Social media tools can help your business protect your brand health. Unfortunately, people who have a problem with a brand are more likely to complain on social media than praising a brand who gave them a positive experience. They turn to Facebook primarily, but also Twitter and Reddit, to vent and warn others about their bad experience. Most people publicly call out the brand to raise the brand’s awareness of the problem or to warn other potential customers. Contrary to popular belief, few people demand a refund. This gives brands a chance to respond and fix the issue, preserving their reputation.

The Speed Negative Posts Travel on Social Media

Years ago, problems with brands were spread by word of mouth. It took a long time for someone to hear something negative about a brand, unless they had a friend or family member who experienced the problem. Today, social media enables users to tell thousands of people about their negative experience in just a few minutes. Brands need to use social media tools, like NetbaseQuid, so they can react equally as quickly. People care as much about the brand’s response as they do the complaint. NetbaseQuid offers real-time brand health monitoring, so you can respond promptly.

Amplify Brand Passion

NetbaseQuid also lets brands discover what dives people to be passionate about them. They can also learn how consumers find their brand more appealing than a competitor’s brand. Brand can highlight their strengths as consumers see them. Social media tools, like NetbaseQuid, also help identify why consumers but a brand and the emotions behind their choice. This is important as the majority of consumers make emotional choices, not rational ones. Brands which use emotion-based social media campaigns fare better than their counterparts who use price points as their main selling feature. The product determines the emotions marketers use. For example, perfume brands may use emotions related to love and desire.

Identifying Content That Drives Engagement

You can protect your brand’s health by monitoring campaigns that drive engagement. You can measure how your target audiences view your brand before and after a campaign to see what works and what does not work. You can also keep track of earned media, including how many people share your social media content and what content they are most likely to share.

Social Media Tools for Crisis Reputation Management

Social media tools, like NetbaseQuid, let brands understand how issues impact brand sentiment. They let brands see which issues are a priority so the brand can craft an appropriate response immediately. Instead of dealing with just one complaint from one customer, brands can respond to a public issue with a statement from the CEO on social media.

A company’s brand is a valuable asset. Protecting its health will protect your bottom line. Ignoring what’s happening on social media is the same as ignoring your brand’s health. Monitoring it closely is a simple way to keep track of consumer sentiment and find the best ways to drive passion and engagement.


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