Users have to activate the overlay profile for the enjoyment of the different features to adjust the page’s appearance.

What are the advantages of using an accessibility overlay?

The following are the key advantages of using an accessibility overlay-

1. Get web accessibility faster with fewer resources- With the accessibility overlay tool, you can reduce the process of incorporating the guidelines for accessibility into the site. You just need to insert the snippet of the code (JavaScript) and wait for some days, depending upon the solution you use to make the website completely accessible.

2. Experience benefits for your business faster-Since an accessibility overlay is created and designed for your website’s success, you can reap the benefits of the business in a shorter duration. For instance, your store online can be instantly available to 61 million users who live with a disability in the USA. This means that you are able to get better sales opportunities and potential customers in just some days of installing the overlay technology.

3. Streamline the work of the developer- Using the accessibility overlay makes the work of your developer simple, whether it is an outsourced agency or an in-house team. When you install an overlay, developers spend lesser time on hard codes. They can exercise their creative juices better, as they are able to create an attractive and functional site for the business. They pay closer attention to the needs of the site, and developers become productive once it is installed.

When you are choosing an accessibility overlay for your business, always note that all overlays are not the same. They vary when it comes to the expanse of the toolset and its effectiveness. These factors are important when you choose the best solution for the company, as they spell a big difference in the quality of the experience and the compliance of the site.

For the accommodation of all kinds of disabilities, you should use comprehensive solutions that have powerful capabilities like artificial intelligence or AI. This technology understands the site’s contexts and its architecture to consistently implement the proper guidelines for accessibility such as using AI that converts text to speech for the visually impaired.


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